End Cruel Pig Wrestling Games

Target: Patrick Williams, Marketing Director of Man Games

Goal: Discontinue cruel pig wrestling events

‘Man Games’ is an obstacle race competition that is staged in various cities across the United States. One obstacle in Man Games entails wrestling innocent pigs. Contestants chase down frightened pigs, slam them to the ground and then force them into small barrels. Many pigs suffer serious injuries and severe emotional distress during these ridiculous events. Please tell Patrick Williams, Marketing Director for Man Games, to discontinue the cruel and unnecessary pig wrestling events.

Man Games has plans to bring the obstacle course events to many cities in the United States. Also in their plans is an event they are calling pig wrestling. The pig wrestling event involves grown men chasing terrified pigs or piglets, catching them and slamming them to the ground, then cramming them into small barrel drums. During these ridiculous games of pig torture many pigs suffer severe injuries including broken bones and often broken backs, not to mention the extreme emotional toll of being thrown into a pen while onlookers scream and holler while the innocent pig is chased and forced into submission.

In our modern society, there are many physically challenging obstacles which can be included in a relay or race type event. Forcing animals to suffer in so called Man Games is unnecessary and barbaric. Please tell Patrick Williams that real men don’t torture animals; halt plans for the pig wrestling events immediately.


Dear Patrick Williams,

I was severely disheartened to learn that your Man Games obstacle course includes an event in which innocent pigs are tortured. There are many challenging obstacles for your contestants and brutalizing pigs should not be one of them. Please discontinue this shameful portion of your Man Games and declare your obstacle course to be cruelty free.

Pig wrestling is a barbaric and unnecessary event in your Man Games obstacle course. During pig wrestling, contestants chase terrified pigs, tackle them to the ground and then stuff them into small barrels. These events are emotionally and physically damaging to the innocent pigs involved. Many pigs suffer serious injuries such as broken bones, sometimes even broken backs.

Forcing innocent creatures to endure the severe mental and physical pain in your Man Games pig wrestling event is absolutely despicable. Real men don’t torture animals. Please discontinue the brutal pig wrestling events and declare all Man Games obstacles to be cruelty free.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Pig Wrestling via Flickr



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  1. “Man games?!! More like redneck chickenshit games.Real men don’t play games like that.Real men stop games like that.Nobody ever credited rednecks for being the brightest crayons in the box.I think those ppl are missing a chromosome somewhere

    • Barbara Smith says:

      Redneck chicken shits…that about sums it up…I just feel so sorry for the pigs they are so intelligent and they hurt I mean they feel pain just so sickening.

  2. Hey rednecks ! the north won the civil war !!!!!!

  3. MAN games?! What a joke!! No man I know would be caught dead wrestling a pig! Fight someone your own size you morons.

  4. This must stopped,are they MAD??????hurting animals,is so terrible,stop the madness!!!!!!

  5. what gives people the right to play games like this with animals , its just not on , why not fling his wife in this game , now that would be funny

  6. Jae Frickelton says:

    I have a better idea. Stuff the contestants into the barrel after chasing them down and slamming them into the ground. Let’s see how many idiots you can get into the barrel. They’ll love it because they already see no problem with hurting innocent animals. They have no care as to what it actually feels like or if they are injuring life or limb. Come on people ! use your brain and grow a heart. Stop this cruelty!!

  7. What a bunch of cowards these people are….in my books they inflict such horrendous cruelty on animals as they haven”t got the guts to play such sports with other contestants themselves as they aren”t manly enough to endure any punishment. As regards manly they don’t even know what that means as no man in their right mind would ever inflict such suffering on any type of animal. COWARDS COWARDS THATS WHAT I SAY!!!

  8. monica fryer says:

    read my above comments made on 09/11/2013 And to the sportsmen and women you disgust me you are he ones who should be chased down thrown in a barrel have your backs broken then euthanised cos your not worth anything either you call this sport I call it MURDER cmon one of you I dare you to comment on this now you gutless pieces of sh*t vermin filth you should have your children taken away not a brain between any of you

  9. Its inhuman disgusting.. a life is not anyone’s personal prooerty.. every life is precious. Evrybody must learn to repect & love all lifes.

  10. Valerie Haslett says:

    I keep reading and signing against the USA. I had always thought you a civilized country. The things I sign, including this one above is not civilized, its retarded and cruel, very EVIL!!

  11. Jenifer Fisher says:


  12. Bettina P says:

    Sind Sie noch bei Verstand,soetwas zu tun!Lebewesen So zu behandeln,sowas ist Krank!Damit verdienen Sie Ihr Geld,schaemen Sie sich!

  13. Bettina P says:

    Shame on You!!!!

  14. cheryl coleman says:

    Disgusting, nothing manly about this. Cowardly is more like it.

  15. Conny Versluijs says:

    This is not normal!!! Shame on you!!!

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