Tell Textbook Publisher: Stop Teaching Loch Ness Monster as Fact

Loch Ness Monster Biology Textbook

Target: Accelerated Christian Education, Inc

Goal: Stop teaching children that the Loch Ness Monster is real

Most people today are aware that the Loch Ness Monster is a legend, but a Christian textbook publisher based in Tennessee apparently missed the memo. Biology textbooks from Accelerated Christian Education, Inc. contain the claim that the Loch Ness monster is real, and use this to assert that dinosaurs still exist today. The passage will be removed from textbooks sold in Europe after parents there recently expressed opposition, but it has not yet been removed from textbooks sold in America.

The textbook makes the claim that the Loch Ness Monster “has been recorded on sonar from a small submarine, described by eyewitnesses,  and photographed” before going on to state that the Monster is actually a dinosaur. This false claim is then used as “proof” that dinosaurs still walk the earth. Teaching children falsehoods like these as a part of their introduction to science is dangerous because it establishes a faulty foundation for their future education. Even if the false views are later corrected, children may be left confused and skeptical of educators as a result of the contradiction.

By including the claims that the Loch Ness Monster is real and that dinosaurs currently exist on earth, Accelerated Christian Education, Inc. shows a dedication to promoting a particular fundamentalist ideology as opposed to teaching scientific facts. This not only damages the credibility of the company’s textbooks and the schools that use them, but also puts children at risk of being deliberately misinformed.  Please sign the petition below to demand that the false statements are removed from all versions of the textbook, including those sold in America.


Dear Accelerated Christian Education,

Recently, parents and media outlets in Europe became aware of a controversial passage in one of your company’s biology textbooks. The book teaches the existence of the Loch Ness Monster as fact, and goes a step further by claiming the Monster’s alleged existence as “proof” that dinosaurs still roam the earth. Any student of science and history knows both of these statements to be untrue, which explains why parents in the United Kingdom and other countries were uncomfortable with it being taught in the classroom.

Although you have announced plans to remove the offending passage from the textbooks sold in Europe, you have not committed to correcting the versions of the book used here in the United States. These claims are unsupported by evidence, and serve only to misinform and confuse young students. This is not acceptable in any healthy learning environment, foreign or domestic. Please commit to removing the false claims about dinosaurs and the Loch Ness monster from all elements of your science curriculum.


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  1. For the record, I think Nessie has a strong chance of being real, but I’m signing this because I don’t support the spreading of creationism.

  2. Steve Reaves says:

    I own a business. I would never hire anyone who was educated in any state that uses this type of textbook. I want educated employees, not superstitious idiots.

  3. Steven Hanley says:

    I’m proud to be an atheist. You have to be stupid or mentally deranged to believe in the existence of a god or supreme being. Makes as much sense as Father Xmas and the tooth fairy. Religious idiots shouldn’t be allowed to try to brainwash kids.

    • Blake Payne says:

      Steven, it’s also stupid (as well as dangerous) to NOT believe there is a God. What do you think created all that we see and are? How can something come of nothing?

  4. Really? Loch Ness Monster?
    If you want a good example of a dinosaur living today, I recommend Rush Limbaugh, John McCain, and James Dobson. They’re all essentially reptilian.

    • Mercedes Martell says:

      Hahahahhaha, Yes, and they sure have been around for a while, especially that Limbaugh. Some dittos out there can sure take the poop from Nessy and the Lake.

    • mike rollo says:

      haha you are so right !!!!.Those guys are the dinosaurs i wish never existed lol

  5. Until we know for a fact it’s not real it’s just as wrong to insist it isn’t. Who are we to say? How many people have sworn to have seen Nessie? God created all including any Nessies that may or may not exist. No I am not singing it, I don’t know she don’t exist. If I knew she didn’t I’d sign. For now I don’t. Why don’t people just mind their own business when they disagree? Life would be a lot sweeter if folks would.

  6. mike rollo says:

    Doesn’t the bible say somewhere thou “thou shall not bullshit ” or something like that.One of my own commandments is”thou shall not be a dumbass”.I think this school should take both these commandments seriously S.D.M.F. Brookhaven Pa

  7. Robert Carnegie says:

    They already stopped in July 2013 according to,

    “In the new editions they’ve replaced Nessie with talk of folktales from China and Ireland.”

    So there seems to be no need for me to sign the petition.

  8. Karen Whittington says:

    Sorry! I totally disagree with you on this one. 🙂

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