Stop Killing Wildlife at the Taxpayer’s Expense


Target: David Lansford, Mayor of Clovis, New Mexico

Goal: Relocate New Mexico prairie dogs as an alternative to poisoning and killing wildlife at the taxpayer’s expense

Most United States taxpayers don’t support the killing of innocent wildlife. It’s even less popular when the killing takes place on the taxpayer’s dime. Prairie dogs have had a rough last few months in New Mexico, where government officials have planned to poison them so they don’t inhabit neighboring properties. There is a large prairie dog population around Ned Houk Park in Clovis, New Mexico, and the city has stocked up on Rozol, a poison that causes convulsions and painful death. Move forward with prairie dog relocation efforts and stop killing wildlife at the taxpayer’s expense.

Animal rights activists enjoyed some success when they raised enough money to relocate New Mexico’s prairie dogs to a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) ranch that is currently inhabited by prairie chickens. But at the last minute, the city commission in Clovis voted to halt the relocation effort and poison the prairie dogs anyway. While the animal rights activists’ relocation plan would cost taxpayers nothing, the city’s poisoning plan will cost them $30,000.

Other areas of the country have begun to realize the value of prairie dogs in the Great Plains landscape, as personable and useful members of the squirrel family. To learn more about the issue and keep up with recent happenings, follow the Bold Visions Conservation Project. Sign the below petition to urge the city of Clovis and other regions facing prairie dog concerns to explore relocation efforts as an alternative to unnecessary killings.

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Dear Mayor Lansford,

The Clovis city commission’s last-minute decision to withdraw support for the relocation of prairie dogs to safe lands was senseless and irresponsible. Not only was this decision inhumane to a native species, but also unfair to the taxpayers of New Mexico who must pay for the inhumanity. Prairie dogs are important species to the local environment, and they are part of the food chain for endangered and threatened species like black-footed ferrets and burrowing owls.

It is understandable that neighborhood residents don’t want prairie dogs living in their yard. However, local environmental groups already found and funded a solution. I am urging you to reconsider your opposition to relocating the Clovis prairie dogs to uninhabited BLM land in Chaves County. A majority of residents in your area do not support the poisonous eradication of wildlife, and they most certainly don’t want to pay for it.


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Photo credit: Asiir via WikiMedia

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  2. Sadly,the official way to “manage”wildlife is often to kill it;”problem”solved!
    Prairie dogs are known as a keystone species,important for preventing compaction of prairie soils;the burrows they create often provide critical housing for other little creatures-notably tiny burrowing owls.
    Prairie dogs are NOT simply rodents;these creatures build large complex “cities”-and actually have a language(which has been studied.)Prairie dogs raised in captivity do not develop the complex language seen in wild prairie dog communities(for example,when a wild prairie dog sees a hawk;it makes a specific alarm cry that alerts its community;if a captive-raised prairie dog sees a hawk,it will scream,too-but it wont make the specific alarm cry wild prairie dogs make);this implies that this is a learned cry that indicates a specific predator (“Hawk”!-take cover!)The transmission of language/ information-implies a CULTURE! This culture may be simple by human terms-but it’s there.Not that that matters much to our species;we kill far more complex creatures and eat them for lunch(dolphins name each other,and “gossip”about other dolphins that are not present at the time .These conversations among dolphins have been recorded by listening devices!Dolphins also use tools and solve problems intelligently.They’re still a big gourmet treat in Japan.The ” bush-meat ” trade in great apes persists because it doesnt bother humans to eat creatures that use tools and share 99% of our DNA. But why should i be shocked?We wage war on,and kill our own complex,intelligent fellow humans!
    Our species has a long and depressing history of destroying every living thing in sight.Easter Island is a cautionary tale that should be taught in every school on the planet;with 8 billion of us here,theres mighty little room for anything/one else!And morons are trying every day to limit the reproductive choices of those of us that don’t wish to be excessively fruitful;we’ve multiplied enough!Lets show a little compassion and decency,by leaving a few small areas of the Earth to our animal brethern.As Doug Tallemy points out in his book”Bringing Nature Home”-we’ve taken it ALL!
    All (or most of)the land-and we’re now busily defoliating the planet with mostly illegal logging activities(50%-90%of the wood logged is not legally harvested-check all sources before you buy!)We’re cutting up mountains,fracking land and fouling water supplies in our zest for fossil fuels that are heating our atmosphere so badly that its causing extreme weather events that threaten our food supply(and is pushing other species closer to extinction right along with us!)Ultimately,we’re in for some very ugly times if we don’t start managing our natural resources and our reproductive abilities more sensibly . Still,the sheer number of humans dictates that ;come what may,we’re likely to survive as a species-but can we say the same of the other poor creatures?Our bird populations have fallen by 40% since the 1970’s.Ditto for our butterflies(the two are related-butterfly larvae are key food sources for baby birds.)There are only 30 Amur tigers left.Many other species are critically endangered-and the trail leads right back to-us! Please spare a thought for your fellow creatures;extinction is forever.Live in as low impact a manner as is possible.Plant native butterfly and wildlife forage species plants in your yard and public plantings.Avoid toxic chemicals in your yard(and home!)Demand that better wildlife management policies be administered-its YOUR tax dollars that are being used to poison land that your children will play on!Poison baits have a way of killing every living creature it comes into contact with-whether its a pet,child,or wildlife.How much collateral damage are you willing to accept?

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