End Captivity of Sea Mammals at Theme Parks

Captive Dolphins

Target: Jim Atchison, President and CEO of SeaWorld

Goal: End captivity programs that endanger marine mammals

Two videos showing a dolphin and a whale in distress at different SeaWorld locations have surfaced within just a few days of each other.  One of the videos published by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) shows a bleeding dolphin squirming on the concrete floor next to its swimming pool as a SeaWorld-Texas employee stands listlessly around.  The other video, published by a park attendee, shows a pilot whale struggling to return into the tank after becoming stranded on the concrete ledge of the pool. In this video another pilot whale tries to push the stranded whale back into the water to no avail.  SeaWorld responded to this video by stating that the whale was unharmed and pushed back into the water 25 minutes later by a group of trainers.

These videos do not mark the first time that the SeaWorld franchise has been under the media spotlight for all the wrong reasons. In fact, a documentary entitled “Blackfish” was released this year taking viewers through the nightmarish life that an orca lives while being held captive in the Orlando SeaWorld location.

What is made clear by these videos is that franchises like SeaWorld do not have the mammals’ best interests at heart, and are simply doing what they have to do to make a profit.  These beautiful and remarkably intelligent mammals were never meant to be in captivity, much less for our own species’ amusement.  Offering zero benefits to the lives of these magnificent creatures these captive programs are useless.  Not to mention that the habitats recreated in these parks far from resemble their original habitats and it is incredibly cruel that franchises such as these continue to perpetuate such programs.  Demand that SeaWorld put an end to holding marine mammals in captivity.


Dear Jim Atchison,

The videos that have been recently released show the incredible amount of stress your organization places on these amazing marine organisms by holding them captive.  It is clear that your organization does not treat these animals with dignity and keeping them in captivity for other people’s entertainment to turn a profit is a heinous crime.

I urge you to discontinue these programs within your organization.  These creatures deserve to live there lives out in the vast expanse of the calm ocean and not in some fish bowl repeating the same old tricks for you and your franchise to fill your pockets with money.


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Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Hello, I am Lexye Hill. I have always had a great interest for the orca whale. One whale that has interested me is Lolita from the Miami Seaquarium. This whale has been stuck in captivity for over forty years, and I have been wondering what whale experts think about this. I have some questions for you if you would so kindly answer.

    Do you believe that it is okay for whales to be captured out of the wild?

    Do you think that Lolita would be able to return to the wild without any complications?

    Say someone wanted to help free Lolita and other captive orca whales, what should they do?

    Do you ever think that Lolita will be free?

    People say that Lolita is a psychotic whale, do you believe that she is psychotic?

    What do you think of the Dawn Brancheau incident at Seaworld in 2010?

    Do you think that there should be laws about how many years captive whales and dolphins should live in captivity?

    Do you believe that the Miami Seaquarium is only using Lolita as a money maker, or do you believe that they actually have their best intension?

    Thank you very much! I would love to help free these whales, the are too beautiful to be living in such an ugly living area.

    Thanks Again, Lexye Hill

  2. Marine mammals are made ​​to live in freedom and community as most live in groups or family. They need space and a healthy environment, far from the spotlight and noise. Legislation should be enacted to strengthen the protection of these animals as beautiful qu’intelligents! And especially prevent such shows just for the pockets of jailers.

    I translated the French petition to insert it into my site Love Animalia Naturalis. I have not found the video of PETA.

    Les mammifères marins sont faits pour vivre libres et en communauté car la plupart vivent en bandes ou en famille. Ils ont besoin d’espace et d’un environnement sain, loin des feux des projecteurs et du bruit. Des lois devraient être votées pour renforcer la protection de ces animaux aussi beaux qu’intelligents ! Et surtout empêcher de tels spectacles juste destinés à remplir les poches des geoliers.

    J’ai traduit la pétition en français pour l’insérer dans mon site Love Animalia Naturalis. Je n’ai pas trouvé la vidéo de PETA.

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