Put Down the Pickets: Support Compassionate Forms of Pro-Life Activism


Target: National Right to Life Committee

Goal: End picketing outside abortion clinics and implement compassionate forms of pro-life activism

When pro-life activists want to fight against abortion, they often take up their pickets and head to the nearest Planned Parenthood. Hoping to scare women out of an abortion, they expect to save lives but rarely succeed. Sadly, most only flaunt their pickets and vote for the Republican party because they think that such actions are part of a grand solution to the widespread problem of abortion. In reality, their signs and votes do more harm to women than good. Influential organizations like the National Right to Life Committee must understand that fighting abortion through the signs and legislation is ineffective. Urge them to fight with compassion instead.

The real solution to abortion, as well as a remedy for hate-filled anti-choice legislation, is a growing grassroots organization called Save the Storks, a nonprofit pro-life group dedicated to offering help and information to women with unwanted pregnancies. Instead of proposing anti-choice measures and barking about the indecency of abortion, their method is refreshingly simple and yet extremely effective: they sit in a bus parked outside an abortion clinic and politely invite an expecting mother in for an ultrasound. Three out of five times, she chooses not to abort.

Still raging on the other end of pro-life activism is the National Right to Life Committee, reputably the largest pro-life organization in America. Instead of offering productive assistance, they lobby for an end to abortion through legislation and education, seeking to overturn Roe v. Wade and make access to abortion as difficult as possible. In the process, they jeopardize a woman’s access to affordable preventative care like mammograms and cervical screens, contraception, and even prenatal care. Pro-life supporters across the nation are swayed by extremist anti-choice activism and mimic their methods by picketing abortion clinics and demonizing women who choose to abort. But Save the Storks has proven that there are better ways to fight.

The NRLC should not only openly support the success and growth of Save the Storks, but it should also end its own attempts to prevent women from gaining access to reproductive health care altogether. Informing and encouraging women to choose life is a compassionate way to show these struggling mothers that they do have options. Demonizing those who walk through the doors of Planned Parenthood by waving around pictures of mangled fetuses is a disgraceful act that only results in further emotional trauma.

Urge the NRLC to encourage women through truth rather than coerce them through law. Challenge the pro-life movement to put down their pickets and jump on the bus instead.


As a highly influential pro-life organization, I urge you to adopt compassionate forms of activism. Currently, pro-life activists are infamous for picketing abortion clinics and lobbying to overturn legislation that protects women’s reproductive freedoms. If your organization and followers truly desire to reduce abortion, I encourage you to implement forms of activism that inspire, not coerce, a woman to choose life over abortion.

Save the Storks, a grassroots pro-life group, is heading in the right direction, and I encourage you to follow their path. Instead of yelling at women, they invite them in to a comfortable, private location and provide information while offering assistance. As a result, three in five women decide not to abort. Your organization, however, encourages pro-life activists to use the government to get their way and doing so allows them to be entirely distanced from the very women that need help the most. Your organization is influential, and it has the power to change the mindset of the rhetorically manipulative pro-life movement. Please implement compassionate forms of activism instead and tell your pro-life supporters to put down the hateful pickets.


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PhotoCredit: Mike Linksvayer via Flickr

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