Demand Pet Store be Shut Down after Snake Killed Two Young Boys

python escapes pet store and kills 2 kids

Target: Reptile Ocean Inc. in Campbellton, Canada

Goal: Demand store be indefinitely closed after python escaped and killed two young boys

A fifteen foot, african rock python managed to escape its enclosure in Reptile Ocean Inc.’s pet store and make its way into an upstairs apartment where it strangled two young boys. Demand this pet store be shut down for its extreme negligence in animal safety and welfare.

In Campbellton, Canada, two young boys aged 5 and 7 were strangled to death by a 15 foot python after it escaped its faulty enclosure in the pet store below. The 100 pound, 15 foot python slithered out of its cage and managed to find the ventilation system which led to its escape. The python then made its way into the upstairs apartment where it systematically strangled two boys while they were sleeping. The untimely death of these innocent boys has led to a criminal investigation. Reptile experts have noted that python’s typically strangle victims as a result of hunger, leading many to believe the python did not receive proper care and nourishment. The owner of Reptile Ocean Inc. made statements that he was “horrified,” and said “I can’t believe this is real.”

The premature death of these two boys by a hungry python could have been entirely prevented. Please demand that the owner of Reptile Ocean Inc. in Campbellton, Canada be held criminally responsible for these deaths and his store be shut down immediately.


Dear Royal Canadian Mounted Police Department,

I was horrified to learn of the gruesome, untimely deaths of two young boys by an escaped pet store python from Reptile Ocean Inc. in Campbellton, Canada. Please hold the owner of this inadequate pet store criminally responsible for these deaths and shut down his pet store indefinitely.

Two young boys, aged 5 and 7, were strangled to death as they slept in their apartment above Reptile Ocean Inc. pet store in Campbellton, Canada. A 15 foot, 100 pound python escaped its enclosure and found its way through a ventilation system in the ceiling, eventually making its way into the boys’ bedroom where it systematically killed both of them. Reptile Ocean Inc. clearly had a faulty containment system for the python and many snake experts are questioning the treatment of this snake, as python’s only kill when hungry and malnourished.

The gruesome, untimely deaths of these two young boys could have been entirely prevented. Please ensure that no other people will die by the faults of Reptile Ocean Inc.’s inadequate animal policies. Please shut down Reptile Ocean Inc. pet store indefinitely and hold the owner criminally accountable for these deaths.


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Photo Credit: Snake Boy in Cambodia via Flickr


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  1. Tamara Heikalo says:

    What are large reptiles doing in North America anyway? And why are they for sale? It’s like selling tigers in a pet store. Furthermore, I have heard of people with small children, while owning a large snake, being advised to get rid of the reptile, that they are playing with fire.

    • Arlene Kelly says:

      I agree completely, Tamara. Apparently, Canada recently CHANGED their laws to allow these dangerous snakes…Good freaking grief!

  2. Mary Kagiannis says:

    As someone who knows snakes and bred them for many years, I can tell you that for the python to try and take on prey that size it had to be starving. Combine that with a lack of proper containment and it spells out gross neglect of this animal which led to the deaths of two innocent children. He should not only be shut down, but he should be in jail.

  3. ask anyone in campbellton n.b. besides jc friends says:

    to be honest most of the workers there are mostly high school drop outs that know nothing about reptiles at all only learn by experience .well known to rcmp for various illeagal actions those actions should be taken in account


    People need to vote unacting dumb authorities and officials acting irresponsibly for futuregenerations and their wildlife out of occupations NOW AND FOR ALL!


  5. J Davidson says:

    Truly bizarre, OMG. These creatures belong in their wild habitats, not here. How to keep them in a domestic home??? Outrageous!!!

  6. RIP to the boys, and great condolences to the family, but SERIOUSLY?
    you people have no clue about large reptiles.
    they are beautiful and dont carry fleas and ticks…
    more wolves- i mean dogs *is what they are called today* kill people.
    30-35 people die from dogs a year in the us
    and 3-6 die from large snakes nation wide

    if the boys didnt have a bite mark, it leads me to believe the snake didnt look at them as food, as snakes bite their prey to hold it down when they coil.

    as an owner of quite large snakes, not as large as a rock python, but thicker than a mans arm and longer than me. i would sleep with my snakes if i didnt fear i might roll over them or they would just slither away anyways.

    in my greatest opinion, the snake fell on them, and dropping 100 pounds on a child could possibly kill them.. OR… knowing how large snakes are, whein it fell, it may have clung to them in fear of falling again. this is the most plausible idea.. because snakes need good balance to feel secure… and it may have used the children to gain balance.

    if snakes belong in their natural habitats, we shold put dogs back into theirs too… dont be choosey of what animal is a pet and what is not. especially when the pet of choice kills much more often.
    when people just fear what is different like a pet snake, and ignore what is “normal” like abortions i get a sick feeling to my stomach.

    • Angela Rabon says:

      The snake “fell twice” (due to two children killed) and each time the snake fell it happened to land upon a child? The article did not state if these children were in the same bed, or not. Under your assumption, the children would have to be in the same bed for your theory to work.

      In addition, forensics can tell the difference in a person crushed by a snake and something of a certain weight falling on that person.

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