Protest Anti-Vaccine Activist Hire to Prominent Television Talk Show


Target: Anne Sweeney, President of Disney/ABC Television Group

Goal: Don’t hire anti-vaccine activist to prominent television talk show position

Jenny McCarthy, an actress and former Playboy playmate who has used her fame to promote unscientific anti-vaccination views, has been hired to replace one of the hosts of network television show The View. Tell network officials at ABC that this hire promotes unscientific opinions with potentially deadly consequences for the children of people who are influenced by celebrities, and urge them to stop the hire immediately.

McCarthy is part of a movement among parents who choose not to vaccinate their children, which has resulted in preventable deaths among children from whooping cough and other illnesses. McCarthy has advocated against childhood vaccinations since the 2005 diagnosis of her 11-year-old son with autism, citing a now-withdrawn and scientifically disproved paper that claimed there was a link between vaccines and autism. There is no scientific basis for McCarthy’s claims, and yet she has not withdrawn her statements. Children whose parents opt not to vaccinate decrease herd immunity, which protects populations from communicable diseases.This leaves children who are not able to get vaccinated because of age or allergies open to infection and possible death.

ABC has been met with criticism for the hire by science writers and reporters worldwide, but the network has yet to respond. “Executives at ABC should be ashamed of themselves for offering McCarthy a regular platform on which she can peddle denialism and fear to the parents of young children who may have legitimate questions about vaccine safety,” wrote New Yorker science reporter Michael Specter. Television critic James Poniewozik wrote in Time that the hiring would “legitimize McCarthy’s dangerous anti-science.”

Tell ABC that it should not provide a platform for an anti-science advocate whose influence may result in parents deciding not to vaccinate their children, which would decrease herd immunity and potentially sicken or kill children. Sign the petition below to deny this anti-science activist a network television platform for her dangerous views.


Dear Ms. Sweeney,

I urge you to rescind your hire of anti-vaccination activist Jenny McCarthy to The View.

McCarthy has claimed a link between childhood vaccinations and autism. Her views have contributed to a dangerous movement against vaccination, resulting in children becoming sickened with and even killed by preventable illnesses.

Don’t give this anti-vaccine activist a platform for spreading her dangerous and unscientific views. Stop the hire, and don’t promote anti-science on network television.


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  1. You guys haven’t done your research about vaccines and their side effects. You need to gather proper data and look at all those children who has been negatively effected by vaccines before you can make a claim that vaccines are perfectly safe. You are brainwashed by your government and public health. Where is the freedom of speech and choice?

    Just food for thought……

  2. There is “science” on both sides of the vaccination issue. Vaccines are not “perfectly safe” and it is very possible that we are compromising our immune systems by using so many dozens of them.

  3. Livin out Loud says:

    Rabies vaccines tainted my precious dog’s mind and behavioral abilities. There are numbers of people, that have problematic children and dogs from “vaccines”! Sometimes they might help, but mostly it’s a giant fear tactic, so they cover themselves. Vaccines are maiming and deadly for some. After you DO YOUR HOMEWORK–you can post again. Maybe this will take your incredible fear about “not being in control” and put it to rest. Do WE ADULTS take them each year? Hmmm. People are dying from vaccines and pills, all RX prescribed. They had me fix 1 dog and neuter another, take off his testacles, so they wouldn’t contact cancer? My doctor asked the same of his doc’s Vet–do men need to cut them off too? In the best intended light,get your heads out of your collective tushes and see the light!!1 Peace and good luck. : )

  4. Aleksandar says:

    Too bad petitions for this kind of stuff are held. Do your research first, do what you believe in, but live other people exercise their freedom.
    Or educate them with real-world data, not assumptions.

  5. Vanessa Solis Vanessa Solis says:

    All vaccines carry risks, but McCarthy’s claims that vaccines are linked to autism have been proven in science to be completely false. Putting her on network television is irresponsible.

  6. I think everyone is missing the point. A pornstar is about to be a prominent voice in American media. Sign this petition.

    • I thought the new paradigm shift is bringing love and peace not hatred and judgements. Please do not judge others by their past. It is an irrelevant petition.

    • If all you have to offer is attacks on the person, then you don’t have much of an argument do you?

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