End the Sale of Live Animals at PetSmart

Demand PetSmart end live animal sales

Target: PetSmart

Goal: End the sale of live animals

PetSmart continues to sell live animals despite numerous undercover investigations showing blatant animal cruelty and neglect. Please tell PetSmart that you will not be buying any products from them until they cease to end this suffering and stop all sales of live animals indefinitely.

Animals sold at PetSmart Pet stores live a life of misery and uncertainty. Those who survive the long, arduous journey from the breeding mill to the pet store may not be the luckiest of the bunch. Undercover investigations showed deplorable conditions at several PetSmart stores in which animals were living in filth, covered in their own waste, crammed into tiny cages and hidden in the storage areas located behind customers’ view. Many animals were suffering from severe wounds and extreme diarrhea, left to die a slow, painful death, never given veterinary care.

PetSmart considers these animals casualties of the business; it is cheaper to buy another parrot than it is to provide basic veterinary care to an ill or dying one. Whistleblowers have come forward with videos showing blatant animal cruelty. Many workers explain that they are trained to only provide minimal care and to place dead or dying animals in the freezer. Despite massive amounts of evidence, PetSmart denies all allegations of cruelty and neglect.

PetSmart is in the business of making money, not making animals happy and healthy. A dead or dying animal poses no concern to PetSmart and is thrown away and another is just bought in its place. Until PetSmart ceases to sell live, miserable animals, we must boycott all products. Please tell PetSmart you are disgusted with its live animal sales, and that you will not be buying anything from PetSmart until there are no animals for sale in its stores.


Dear David K. Lenhardt, CEO PetSmart,

I was horrified to learn that PetSmart continues to sell live animals despite the well-documented maltreatment of these innocent creatures. The live animal trade forces many innocent, sensitive creatures to endure a life full of pain and misery. Please immediately end the sales of all live animals in PetSmart stores.

Whistleblowers have continuously documented severe neglect and abuse of many animals at PetSmart stores, including hamsters, rabbits, rats, chinchillas, lizards, birds and many other species. Video evidence has shown many animals suffering from treatable conditions denied basic veterinary care, thrown into a freezer after they die or often before they are dead, only to be replaced by another poor, innocent creature from the supplier. PetSmart would rather buy another animal than give veterinary care to an ailing one as this is more profitable for business.

Animals do not deserve to suffer in these deplorable conditions, often dying before ever being bought by a customer. Please end all live animal sales indefinitely. Until PetSmart is cruelty free, neither I nor my friends and family members will be buying any products from PetSmart.


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Photo Credit: Another Memento Mori via Flickr

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  1. I would like to see petsmart properly trained how to care for the animals, be forbidden to go to puppy mills and be required to get all their animals from the over abundance amount that is currently in our shelters. I personally see petsmart as being another opportunity for us to get our shelter animals into homes. The public goes to petsmart and petco much more easily and often than they would make a trip to a shelter, or doggy jail as many would put it.

    • I have seen this time and time again at the Petsmart in my town. I don’t even go there anymore, too heartbreaking. No one cares there, just like another post I read earlier. Most of the people they hire are just teenagers with no experience nor training. Something needs to be done to help these helpless animals. Please sign this petition. Thank You…

  2. I am a card-carrying Petsmart customer…I had no idea this abuse was going on!!!
    Petsmart, if you happen to read this comment, know that I will no longer shop at your stores (I spent about $200/month on my dogs there!) Of course, if you turn things around and stop the selling of live animals and only re-home shelter pets in humane conditions, then and only then will I shop your store again. You will need to advise me that you have changed your ways then I’ll re-consider.
    If enough of us pet-lovers quit buying from Petsmart right now they will either have to close up or get with the program.

  3. J Davidson says:

    So, who are these Pet Smart Charities??? True impostors who say they are for the welfare of animals.

  4. I dont know about the small pet stores but all the chains (pet co, pet supermarket) get their animals from mills..whether it be birds, puppies, ferrets, mice, etc.. the animals suffer tremendously..look on PETAs site for investigations…STOP GOING TO THESES PLACES until they STOP SELLING ANIMALS.

  5. John Olexa John Olexa says:

    I haven’t stepped foot inside a petsmart in years.

  6. I will not go into a PetSmart until they stop selling live animals!!

  7. I have been sickened with heartbreak and disgust the few times I have visited PetSmart in Nanaimo, B.C., right down to seeing tiny fish living in nothing more than a glass of water. I would not give them one red cent of my money, and think people should steal from them rather than support their disgusting corporate greed hidden behind all the fancy facade.

  8. I use to work at a pet smart for a very short time. I started with the animals. I was not trained at all just told to watch some videos and how to clean the fish filters. Apparently they are suppose to train you on every animal…..that doesn’t seem to happen very often. When an animal became sick or injured or was brought back in with severe injuries they out them in a “sick” room in the back. They really don’t care what happens to them I saw the back room one time and when I questioned them about a few things I was switched to a different position in the store where I had no access to the animals. I adopted “rescued” as many mice as I could. A group of 4 babies was brought in and one was a male. Management stated they would be sending them back to their “breeding facilities.” I couldn’t let them happen so I offered to buy them. I already had two mice but I couldn’t allow them to go to god knows where especially since one was extremely small and obviously had a spinal problem and was very under weight. Later another injured mouse came in that I offered to take and was called an animal hoarder who didn’t take care of my animals and soon there after was fired for reasons they had made up because they could never prove what they said I did. When I was leaving the store a co worker asked where I was going and so I told them which their reaction was shock. Management didn’t like me telling them their reasons so they came over wrapped their hand around the back of my shirt and literally shoved me out the door. A majority of the people that work with the animals have no clue how to care for them and are told to alert management to a problem with and animal. They are taken to the sick room and they tell you they are sending them back to their main office (“wherever that was”) to be cared for. I also had a friend that worked in the grooming section and the tells of how they were told to handle the dogs and things that were done to the dogs were disgusting! Do not take your dogs to be groomed there they do not treat them well. Especially the pet smart in Hamburg in Lexington Ky. They are horrible! I can’t speak for other places but this store is deplorable!

  9. I think it’s time we have a few protestors with signs and some factual flyers to hand out at petsmart. The flyers should have names and addresses of places that the shoppers could go instead. Maybe hand out coupons from the other stores. I had no idea that this was going on and there must be lots of people who would like to know and would be happy to change their shopping habits.we will now be going 15 miles further to purchase our dog food. Bad for the carbon footprint but America should always put the helpless first, be it a homeless person or inhumane treatment of animals.

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