End the Sale of Live Animal Keychains

Target: Zhou Shengxian, Chinese Minister of Environmental Protection

Goal: Ban the sale of keychains that contain live goldfish, salamanders, and turtles in China

Street vendors are selling live animals trapped in keychains in China as souvenirs. These souvenirs are becoming a new fashion trend, and should be banned. The animals are usually amphibians such as turtles, fish, and lizards, and are placed into small plastic bags that contain a liquid nutrient and oxygen that allows them to live up to “two months.” However, many of these animals die days later.

The animal bags, which are attached to metal keyrings, cost around $1.50 a piece. Buyers are convinced by vendors that the animals in these “live animal keychains” can sustain themselves from the nutrients in the water for many months. But the truth is these animals die from oxygen deprivation within hours or days. Without the ability to replenish their oxygen or nutrient levels, these poor creatures are left to slowly starve or suffocate to death in their little plastic bags.

Animals should not be kept in small plastic bags. These conditions are cruel. Thousands of these marine animals will die a slow death each year if this practice is allowed to continue. Sign the petition to demand that the Chinese government  make the selling of live animal keychains illegal in China.


Dear Minister Zhou Shengxian,

Live animal keychains have become a fashion trend in China. Street vendors continue to trap small animals in plastic bags, and then attach them to metal keyrings to sell as keychains. These animals deserve better than to die slowly from oxygen deprivation caused by being trapped in a tiny plastic bag.

Vendors assure buyers that these animals are swimming in nutrient-rich water, but this is not true. These animals do not live a long time. On the contrary, they die within a few days of purchase. This trend is killing a lot of marine animals, and it is extremely cruel. Save thousands of marine animals by banning the sale of these live animal keychains.


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Photo credit: Mills Baker via Flickr

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  1. What is wrong with the Chinese? Why do they think this is cute? What can one expect from heartless robots who torture and eat cats and dogs, not to mention other heinous acts against animalkind?

    • So cats and dogs have more rights than cows and pigs? Did you know pigs are just as smart as dogs?I do not support live key chains or any animal cruelty. Have you seen what modern farming methods treat the animals you deem OK to eat,or do those one not matter?Furthermore the Chinese are not heartless robots,they love there kids same as we love ours,and they are probably better educated. There are stupid people doing crude things all across the globe,don’t be so naive about the world you live in.

      • Barbra Elder says:

        I have seen documentries on how the farm animals are treated and it sickens me just like this does. I dont understand how anyone can treat a defenceless creature so cruely. All animals lives matter no mater what they are and some way some how animal cruelty like these key chains and farm aimals needs to be stopped

      • some of what you say is true, but Chinese men also have control over women especially little girls. Women and young girls in China are sometimes treated as slaves. In every country you are going to find some kinder people and some more cruel. The Chinese may love their children, but that does not change how they treat animal, women and young girls. In SF China town mother had been told by Chinese doctors that giving their kids poison would help stop them from crying. Over the last couple years kids have been showing up to school with severe cognitive delays; almost brain dead. They were buying the poison from China and feeding them to their babies. How is that loving your child? Or make you more educated? Yes, in China making sure your child is educated is important. It is so important that when a child does not get the highest grade they get depressed and suicidal. Its very unhealthy!

  2. What is wrong with the Chinese is that the government there thinks every living, breathing thing on our planet belongs to them to do what they will with, in order to busy their economy up and create wealth for China (that is, the Chinese government). All and any wealth generated is the only concern and that all men and women should work and create cash-flow is put above poaching and killing critically endangered species in whatever form it takes. They also brainwash tiny children into enjoying ‘toys’ that seal little creatures up and away from freedom of movement and food. THAT is how China operates its strategies for income and its future – all based on indifference to suffering and life. Be warned.

  3. These people are sickening individuals to make things like this..wake up minister of environmental protection…

  4. It’s because they came up with a way to sell animals thats illegal to sell…..your not allowed to sell baby turtles any more unless they about hand size….it’s all a way for them to sell there animals…..

  5. cristopher lazaro says:

    Thats cruelty,it should be stop abruptly.

  6. This practice is TERRIBLE !!!

    By the way , turtles ,fish , and
    lizards are not amphibians.Turtles
    and lizards are reptiles , whereas
    fish are fish. These animals may
    be aquatic (fish ) or semi-aquatic
    (some turties )

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