Condemn Further Attempts to Restrict Women’s Reproductive Rights


Target: Texas State Legislature and Senator Tony Lucio

Goal: Condemn laws restricting a woman’s right to choose

The strongly anti-choice Texas State Legislature continues to attempt to make it almost impossible for a woman to exercise her right to choose. Texas state law closely regulates a woman’s ability to choose, and now Senator Lucio has submitted another bill, Senate Bill 42, that would require a woman to take a three-hour course on adoption before legally being able to terminate her pregnancy. These requirements are biased and outrageous, and the legislature needs to be told to stop making regulations pertaining to women’s reproductive health choices.

In the United States of America, it is federal law that any woman has the choice and option of what to do when she becomes pregnant. It is not his, nor any other politician’s prerogative what Texas women should do with their bodies.

Texas law already requires women seeking a pregnancy termination receive counseling about their options, be subjected to invasive vaginal ultrasounds, have the fetus described to them, have their medical professional describe the risks of the procedure, and are required to take mandatory waiting time after all of this is done until they can have the procedure.  Just this summer, Texas passed another law that placed such strict laws on abortion clinics in the state that 94% of abortion clinics in the state will be forced to close. Adding another three-hour class is not only completely unnecessary, but an underhanded way to attempt to persuade women to keep their unwanted pregnancies in order to fulfill a political agenda.

Senator Lucio states, “It is my hope that, when presented with more information on adoption resources and services available, more pregnancies can be carried to term.”  It appears that Senator Lucio doesn’t understand that women do indeed know adoption is an option, and require a class on it. As they’ve already been presented with the above information, this class is unnecessary.

Trying to decide what to do about an unwanted pregnancy is an extremely personal, sensitive matter that no woman takes lightly. No one could possibly understand the situation of a woman with an unwanted pregnancy except for the woman herself. She may be very impoverished, with no hope to support another child, a survivor of rape, or a very young teenage girl. A woman dealing with an unwanted pregnancy deserves privacy, real medical help from her doctor, and the respect of politicians that she will do what she needs to do. Many women gladly choose adoption, but those who do not want to go through with the pregnancy should not feel guilt to carry the pregnancy to term after being subjected to a purposefully persuasive three-hour adoption class.

Tell the Texas Legislature that more regulation of a women’s right to choose is not only unnecessary, but wrong.


Dear Senator Lucio and the Texas State Legislature,

I truly believe that you think Senate Bill 42 requiring women to take a three-hour class on adoption before being legally allowed to terminate a pregnancy is in your state’s benefit, and will “save lives.” However, I urge you to think about the consequences that this bill will have on the lives of the living; the women being forced to jump through hoops to get a procedure that is to their discretion and legal in this country.

Upon determining she is pregnant, many women are elated and cannot wait to spread the news. For some, it’s something they’ve been waiting for, maybe their entire lives.  For others, it’s news that brings their entire world to a screeching halt. Maybe they are living in poverty and unable to support a child, maybe they have an abusive partner, maybe they were raped, or maybe they just physically and emotionally cannot handle a child at this point in their lives.

Adoption can be a beautiful thing, and there are many women out there who chose this option. But to mandate a class as an attempt to sway all women seeking an abortion to carry a child for nine months that they do not want, only to give away, is wrong. Not only is it wrong, it’s dangerous for the developing baby to be growing inside a woman who is not ready to give he or she the pre-natal care and nutrition he or she needs to grow into a healthy child. Women are fully aware of their choice to give their child up for adoption, and it is already mandated that physicians counsel women on this option. Invading a woman’s privacy and requiring a class only opens the wounds further of a woman surely already suffering inside due to this decision. It is something that is unnecessary and harmful to the women in your state.

Please don’t make the choice to have a termination harder on a woman than surely it already is, and trust in women to decide what is right for them, and allow them to make that decision without further mandates.


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  1. Chiley~♬ Chiley~♬ says:

    Texas, wtf.
    (And thank you Ms. Shay for this article and well-written petition letter.)

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