End Assault on First Amendment Rights


Target: President Barack Obama

Goal: Repeal law denying citizens’ right to peaceably assemble on federal property

On March 8, 2012, President Barack Obama signed the H.R. 347: Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011. Its obscure title may belie its insidious invasion of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and so to be clear: this law removes the rights of citizens to peaceably assemble on government grounds. Our constitutional right as American citizens to voice our concerns when we vehemently disagree with the decisions of our elected officials has been quietly removed, and our voices silenced. The American people are no longer welcome to participate in the legislative process.

Furthermore, under the National Defense Authorization Act, there is a risk that those arrested and detained during protests on federal grounds may not be released, because President Obama–with the full support of a bi-partisan Congress–has reserved the right to detain prisoners indefinitely without trial or legal representation if they are considered a ‘potential threat to America.’

The United States Senate unanimously approved this completely and directly unconstitutional bill, and the House of Representative had only three dissenters: Representatives Ronald Paul, Paul Broun, and Justin Amash.

We have been seeing more and more Americans detained while doing nothing more than exercising their constitutional rights. Elderly men and women are forcibly removed from courthouses in North Carolina and Texas, and students are sprayed directly in the face with pepper spray while they sit together in protest, notably peaceable. The violence enacted against Americans in the practice of their rights is an affront to democracy, and it must be stopped.

Please sign this petition to exercise your first amendment right to petition the government, in defense of your other first amendment right to peaceably assemble. We must not allow the government to strip our rights away from us. We will not be silent.


Dear President Barack Obama,

In March of 2012, you signed a bill into law that stripped Americans of their right to peaceably assemble. Under the broad definition outlined by this law, Americans can be detained by police indefinitely just for exercising their constitutional rights too near to a federal building. Federal grounds are not places that you can cordon off from the masses, and in fact they exist strictly for the benefit of the people.

You cannot quietly strip away the rights of the people and expect it to go unnoticed. This dangerous and unconstitutional law is an insult to democracy and a stain on your presidency. Your legacy is becoming one of wrongful imprisonment, the loss of freedom and liberty, and an increasingly powerful federal government that is slowly transforming into a police state, silencing the American people with threats of arrest and indefinite detainment. Repeal this law immediately.


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Photo credit: Brandt Luke Zorn via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. What truly breaks my heart is that i actually hesitated to sign this petition-out of fear!Evil days are upon us when law abiding citizens fear simply signing an on-line petition!
    This is what our nation is becoming-a place where terrified citizens keep their heads down and their eyes on the ground..because Big Brother is watching EVERYTHING!Liscense plates are scanned and read as our cars ride down the road.Cameras are at each red light.Our phone calls,emails,and even internet searches are monitored for “suspicious”activity.Ultimately,a world in which folks homes are raided because a wife searches for kitchen wares,and a husband looks for hiking gear,is not one i enjoy living in.Nor do i feel any safer.Do you?The Patriot Act was supposed to be temporary.Why has it been renewed multiple times?Can it be that our police and security agencies are unwilling to give up the wide ranging powers this 400+page act gives them?And now i find that Obama,(who i actually voted for),signed yet another law into effect to strip Americans of our rapidly diminishing civil rights?My family fought in the American Revolutionary War.We’ve shed our blood in every war this country has ever been involved in since-and paid taxes here as long as there’s been taxes levied by our federal government.Once i was proud of this-but at this point,i am so dispirited by the adversarial attitude our government is taking towards its own citizens that i wish my ancestors had run back to England in the 1600’s!! My common sense tells me to keep my head down too-but as a descendant of a long line of social activists,and as an admirer of Mahatma Gandhi ,i MUST sign!
    For, as a wise man once stated -with far more eloquence than i ever could;”All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing”!
    If we all protest,surely they can’t ship ALL of us off to all of those prisons they’re building!Remember;,YOUR tax monies are funding these people;lets remind them of that by holding our officials accountable for their actions!.Maybe a mass withholding of IRS revenues in protest?Its bad enough to be afraid of random criminals and assorted whackos who hold bitter grudges against our country-but to have to be afraid of our own government is the bitterest pill of all to swallow!!
    America was once a symbol of hope,prosperity,and freedom.It can be so again-but only if American citizen’s civil rights are restored.Strike Lady Liberty free from her chains;let her citizens speak and assemble freely in nonviolent protest!

  2. Sad, only 4 other signatures. I have NO Fear!

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