Condemn Gun Group for Raising Money to Rearm George Zimmerman


Target: Jim Irvine, President of the Buckeye Firearms Association

Goal: Condemn the Buckeye Firearms Association for raising money to rearm George Zimmerman

Recently, George Zimmerman was found not guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin, a young African-American youth. Due to the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law, Zimmerman was acquitted on grounds of self defense. All evidence of the trial is being held by the Justice Department, including Zimmerman’s firearm. Now, an Ohio pro-gun group, Buckeye Firearms Association, has started a fundraiser called “The Zimmerman Second Amendment Fund,” which aims to gather donations in an effort to purchase Zimmerman a new firearm and other equipment.

The group, which claims that Zimmerman has no income, wants to re-arm him. Any funds left over will be used to re-arm other citizens who have had their firearms confiscated. Jim Irvine stated that “This is about more than mere principle. Zimmerman and his family now face daily threats on their lives More than ever, he has a right to defend himself against those who would seek to do him harm.” This is blatant racism: attempting to re-arm Zimmerman equates to outright support of his crime. His firearm was confiscated for a reason, and his gun license should be as well.

Sign this petition to condemn the Buckeye Firearms Association, and let them know how heinous their actions really are. With enough public outrage, hopefully the Buckeye Firearms Association will realize how their fundraiser will only serve to promote further violence.


Dear Jim Irvine,

Following the outcome of the Zimmerman trial and the subsequent seizure of his firearm, your organization has started a fundraiser in an attempt to re-arm Zimmerman. The “Zimmerman Second Amendment Fund” is not an attempt to preserve constitutional rights, it is a statement supporting the slaying of a young man. Your fundraiser only serves to promote violence. The fact that you are attempting to re-arm citizens who have had their firearms confiscated further proves your inconsideration of their actions: their firearms were confiscated for a reason. Allowing them further access to guns will only promote more of the violence that they have already displayed.

I urge you to stop this fundraiser. Your attempts to provide Zimmerman with another firearm cast a horrible light on your organization. This fundraiser shows your support for the slaying of a young man, even after law enforcement urged Zimmerman to stop pursuit. Supporting the right to bear arms does not equate with supporting Zimmerman’s actions.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Vitaly V. Kuzmin via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Peter Kelly says:

    Why be so bloodthirsty?

    • Ward Dorrity says:

      Tell you what Pete – let’s have someone younger and stronger than you straddle you and pound your head on the cement. Or better yet, how about that treatment for your wife? Then let’s have a discussion concerning the virtures of real self-defense. Assuming that you survive the experience.

      Now, I’m an older guy who can’t take a beating the way I used to. That’s a life-threatening event for me nowadays. So, I have a simple rule: assault me or my wife and I will kill you. Racist? Hardly. Black, white, brown, whatever – they’re all equal over the sights of my SIG.

  2. Brian Henrey says:

    Fundraiser is over. Over 12000 glorious dollars were raised to help GZ buy a new gun and equipment to defend himself and his family against the people threatening his life. I hope to God he doesn’t ever have to do it again but if he’s attacked they can bury the attacker 6 feet under right next to that hoodlum Travon Martin. He was found not guilty by a jury of his peers and never should have had is Keltec confiscated by Holder and the DOinJ. Quit trying to make this a race issue. Quit trying to make this a stand your ground case. This was a case of TM thinking he was a gangster badass and he got put where he belongs for attacking another human being. It was SELF DEFENCE.

  3. I’m pleased to support the Buckeye Firearms Asociation in this position.

  4. This is ridiculous! Mr. Burda, you obviously know nothing about the trial or evidence in the trial.

    1. He wasn’t acquitted due to the ‘stand your ground law’; he was acquitted because it was an act of self defense.
    2. He was given ALL the funds collected.
    3. He didn’t commit a crime, he defended himself…tell me again how that is racist? It was Travon Martin that made the racist comments, profiled George Zimmerman, and doubled back and attacked him from cover.
    4. BFFs statement is that justice was served and Mr. Zimmerman is in need of assistance to further protect himself and his family from harm; you know, all the kind, gentle, peace-loving liberals who made the death threats.
    5. Travon Martin wasn’t ‘slain’ (murdered); he was a threat that was neutralized.
    6. A dispatcher is not ‘law-enforcement’ and GZ was not breaking any laws by surveilling a suspicious individual in his neighborhood.

    Buckeye Firearms Foundation’s position on this case is correct and just both legally and morally; there is honor in standing up for what is right – keep in mind, the ‘right thing’ is not always the easiest thing or most welcomed thing to do. This is because a weaker individual will find ANY reason to avoid a conflict, willingly sacrificing character and morals.

    What the light is shining on is the ignorance and lack of factual content in this article.

  5. Pound sand !!!

  6. Tom Nunley says:

    I Stand with BFA!

    The facts in this article are incorrect!

    The Zimmerman trial should have never happened!

    I am glad the media driven lynching backfired!

  7. The problem has been the focus on irrelevant arguments – some of which are actually unsupported by the evidence.

    1. ‘GZ racially profiled TM’ There is no evidence of this.

    2. ‘GZ disobeyed an order by the police’ * The civilian dispatcher, Sean Noffke, testified that he did not give GZ an order and, in fact, he, like his fellow dispatchers, are trained not make comments that sound like commands. * Noffke also testified under cross that, as a result of his asking GZ which way TM was going, GZ could have reasonably interpreted this as being asked to follow Martin. * It is also not a crime in Florida to disregard a comment made by a civilian dispatcher.

    3. ‘GZ got out of his car’ Not a crime on public property and not negligent either.

    4. ‘GZ followed TM’ Again, anyone can follow anyone on a public street unless the followee has obtained a restraining order against the follower and even there, the RS only places time, place, and manner restrictions on the person enjoined.

    5. ‘GZ wasn’t really injured’ * Under Florida’s self-defense laws, one doesn’t have to be injured AT ALL to use deadly force * No one is required to refrain from defending himself while another is engaged in or attempting to commit a felony.

    6. ‘TM is dead through no fault of his own’ * If you believe that TM assaulted GZ, then he IS dead as a result of his own actions.

    7. ‘GZ could have left’ * Under Florida law, there is not a duty to withdraw rather than use deadly force * TM was straddling GZ so how the latter was supposed to leave the scene is unanswered.

    8. ‘GZ was armed and TM wasn’t’ * One’s fists can be considered weapons and can result in severe bodily harm or death. * GZ was legally carrying a weapon * There is no requirement under the law that the same weapon be used by the assailant * A homeowner can kill an intruder whether or not he has been threatened * Those that attack cannot feign surprise if they are met with superior firepower.

    9. ‘Stand Your Ground!’ * SYG is NOT at issue in this trial. * The defense is a classic self-defense case.

    10. ‘Black men NEVER get to use SYG!’ * Wrong

    11. ‘GZ is a man and TM was a boy!’ * As if ‘boys’ don’t commit murder, rape, and assault everyday in this country

  8. Who’s Matt Burda? The whole article has more holes than swiss cheese, from the first sentence to the last. Awesome job BFA!! And Mr. Burda- If you think so little of the Constitution that you would continue to fuel the fire of hate by labeling an innocent man a criminal then please leave.

  9. A couple clarifications:
    This was a Buckeye Firearms Foundation (not Association) event. This is not the first, nor will it be the last time we helped someone who’s gun was not being returned when it should have been.

    The event is done. We sent a check, it was received, and George Zimmerman thanks everyone who donated to help him out.

    Lastly, thank you for all the support. Reading through the comments there is nothing else to say because so many others have done a great job commenting on the many incorrect comments in this story. It’s nice to know I’m trained, armed, and ready to protect myself. It’s comforting to know thousands of others have my back. Made my day.

    Jim Irvine
    Buckeye Firearms Foundation

  10. anderson phillips says:

    Article says: “Due to the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law, Zimmerman was acquitted on grounds of self defense.”

    That is NOT TRUE. SYG never entered into the trial. In fact it was never mentioned. GZ was charged with and acquitted of second degree murder. Period.

  11. Northern Sentinel says:

    His acquittal had nothing to do with SYG.
    You are woefully misinformed about what happened.
    He was attacked and defended himself as was his natural right.

  12. Making bold claims which are completely contradicted by fact is the work of fools and only believed by fools.

    You have provided a prime example of this principle. Your petition request is base on disinformation, racist hate mongering, and the lies of those who profit from the pain of others – such as Al Sharpton Jesse Jackson, and the other race pimping cockroaches who crawl out of the woodwork whenever there’s a rumor of a white-on-black race crime and they smell the money to be made.

    You got everything wrong. Everything. All that mattered to you was taking up the flag of the perceived underdog. The real victim in this tragedy was the truth. You should be taking up the flag of truth – but that would require actually doing some real research and finding the facts in order to build a foundation for your crusade.

    You still have a chance to do the right thing, however. Commenters have provided you with the facts, so all you have to do is verify them with simple Google searches. Once you have confirmed the facts you can post a petition apologizing to the Buckeye Firearms Association for your error, and condemning the news media, the race baiters, and all those who are directly threatening the Zimmerman family with death each day – which some days numbers in the thousands in social media, and in person at places like Starbucks (George’s brother was threatened with violence by Starbuck employees).

    You could do that.

    But none of us are holding our breath.

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