Save America’s Majestic Rivers


Target: Interior Secretary Sally Jewell
Goal: Save our rivers by increasing water conservation efforts.

Across the West, water shortages are on everyone’s mind. Rivers are drying. Temperatures are above normal. Water supply and the health of our rivers tops the list of issues that Westerners are very concerned about.

When we come up short, our first reaction is to get more. On a river, this means building diversions or dams which impede a river’s natural flows. In the past, our approach has been piping billions of gallons of water across river basins to support growing communities and agriculture.

There is another long-term solution that has overwhelming support among Westerners — water conservation. This solution recognizes that healthy rivers are critical to our economy, and our quality of life, and need to be protected for future generations. Help build the wave — tell our elected officials to bring our rivers back from the brink and prioritize water conservation for all water users as a solution to meet future needs.

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  1. Darius Villa says:

    America has a LOT of potential when it comes to these rivers that have great capacity to make America a the BEST sea trading country in the world. We don’t use the MIGHTY Missisipi River too much. You know how much jobs we will have if we actually let the rivers flow wide and deep and have our far inland ports flourishing as seaports. You know how much we could improve the mechanical jobs of the rivers bigger than the Panama Canal to get direct trades from some of the largest REAL ocean going ships in the world. We have a big admiration for our complex systems of mighty rivers. For example, did you know that we could connect the Savannah River to Lake Lanier, GA and make a waterway to the Tennessee River nearby. You know what great benefits we would be. Another example, of having giant potential yet wasting it away.

  2. I fail to understand what rivers this is related to. The waterways of the western USA are largely due to the Hoover dam / Colorado river system. Yes all rivers and riparian zones need to be protected. Why? Because we are Urantian and like all other live forms that
    are involved with us all need water. Now if I wanted to control the population of the world why not use water control? What climate control? Chem trails? You see but you do nothing. High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program doesn’t exist??

  3. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Moderation is the process of eliminating or lessening extremes. It is used to ensure normality throughout the medium on which it is being conducted. Silence us! It’s war.Moderation who are you? Never mind you ain’t got a clue.

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