Overturn Corporate Personhood Decision


Target: U.S. Senate

Goal: Do not give corporations First Amendment rights to spend unlimited funds on political campaigns

A new amendment to the Constitution now gives corporations the same First Amendment rights as human beings, allowing companies to spend unlimited funds on political campaigns. Corporations can now purchase elected officials to support partisan agendas, and the voices of the people are slowly being drowned out by huge organizations. Legally, a corporation cannot be classified as a “person” with the same rights to influence the outcome of an election. Our current elected officials are thankfully taking a stand against this injustice by implementing legislation to overturn corporate personhood. Stand with these officials and tell our Senators that large companies should not be given the same entitlements as human beings.

Senators Jon Tester (D-MT) and Tom Udall (D-N.M.) have each proposed amendments to the Constitution establishing that corporations are not, in fact, people. Both would essentially overturn the 2010 Supreme Court decision to give corporations rights to buy elected officials in an election by spending money on Super PACs and other organizations independent from candidates.

In an interview, Udall quoted James Madison and reminded us that the Constitution should be amended during  “great and extraordinary occasions” and that such a time is now. “Our elections no longer focus on the best ideas, but the biggest bank accounts, and Americans’ right to free speech should not be determined by their net worth.”

It is in the best interests of the people to reduce the excessive amounts of money spent during political campaigns, and it is harmful if corporations can purchase officials that align with their agendas. Ultimately, the result of this travesty is a nation run by the wealthiest Americans as well as elected officials who cater to their needs before the needs of the majority population. People should elect officials, not businesses.

And businesses are not people.

In addition to the harm of overspending, the Citizens United decision cannot even record corporate expenditure because it has opened loopholes that allow a businesses to hide the amount of money spent. They can simply donate to non-profit organizations and continue to buy elections without checks or balances of any kind.

Unregulated corporate spending on political campaigns is almost as tragic as classifying a business as a person with equal rights. Corporations are not people. Urge our U.S. Senate to support constitutional amendments that will overturn this misguided legislation.


Dear U.S. Senate,

In 2010, the Supreme Court held that United States corporations are entitled to First Amendment rights, including the right to spend unlimited funds on political campaigns. This decision was a tragic mistake that the majority of the nation disapproves of, and our elected officials are now fighting to overturn this decision with new amendments. Sens. Jon Tester and Tom Udall are speaking out, with support of the nation, to reverse the sad effects of corporate personhood.

Classifying any corporation as a person is problematic. Our nation boasts of freedom, but we are not free when large businesses with equally large agendas buy elected officials with the money they obtain from hardworking middle-class American citizens. Because only people have the right to cast a vote, it is unlawful to allow partisan groups to manipulate their way to an election. The result of this is a nation run by officials who are elected by the wealthiest people in America. The result in a nation that serves the wealthy at the expense of the people. I urge you to support the overturning of the Citizens United decision, because corporations are not human beings.


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