Support Conservation Organization’s Efforts to Protect Jaguars

Target: Dr. Thomas S. Kaplan, Founder and Chairman of Panthera

Goal: Commend Panthera’s outstanding efforts to protect jaguars from threats, including habitat loss and fragmentation, poaching, and persecution by ranchers.

The jaguar is the only species of the big cat genus Panthera living in the Americas. These large solitary animals are important keystone species. Jaguars play an important role in providing balance to their ecosystem by regulating the population of animals that they hunt. Unfortunately, populations of these exquisite creatures are rapidly declining from various anthropogenic threats, including habitat loss and fragmentation, removal from their historic ranges in northern areas, poaching for their pelts, and persecution by ranchers who kill jaguars for preying on their livestock.

Jaguars may be threatened with extinction in the near future without increased conservation efforts. Fortunately, the conservation organization Panthera has stepped up to approach several of the challenges facing the survival of big cats. The organization works to save jaguars along with the other wildlife in their habitat by combatting poaching threats, saving habitat in their range, and ensuring safe passage from Argentina to Mexico through the Jaguar Corridor Initiative.

Conservation units populated by at least fifty individuals will allow the animals to safely breed so that they can maintain a diverse gene pool necessary for the survival of the species. Panthera develops protected pathways free of obstacles and safeguarded from developers and ranchers. These areas are known as ‘corridors’ where jaguars can engage in natural roaming behavior. The organization also sponsors community outreach programs that aim to resolve conflicts between ranchers and jaguars. Ranchers are encouraged to take measures to protect their cattle by making predator-proof corrals instead of shooting wildlife.

Panthera has raised its goal of funds to support anti-poaching efforts. The funds are used to develop surveillance technology in protected areas, coordinate patrols, outfit rangers and park guards and better train and equip them to deal with poachers. Please sign this petition to thank this organization for its dedication and impressive efforts to save jaguars.


Dear Dr. Thomas S. Kaplan, Founder and Chairman of Panthera,

I would like to commend your organization for its amazing conservation efforts that address various threats to jaguar populations. The protection of these majestic large cats is essential for maintaining the integrity of the ecosystem that they belong to. Protecting the land and prey species that these animals depend on is an effective way of conserving biodiversity and the environment at large.

Thank you for developing solutions to ensure the safe passage of jaguars over long distances beyond protected areas through the Jaguar Corridor Initiative. Providing a passage for jaguars to roam in order to mate and find food in other locations is a step toward offsetting the harm done by habitat destruction and fragmentation. Corridors allow both humans and jaguars to occupy the same areas of land without interference. Linking habitats through corridors allow jaguars to maintain a healthy and diverse gene pool.

Please continue your outstanding work to combat poaching threats. The combination of increased patrolling of protected areas, the use of surveillance technology, and providing education outreach involving the community will protect wildlife from poaching on a larger scale. Educating ranchers on how to coexist with jaguars and mitigate threats against cattle predation has the potential to change perceptions of jaguars.

Your inspirational conservation efforts give us hope for the recovery of these beautiful creatures.


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Photo credit: ucumari via Flickr

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  1. On behalf of PAUSE, we Thank you for your great efforts. An inspiration to animal lovers who wish to find ways in which we all can co-exist, you are a light. You are an example of what can be done when the animals best interest is at heart, and we work to develop a win-win situation for all involved.
    CPR for the animals

  2. I have adopted a wild tiger with the WWF.I have adopted a wild jaguar with the WWF/Sky Rainforest Rescue.I hope that the WWF will do the same things that you are doing for the jaguar for the tiger and jaguar in the Amazon.


  4. Wholehearted gratitude to Dr. Thomas S. Kaplan, Founder and Chairman of Panthera!

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