Don’t Bring ‘Running of the Bulls’ to America

Target: US Government

Goal: Ban new USA running of the bulls

With its slogan “grab life by the horns,” The Great Bull Run is a new event coming to the United States. This event, formerly unique to Spain, already has more than five thousand expected participants, and claims to have added new measures to keep the event safe for the human runners- but what about the bulls?

Bull running is not only stressful for the animals involved, but dangerous as well. It is not just humans who break legs in bull runs. These animals are taunted, chased, and feel the crushing anxiety of crowds, screaming, fireworks, and other such loud noises, all while careening at full speed. Though this new event promises stringent safety measures for the animals as well as the humans involved, no such inherently dangerous event can be guaranteed accident-free. As long as there is a chance of death to either humans or bulls, this event should never be allowed to be held in the United States. Instigating this archaic exercise after decades of deaths and gorings is an unwise move, made only to please adrenaline junkies and thrill-seekers with little regard for the safety of others of the well-being of the animals involved.

Please speak out against the new United States based Great Bull Run, and join others in hoping that we can stop this terrible event.


Dear President Obama,

Throughout years of witnessing controversy over Spain’s annual running of the bulls, it has been found that no regulations can truly remove the risk of death and injury to both the human and bovine participants. The animals involved are in a high-stress environment with an overwhelming amount of stimuli- a combination that can be deadly for the animals and the humans who are tormenting and chasing them. This obsolete form of entertainment has no right being instigated in this day and age. With highly publicised deaths and injuries, and the wrath of animal rights activists all bearing down upon such an event, I urge you to ban this practice from setting down roots in the United States.


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  1. This is so distressing, and yet another thing to keep me awake at night. There is something seriously wrong with people, I don’t care if it’s their culture or they grew up with it or whatever, there must be a deficit in the brain that does not allow them to feel bad for hurting animals, how can there be so many people like this? If only we could stop the breeding of bad genes!

  2. Annette Overstreet says:

    Virginia Motorsports Park near Petersburg, VA held their “Great Bull Run” on August 24th. 4,000 people turned out for the event. PETA ran a petition urging the park to drop the run, but to no avail.
    A few quotes from The Huffington Post:
    • The Great Bull Run has a lengthy U.S. tour scheduled, with upcoming events in Atlanta, Houston, Orlando, Philadelphia, Chicago and other cities.
    • Runners describe the experience as “exhilarating.” Animal rights activists describe the experience as “degrading and cruel.”
    • We didn’t know what to expect, really,” Dinwiddie County Sheriff D.T. “Duck” Adams told The Huffington Post. “Overall it was fine. A few people were injured by the bulls, but nothing serious.”
    Well, too bad.
    Go to to see the “benefits” given to those participating.
    The fact that the people of Spain are finally choosing compassion over bloodlust should tell the 4,000 ignorant people who participated in this tragic event that they are going backward rather than forward. But then, as I said,…..ignorant. I do not know what happened to the bulls after the run. God protect us from this twisted mindset. This hideous type of event must be stopped immediately before it spreads any further.

  3. Well I don’t want to run in it or go see it. Although I am not a spectator sport type person, there is no possible way I’d do this. I did see it on TV one time and that didn’t reveal at all any of the taunting and torture others expressed does indeed happen. I just want to know of those who do go or even participate by running in it, who are you? Really who would do this type thing anyhow? I just want to know so I know who all to avoid.

  4. Anne GRice says:

    This barbaric dark ages brutality must not be allowed in the USA. Please stand up and fight against it. Please do not become like the demented non thinking disgusting nation like Spain with people who have nothing decent in their lives except to inflict the most sickening brutality to innocent animals to brighten up their evil dull lives. This is our opportunity!

  5. There really is no reason whatsoever that the U.S. needs to bring this event to this country. There are plenty of other sporting events and/or entertainment activities to keep the thrill enthusiasts busy without adding this barbaric “ritual” which can hardly be categorized as a sport. With more and more people finally realizing the need and importance of more compassionate treatment of animals this is a big step backwards. In Spain the bulls from the run are not only traumatized and injured then they go into the ring to fight to their death. I don’t know what happens to the bulls in the U.S. events but I hope, other than the torture they endure by being run by a crowd of people, they are treated humanely. I have no sympathy or compassion for the people who are injured in this event – they get what they signed up for.

  6. The fact that many people find the harassment, physical and mental torment and sustained injury of an overwhelmed animal to be acceptable entertainment disgusts me. If it were a smaller animal it would probably be challenged on the basis of abuse and cruelty so why should size make a difference? The bulls don’t run to gore, they’re panicked and trying to escape the chaos. I have no empathy for people who are trampled and gored and America has no place for this kind of cruelty.

  7. Rosie Collins says:

    Such barbaric animal cruelty needs to be stopped every where and definitely does not need to leave the country of it’s origin.

  8. diversão as custas de torturar qualquer animal é no minimo monstruoso e inaceitavel

  9. People who partake in this are pathetic idiots.

  10. They call it a sport…..
    It is nothing short of a disgusting chase and kill of the bulls…
    I think it should be stopped wherever in the world it is taking place.
    A barbaric event of stupid savage men chasing huge big pathetic bulls who want nothing more than to be left alone…
    Why are we all so stupid when it comes to all animals.??
    Leave them alone…

  11. Alice Knight says:

    Why is this event so important it needs to be worldwide? Does the United States not have any other form of non-violent forms of entertainment? Just because it may be wanted does not mean it needs to be implemented. Is it really difficult to say “NO”? I hope with all my heart this activity does not seep into Canada. This seems to be a bit barbaric in any day of age.

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