Condemn Politician For Fear Mongering and Promoting Gun Violence

Target: Washington State Representative Matt Shea (R)

Goal: Condemn politician for spreading unsubstantiated fears with misinformation and encouraging gun violence.

Washington State Representative Matt Shea encouraged the crowd at a Tea Party rally in Idaho to stockpile on ammunition, practice shooting, and train in military style defense tactics. He warned of an impending US economic collapse and government takeover. Matt Shea has a track record of spreading unsubstantiated fears and conspiracies. For example, he claimed that the Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA operated concentration camps in the US and even made claims that the Oklahoma bombings in 1995 were conspired by the government. He went further by encouraging the formation of militias in preparation of a government take over. Shea hasn’t been a model responsible gun owner either and shouldn’t be preaching to the choir about guns. He has been accused for brandishing a gun at a motorist in a road rage incident and owning a loaded concealed weapon with an expired license, which both carry potential misdemeanor charges. It is surprising that he has been re-elected three times despite his erratic behavior.

It is irresponsible for a politician to promote gun violence  and make hysterical claims without a lick of evidence. They are elected to lead and solve problems by proposing meaningful legislation. They should not be spreading government doomsday prophecies. Sign this petition to condemn Matt Shea for fear mongering and spreading unwarranted hysteria.


Dear Mr Shea,

It is inappropriate for a politician to foster fear in the minds of your citizens through unproven conspiracies and misinformation. It is even more reprehensible for one to promote gun violence by encouraging the stockpiling of ammunition and suggesting the formation of armed militias. You share the beliefs and associate yourself with conspiracy theorists like Glenn Beck and Alex Jones, which makes you have zero credibility. Quite frankly, it is an embarrassment to your party to have these type of associations. Is it too difficult to raise the bar by asking a politician to have more credibility than a couple of pseudo news journalists? Conspiracy theories and irrational rhetoric has no rightful place in a civil political discourse. After the recent gun massacres around the nation, the majority of American people have no appetite for your belligerent gun rhetoric. As a public servant of high office you should be promoting responsible gun behaviors, and your history of gun ownership doesn’t exactly hold up to these minimal standards. Inciting violence is counter-intuitive to competent governance. Voters will surely reflect on your inappropriate speech for the next election cycle.

Please restore some ethical integrity by halting your fear mongering rhetoric. You were elected to solve the economic ills of your state. Instead, you are wasting tax payers money by going on your unproductive, out of state excursion. You are essentially saying in your speech that you have failed as a politician and have no solutions to offer. Remember you were elected to lead the American people to prosperity and not off the edge of a cliff.


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  1. To the petition creators: Too bad you didn’t just stick to condemning his gun stockpiling rhetoric without dragging in his touting conspiracies. You mixed too distinct things, although in some people’s minds they seem to go hand in hand.

    Glen Beck is a zero. Alex Jones, in spite of being an obnoxious upholder of extreme gun “rights”, does have some interesting information on the Boston Marathon bombings that has gone totally unreported on any other channels. Some of Alex Jones’ staff come up with some interesting reporting which should not be knee-jerk discounted just because of the scumbags that Alex Jones lets on his show sometimes. You can’t just discount all reporting on his show.

    • Arthur Chan says:

      I do not think politicians should cause mass panic by spreading misinformation. His justification of stockpiling guns is based on a conspiracy. That is why I didn’t omit it. I consider his past and present behaviors to be consistently irrational, and it certainly doesn’t help his credibility. Even if there is a real problem, he is suppose to lead and propose viable solutions.

      Regarding Alex Jones,I simply do not think a credible media reporter goes into raging tirades over disagreements with gun policy.

      I appreciate your feedback!

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