Was Your Food Made in a Lab?


Target: U.S. Congress
Goal: Require labeling notifications for all genetically engineered foods in the United States.

Genetically engineered foods — also called genetically modified organisms or GMOs — are plants and animals that have been genetically altered in a lab. Many of these genetic changes haven’t been adequately tested and various environmental problems they’ve caused have been well documented.

These genetically engineered foods sit on our grocery store shelves without any sort of indication that they’ve been altered. Allowing genetically engineered foods to enter our food supply — and the natural world — without our knowledge makes our food and ecological systems deeply vulnerable to the special interests of agribusiness.

A bill called the Genetically Engineered Food Right to Know Act was recently introduced in Congress. It requires labeling notifications for all genetically engineered foods in the United States.

Sign this petition to tell Congress to protect our food supplies from genetically modified organisms.

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  1. Now see that is what humanity comes to! I hate humanity! They destroy natural ecosystems and replace them with filthy city stuff! And that is why I grow my own herbs and hunt legit no weapons used! That is why I live with wolfs as family! I live in the forest howl on humanity that i hate! I was wolf before a few times once when the natives where here i lives and died, next life i led a pack and got killed by humans! Humans are evil!

  2. Barbara Daniels says:

    Ahh, people…… Non-GMO foods are ALREADY labeled as non-GMO. 100% Certified Organic food is ALREADY labeled. Produce is ALREADY labeled ~ the PLU sticker code starts with *8* if it’s non-GMO.
    Read the labels yourself and leave my food alone.

    • PLU actually starts with *9* if it’s organic and *8* if it’s GMO. HOWEVER those are voluntary and so organic growers do take advantage and put a *9* in the front but GMO produce is not labeled the same way by use of PLU code, because it isn’t mandatory.

    • How hard is it to put “GMO” on a label? Give me a break. I don’t think we should have to interpret PLU codes – and apparently they are confusing even for those who know them – or THINK they do.

  3. Monika Calvert says:

    I definetly want to have labels clearly marked what I am eating.In Europe there are labels showing if it is GMO or not.

  4. Genetiği değiştirilmiş gıdaların etikenlenmesi gıdaların üzerinde gösterilmesi şart.Nasıl ki sıgara paketlerinin üzerinde sağlıya zararlı diye yazıyorsa herkesin bilmesi ve tercih hakkının olması şart.Aslında kökten çözüm genetiği değiştirme tüm gıdalarda yasaklanmalı tüm ülkeler böyle ürün yetiştirilmesi yasaklanmalıdır.Gözgöre göre niye insan sağlığınla hayvan sağlığınla oynanıyor ki?..

  5. linda pink says:

    Yes, we need label to show if its GMO. I support small organic growers and will not succumb to the GMO. Jane Goodoll has wrote a book about seeds, and described the undesirable effect on human health, anyone who get a chance should read it.

  6. We have to keep pushing and bugging and DEMANDING Congress get their heads out of their asses. the FDA is worthless considering whos in charge. Funny how the white house AND monsantos cafeterias serve ONLY ORGANIC FOODs. WTF?

  7. Rub out da’ Monsanto mafia!!!

  8. All food should be clearly & honestly labeled-it’s up to each person whether OR not to make the choice to buy it-consumer has the last say not the seller

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