Seek Justice for Golden Retriever that Was Bludgeoned to Death


Target: Scott County Courthouse in Minnesota

Goal: Prosecute Rudolph Poppe for killing his aged golden retriever to the fullest extent of the law

Recently, an unthinkably cruel event took place in Minnesota. A man, named Rudolph Poppe, bludgeoned his elderly golden retriever dog Millie repeatedly with a sledgehammer. He beat Millie for defecating on the floor in the house. Poppe has been charged with felony animal cruelty.

There were witnesses of the brutal attack. Adults and children pleaded with Poppe to stop hitting his dog, but instead of stopping, Poppe put a plastic bag over Millie’s head and continued to beat her. When authorities showed up, Millie was still breathing. After she was immediately taken to a veterinarian, it was deemed that the only humane thing to do was put the golden retriever to sleep.

In defense of his action, Poppe told authorities that his dog was already really old and could hardly walk. There is no excuse for abusing an animal. His bail was set at $40,000. His defense attorney attempted to lower Poppe’s bail, by stating that Millie was “an animal and not a human.” Fortunately, the judge refused to lower the bail. Sign the petition to demand the courthouse to punish Poppe to the fullest extent of the law for felony animal abuse.


Dear Scott County Courthouse in Minnesota,

A group of humane supporters and animal lovers peacefully gathered in front of your courthouse to seek justice for an old golden retriever who was beaten to the point of death by Rudolph Poppe, her owner. Poppe repeatedly bludgeoned Millie with a sledgehammer. When witnesses pleaded with him to stop beating her, he wrapped a plastic bag around Millie’s head, and continued to hit her. She had to be put down.

Poppe’s reasoning for abusing Mille was that she was an old dog. His defense attorney stated that Millie was only an animal, not a human. No one should get away with beating an animal or a human being. Find Poppe guilty for felony animal abuse, and punish him to the fullest extent of the law.


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Photo credit: Kintaiyo via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. J Davidson says:

    Unbelievable. Animals feel too!!!! Like we do!!!!

  2. J Davidson says:

    Horrible to subject a senior citizen to this violent death sentence!!!!!

  3. Charge this guy with a felony or worse he is a murderer.


  5. His defense attorney attempted to lower Poppe’s bail, by stating that Millie was “an animal and not a human.”

    What an insult to all animals to say this man is more an animal than human. Only humans are capable of such disgusting actions. No animal would even entertain such a notion.

  6. eileen woodside says:

    I am so sick at the thought of beating any living thing with a sledgehammer. And what of the adults who stood and watched this happen? Such an angry person who would behave this way, fully aware of his actions, should be criminally charged, spend some time in prison, and NEVER be allowed to own animals. He is a dangerous offender to animals.

  7. this guy should be punished for life . and i hope someday that someone will walk up to him and beat him to death he deserves to be in hell and burn,. that dog did not have to be beat . gee i am old should i be beat to death no . age don,t matter take bastard and put hiom in jail for good life or give him the chair if he can beat a dog he will beat a human. he is dangerous to our world .. kill him put him in the chamber . but beat him first .

  8. throw this guy in the gas chamber he is a killer if he will kill a dog he will kill a child a person g he is a danger to this world throw him in jail all his life or give him the gas chamber

  9. Every time i read something like this it makes me sick. I keep wondering how a person can do such a horrible act to an innocent dog? Obviously these people have no value for life & think nothing of murdering an animal. To me anyone who kills an animal is also capable of killing a human being as well. I’m sure if you took a good look at serial killers you would find out that they abused & killed animals early on in their childhood.
    That is why new laws must be passed to not only protect, but enact puishment as well or nothing will change. That is why I support “Logan’s Law” & “Justice For Huey & Tucker”. Then there will be a national registry for these culprits & punishment will be followed through.If Logan’s Law is passed I think the other 49 will follow suit. In NY State a national registry has already been started & that is a great thing to accomplish! These people need to be off the streets & in jail for a long time & then people will think twice before hurting any animal!

  10. Why didn’t the people stop him? I am not a big person but I would have jumped on his back and gouged his eyes out, then jumped off and kicked his jewels up to his mouth. Get up big man, I have a lot more where that came from. That sledge hammer is going up your ass next.

  11. WiZaRd Of The Wolf Nation says:

    I want that infidel executed!!!

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