Urge Clothing Company to Stop Killing Coyotes for Their Fur


Target: Dani Reiss, CEO of Canada Goose Clothing Company

Goal: Stop trapping and killing coyotes for their fur

Coyote trapping, or any animal trapping, for that matter, is anything but humane. Trapping inflicts the animal victim with immense pain and suffering in their own environment, which should be a safe haven. Canada Goose Clothing Company has used coyote fur trim on its extreme weather clothing for decades. The company insists that it is “committed to the humane treatment of animals”, and it uses fur only when necessary. There is nothing humane about acquiring, wearing, or manufacturing products that contain fur.

Canada Goose Clothing Company uses coyote fur trim on its products because it believes that this material is the most effective for protecting a person’s face in arctic temperatures. Synthetic fur, according to the Canada Goose website, is strictly a fashion statement and is not meant to be a functioning part of the clothing item. Canada Goose has managed to present its cruelty in a manner that appears thoughtful to its customer, and the animal. The use of fur is cruel, plain and simple. There is always an alternative to animal fur. If Canada Goose claims there is no alternative to fur for necessary protection, it is the company’s duty to research and develop an alternative.

Jasmine Polsinelli, an11-year-old girl, attempted to persuade the CEO of Canada Goose, Dani Reiss, to use an alternative to fur. She showed up at Canada Goose headquarters with 5,000 postcards signed by anti-fur supporters and collected from 25 different LUSH Cosmetic stores. This young coyote advocate sees no gray area when it comes to cruelty, because there is no gray area. She did not receive an audience with Reiss; the company insists that it performs “humane” slaughter on its website, but the CEO is not able to lie to the face of a little girl with a huge heart. Tell Canada Goose that you see through its lies, and persuade the company to fund the search for effective fur alternatives, while moving away from killing and using the fur of coyotes.


Dear Dani Reiss,

Many of your clothing items contain fur lining from trapped coyotes. Your website insists that the trapping is humane and monitored, with very high standards. There is nothing humane about killing an animal in order to wear its fur. Trapping is, by nature, incredibly painful and terrifying to the animal victim.

Your company believes that there is no suitable alternative to fur; the coyote fur lining on your outdoor clothing is designed to keep a person’s face warm in extremely cold environments. Many people disagree with this theory. There are always alternatives to cruelty. There may be no synthetic materials that perform to this ability yet; however, the effort and funds put into trapping and covering up cruelty could be put into developing a synthetic material that performs like fur.

Many large names in the clothing industry, such as GUESS, have moved away from using fur on their clothing. There have been former petitions against your operation, one in particular through LUSH Cosmetics was hand-delivered by an 11-year-old girl who wanted to help you find an alternative. I am urging Canada Goose to stop trapping and using coyote fur. Research a synthetic that will perform to your standards. There are many who will encourage your research, and some, like the 11-year-old girl, who will gladly help you find the perfect alternative.

Please stop the unnecessary killing of coyotes for your clothing. Give your time and money to researching an alternative, instead of funding cruelty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Todd Ryburn via Flickr

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  1. Just awful, in the name of vanity. When will humans come around to a civilized life for respect and humane treatment towards all living beings??

  2. Marilyn Miller says:

    Stop murdering Animals. END SPECIESISM

  3. Valarie Mazur says:

    There IS no “humane” way to trap an animal!!! Leave them be!!!

  4. In this day and age humans continue to be so ignorant, disgusting, uncompassionate that they continue to wear the fur and skins of animals to enhance their own wretched bodies with no conscience. Who are you to wear the fur and skins of animals who suffered anguish of having their fur ripped off their bodies whilst they are still alive just for you sick low life humans! Stop this brutal painful sickening fur industry and change your selfish ways!

  5. vreselijk moet niet meer kunnen in deze tijd,dit moet stoppen arme dieren…

  6. Emilia Josefien Kaper says:

    I know the best alternative! Wool!!! I got a wool strap around my neck and it keeps my face really warm. No animals were harmed to make it, only shavedd. Why cant everybody that wants a warm face decide to take that aswell??? Its cruelty free and warm!

  7. Barbaric company!

  8. Never met a person against trapping that truly knows how it works. When trapped correctly there is not immense pain and suffering. I’ve put my fingers in traps and they do not break or even bruise them. Why don’t all you people worry about things that are actually wrong with society today, not hunting and trapping. Trapping my land does not affect you in any way what so ever so why are you worried about it? The population of furbearers needs to be controlled some way. Disease and starving are way more cruel than any trap ever will be. Stop saying all these practices are out dated; if you want to buy all your food from a store then do it, but I don’t want to when I can live off the land. Just because it is not your lifestyle or what you want doesn’t mean it’s wrong or should be outlawed. If you don’t like it then don’t do it, but don’t take away my right to.

  9. Lesley Williams says:

    Look medieval and evil, surely light beams cd b used

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