Tell McDonalds: No McFrankenfries for me


Target: McDonalds
Goal: Keep genetically modified potatoes out of McDonald’s french fries.

If the USDA approves a new genetically engineered (GE) potato (which could soon happen), McDonald’s has the power to make or break this engineered spud’s success. Thanks to their famous fries, McDonald’s is the single largest purchaser of potatoes in the United States. That’s why we’re calling on them right now, before the GE potato is even approved, to commit that they won’t buy it.

Genetically engineered foods are inadequately tested, and they’re potentially unsafe. In the case of GE fries, that’s a particular problem because they’re marketed to kids. But McDonald’s can help keep GE potatoes off the market, because if they won’t buy it, then farmers probably won’t plant it.

Join us in telling McDonald’s: we don’t want McFrankenfries!

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  1. Hay government get that GMO shit and stick it up your ass we do not want it

  2. I’ll pass! All of McDonalds food is nothing but crap!

  3. Billy Angus says:

    Fortunately, I’m a vegetarian.
    In addition, I’m boycotting all potato
    products until their hostile states
    (especially Idaho)stops killing our wolves.

    And let’s rise up and rub out da’ Monsanto mob!!
    Send da’ doity double-crossin’ bio-tech bums
    to da’ bottom of da’ Hudson in cement overshoes!!

  4. Betty Gillmore says:

    We do not want to eat FRANKENFRIES! If you start selling them I , and all of my friends, will NEVER eat at McDonalds again!

  5. Lesley Blissett says:

    It was found in the UK that GM potatoes were toxic, I don’t know if this has been overcome but I don’t fancy trying any to see if they have solved that problem! Fortunately, I NEVER eat at McDonalds because I do not agree with what they have done in the Amazon and for other ethical reasons!

  6. tracy o'neill says:

    well I’m vegan and don’t go near McDonalds or the other fast way to die food chains. I’ll never why people eat that shit.

  7. tracy o'neill says:

    well, I’m vegan. Its the only way to stop McDonalds so why do people still eat their unethical products from a poor tortured soul? I’ll never understand why someone would want to eat that. and take their children???!!!! That is not responsible parenting! So, go vegan and let this callous lot go out of business. McDonalds don’t care about you or any animal or the planet 🙁

    • Veronica-Mae says:

      Hmm. Tracy – ever heard of (unlabeled) GM veg and grain ? or do you live on fresh air. Oh sorry I forgot, the air in the US isn’t fresh either.

  8. Hay i eat meat but i only eat what I hunt and hunt what I can with no weapons, i f—ing hate vegetables i will never eat a vegetable! The only family i have are wolfs! I eat meat and rip the animal apart and eat the guts and the fur and stuff! I will never go to no stupid human homeland! I hate what they do to nature, i was a wolf many times but i got put in this filthy human body but i still have wolf family and my never eat vegetable mind!

  9. Cathérine Claeyé says:

    I like McDonalds because it is a universal place: everybody comes there: all kinds of people of all kinds of races! McDonalds has a lot of power, hopefully they take their responsibility to keep the GEpotatoes of the market!

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