Applaud Singer for Turning Her Back on Fur

Target: Singer Nicki Minaj

Goal: Applaud Nicki Minaj for recently refusing to wear fur products

Nicki Minaj was recently asked to wear a fur coat for the cover of Marie Claire magazine. Nicki vehemently refused, stating that she would not wear any real fur products. Please applaud her for choosing to only wear humane, equally lush alternatives to cruelty-laden fur.

Nicki Minaj has recently turned her back on fur. The singer was shooting a cover for Marie Claire magazine when the stylist asked Nicki to pose in a fur coat.  When handed the coat Nicki replied “Is that real fur though? Oh no.” Nicki recognizes the horrific circumstances that are required to produce fur in the name of gluttonous fashion. Animals on fur farms suffer their entire lives crammed into filthy, wire cages and denied even the most basic of neccessities such as clean water and room to move around. These poor creatures aren’t even given a humane death. Most are bludgeoned, poisoned, drowned, or suffocated. Animals are often not properly killed prior to being skinned, leaving some animals to suffer the horrific fate of having their skin ripped from their bodies while they are still alive and breathing.

Real fur has no place in today’s fashion world. It is extremely cruel and no longer necessary for us to continue  to impose suffering on innocent creatures in order to fulfill our selfish desires. There are fur alternatives that are equally as lush and actually cheaper than the real cruelty-laden hides of animals. Please show Nicki support for choosing humane options and setting an example for her admirers all around the world.


Dear Nicki Minaj,

I was overjoyed to hear of your recent refusal to wear a fur coat for the cover of Marie Claire magazine. Millions of youth look up to you and I applaud you for making a stand against cruelty.

Millions of animals are tortured every year on fur farms all to supply the gluttonous greed of humans who wish to wear animal hides as fashion. Animals are stuffed into flithy, wire cages and denied the most basic neccessities such as clean water and room to move around. These animals suffer heinous deaths at the hands of their callous keepers. They are often electrocuted, bludgeoned, strangled, or drowned. Animals are often not killed properly prior to being skinned, forcing them to endure a horrific death after having their flesh ripped from their living, breathing bodies.

Thank you for acknowledging the cruelty these animals endure and for refusing to be a part of the cycle of gluttony and greed. You have millions of followers around the globe who look up to you and follow your lead. Thank you for making humane choices.


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Photot Credit: Nicki Minaj via Flickr

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  2. What a lovely person you are Nicki, shame others don’t take a stand like you.

  3. E yankson says:

    U don’t need fur… Look so much better without it!!!

  4. sean fitz says:

    If she could only turn her back on music to spare all forms of life from cruelty.

  5. Sally Cadonau says:

    Thank you Niki for taking a stand and giving a voice to those who may not have one! I respect those who can think with their hearts and not their pocketbooks.

  6. Jillouise says:

    Yay, Nikki, way to go!! Saying “No” to any animal cruelties is always appreciated!! Hope other celebrities and non-celebrities take notice of this and do likewise. THANK YOU!!!

  7. Maria Muszynska says:

    Bravo Nikki, you are great, we need more like you. We love you.

  8. draya bloxam draya bloxam says:

    This is a start but this woman still represents bad things to young audiences.she tries to make promiscuity, drugs, alcohol, and sex seem glamorous to her audience which is mostly underage girls. She still has alot to change before she gets any credit from me.

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