Condemn University for Compensating Police Officer Guilty of Assault

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Target: University of California, Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi

Goal: Condemn university for compensating police officer who pepper-sprayed innocent protesters

John Pike, the infamous police officer captured on film pepper spraying peaceful Occupy sit-in protesters in the face as they non-violently practiced their First Amendment rights on the University of California, Davis campus in 2011 is appealing for workers’ compensation in Sacramento.

Pike was fired in July 2012, eight months after the protest, when a task force found his behavior unwarranted as a response to peaceful protesters. Pike claims he suffered psychiatric damage as a result of hackers posting his personal information online that lead to anger and threats against the former police officer. Pike is the only officer whose name was released to the press after the incident after a judge Alameda County Court judge ruled against the names of other officers being revealed. A state appeals court recently overturned that decision, stating that the press had a right to know the names of the other abusive officers.

This police officer used cruel and unnecessary against American citizens doing nothing more than exercising their right to peaceably assemble. He casually released a dangerous and agonizingly painful spray straight into the eyes, mouths, and ears of people simply sitting in front of him. He abused his authority to a frightening degree, intimidating these protesters out of their rights as citizens.

Recently, the University of California, Davis decided to settle John Pike’s case. The officer who assaulted innocent and peaceful protesters will be receiving financial compensation from the university because he was unprepared to deal with the expected consequences of his brutal actions. The fact that an officer of the law is able to attack our civil liberties, our constitutional rights, and our peaceful protesters and then receive compensation for it is an utter outrage.

Please sign this petition to send a message to University of California, Davis, John Pike, and his fellow police officers: you may not abuse and intimidate the American people and expect to bear no consequences. You may not abuse and intimidate the American people and expect to be rewarded. We do not support tyranny.


Dear University of California, Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi,

In 2011, Officer John Pike was involved in a violent assault on peaceful protesters, inhibiting their right to peaceably assemble and putting their health and well being in serious danger with a harsh toxin that you wielded completely irresponsibly.

In response to his actions, the American people were rightfully furious. Yet he seemed to believe that he should be able to assault complete strangers, while in a position of authority designed to protect these people, and suffer no consequences of his brutish and bullying behavior. Your university proved him right by offering to settle with him for worker’s compensation.

John Pike does not deserve worker’s compensation for his tyrannical actions, and it is an insult to our freedom that he has received a settlement from your institution.


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  1. he abuse the public, and then play victim, use taxpayer money to claim victimhood, and collect unemployment and medical benefits.
    the police union is corrupt,and the police force. this isn’t new.
    the abuse of authority is rampant, and the fraud.
    police unions are powerful,fraudulent, and mayors, police chiefs and elected officials do not stand up to them for fear of being fired, unpopularity and controversy.
    Police unions do not support the public, they support cops with bad history and promote continued abuse by doing so.
    Only legal civil suits, and large ones, can go anywhere, and the average person cannot go this route – the abuses are even more than what we hear about.
    The bad cops get away with so much, and it is reprehensible that they are rehired, put on desk duty, receive huge benefits and perks, and unemployment, when the public has been abused.
    They should be accountable like any other state employee – but they feel secure and above it all.
    there are times an officer will worry about being fired, this does happen, but the officer usually immediately gets the union’s help to get re-instated!

    so where is the protection for the public?
    the police are supposed to protect and serve, but…all the loopholes are there to use and take advantage of.
    Cops with bad history or with PTSD/mental health problems (or just plain bullies)are constantly kept on the force, at risk to the public. There is no accountability.
    The mayors and city officials need to stop playing politics and represent their constituents – but do they, will they?
    I don’t count on it.
    Only large civil suits can make a dent. They are long and arduous, and take a lot of money, usually – the average person can’t afford to do so. There is relatively little help – and the legal system is mind blowing to most people, not to mention frustrating.
    Cops, who break the law, are protected in unfair biased way – that regular people are not. The abuse of the system is inheritantly corrupt and discriminatory.
    Going to “senior” law enforcement is a web of self protectionism and victimization – they do not want to clean up the mess. They have no backbone, values, or commitment to the public, except , when they are willing to face the bad apples in the barrel and do what is necessary.
    I used to look up to the police, trust them – most people do – not realizing the co-dependent charade and cover ups that go on.
    it would be great , if that would change…it would be a safer place – but the corruption does not look like it will go away, without mass demand and involvement by citizens to get the police departments to clean up their acts, or, …Who knows!

  2. It is imperative that taser laws and their use be changed, and appropriate training.

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