Protect Chimpanzees From Illegal Bushmeat Trade

Target: United States Congress
Goal: Protect Chimpanzees from the illegal bushmeat trade.

Chimpanzees share 98% of our genetic make-up. Much like us, these intelligent and social beings form strong family bonds, seek to protect each other from harm, and nurture their young.

However, humans are directly contributing to the demise of wild chimpanzee populations through the thriving illegal commercial bushmeat trade.

Chimpanzees killed and sold as bushmeat are often shot by poachers or caught in snare traps, causing immense pain and suffering when wire constricts around a hand or foot. Infant chimpanzees are too small to fetch a good price for meat, so after hunters kill their mothers, these orphans are often sold into the cruel exotic pet trade.

If you believe in a future for these amazing beings, sign the petition to support strengthening regulations related to the international trade of endangered species and discourage destructive industrial practices that facilitate the bushmeat trade.

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  1. We don’t need this.

  2. Chimps are not food!!!
    Quit monkeying around with the
    ruthless special interests and
    leave our primates alone,
    ya’ bureaucratic gorillas!!!

    • Marisol Pacheco says:

      So we get to decide which leaving creatures should be considered food?
      That’s great. If it were up to me, no living creature would be considered food. Fu**ing double-standards. That’s Bull***t.

  3. Chimpanzees are not food this is vile and disgusting STOP it what next cannibalism?

  4. Comment peut-on manger des êtres vivants proches de nous, sachant que ces populations peuvent très bien se nourrir autrement…

  5. Chimpanzees are not food this is vile and disgusting STOP it what next cannibalism?

  6. Lisa-Marie Laurin says:

    This barbaric cruelty needs to stop.

  7. Ayse Sahin says:


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