Ban Unsporting Captive Hunting Once and for All

Bear hunting

Target: United States Government

Goal: Ban cruel hunting of animals in captivity

When entertainment is lacking, a possibility for the super-wealthy is to partake in a “canned hunt” in which they are guaranteed to “bag a prize” is tempting. Canned hunt facilities are fenced pastures in which hand-raised domestics, retired circus performers, and former zoo animals are sent out to meet their end–guaranteed or your money back.

With over 2,000 facilities in the United States, canned hunting has surprisingly little regulation. Despite the appalling nature of this practice, only 20 states have regulated or banned the practice, and exotics, including endangered species, are still being hunted in the other 30. Wealthy would-be hunters need only pay a steep price for the chance to bag an elephant, tiger, moose, or alligator, all without a required license, and with no limits on numbers of kills made.

Even many game hunters find the practice unsporting, without a fair chance for the animals to flee. And even if they could, many of these these retired camels or bottle-fed deer are not afraid of humans, and willingly walk up to their killers in search of treats. The facilities allow the animals to be shot at feeding sites or watering troughs, or even when chained or staked in one spot.

Not only is canned hunting cruel, but it exposes local livestock to many diseases that these exotics carry. Urge the US government to ban this cruel pastime in every state once and for all.


Dear US Government,

The cruel practice of canned hunting in the United States is an unsporting, sickening pastime. Unlicensed hunters are sent to bag endangered species, former zoo animals, and retired circus performers, all within an enclosed environment and without a kill limit. These animals rely on human contact for their survival, and it only leads to their destruction.

Canned hunting facilities are often the instigators of infectious diseases that pass from exotics to domestic livestock. The regulation of this practice is disturbingly lacking in our country, and very few states have banned it. Please consider making this terrible recreation illegal across the nation, and close down the facilities that encourage it.


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  1. Fucking cowards

  2. Why would anyone want to kill an animal for sport? I understand that these practices can help curtail illegal hunting, but they are still cruel. We need a more comprehensive approach to end the hunting of trophy animals.

    • Annette Ruhmann says:

      God Bless Alix

    • Alvin Bowles says:

      You don’t understand. Hunting is great sport and hunters are in fact natural environmentalists who want to see open spaces and healthy ecosystems preserved. When done in conjunction with scientific range management practices, you actually have hunters paying the state to do population control work (and often control of invasive species) that would otherwise cost taxpayers. It is a true win-win whenever properly managed.

      • SUE GRIFFITHS says:

        Hunting is a great sport? Great for whom? Stop kidding yourself. Hunters are nasty pieces of work. They enjoy taking lives. I wish we could use population control on humans. The first to be weeded out would be hunters and animal abusers.

  3. Agree with you Alix!

  4. SUE GRIFFITHS says:

    These wealthy morons need to be shot. Wipe them off the face of the Earth. They are of no use or value. Just look at the photo of these two jerks smiling. Who are they going to show these photos to? Their children, family, friends? How happy and proud they look after murdering these beautiful animals. Animals who deserve respect. Shame on you.

    • Lorraine Pattrick says:

      I agree Sue why kill these beautiful animals. How can someone get pleasure from it. I think there is something very wrong with them, clearly not rights.


  6. Greg Gordon says:

    We should have respect for all living animals, and to work on the discovery of who we are.

  7. Gordon Erasmuson says:

    This guy has a serious small cock problem, so he shoots defenseless wildlife with his big gun.

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