Demand Walmart Give Job Back to Employee Who Protected Dog in Hot Car

Target: Walmart CEO and President Michael T. Duke

Goal: Demand worker be given back her job after she was fired for protecting dog

A Walmart employee was fired after she took action to help a dog in a heated car that was left in the parking lot. A manager told the employee that it was “none of her business” and promptly fired her. Please demand Walmart give this animal loving employee her job back.

Carla Cheney of Ontario, Canada was working her usual shift when she saw a customer leave his long-haired black dog in a truck with all the windows rolled up. Carla appropriately called police to have the dog released and the owner cited for animal cruelty. When the owner returned to his vehicle later he was furious with Carla and told her that his act of leaving a dog in a hot car was “none of her business.” Carla was then called into her manager’s office shortly thereafter and was told the same thing by her manager; “it’s none of your business,” and then promptly fired. Carla was wrongly dissmissed from her job for taking appropriate action to help a dog in an overheated car.

Other employees now fear for their jobs after learning that Carla was wrongfully fired for helping an innocent dog. Please tell Walmart the act of firing Carla Cheney was inappropriate and illegal. Discriminating against Carla for doing what’s right will not be tolerated. Give Carla back her job and compensate her for all shifts missed due to her wrongful dismissal.


Dear Michael T. Duke,

I was shocked and disheartened to learn that a Walmart employee was recently fired for taking appropriate action to help a dog left in an overheated car. Discriminating against this employee for her selfless act is unjustifiable and will not be tolerated. Please immediately give Carla Cheney her job back and provide compensation for work missed due to her wrongful dismissal.

Carla Cheney worked at Walmart in Ontario, Canada where she had been a dedicated employee. During one of her recent shifts she saw a man lock his long haired black dog in his truck, roll up the windows and then go into the store. Carla acknowledged the dog’s dire situation; being in a hot car during summer with no air flow can be deadly. Carla called police to get help for the dog, and did the right thing by alerting police. However, her manager did not think so. After the incident she was promptly fired and told by her manager that the dog being in a hot car was “none of her business.”

Animal safety is everyone’s business. Carla did the right thing by protecting this innocent dog and alerting authority. Please correct this injustice and give Carla back her job and compensate her for time off work due to inappropriate dissmissal.


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Photot Credit: Vira-lata com carro via Flickr

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  1. Walmart just threw away a great asset: employee’s who have the strength of character do the right thing are of immense long-term benefit to the company.

    • DG SIfuentes says:

      I figure that it is a blessing in disguise and hopefully she locates a much better job than Walmart as it is a known fact they do not treat their employees right, not to mention they’re logo should actually be ‘Made in China’. What a disgrace of a company that Sam Walton began with a completely different visualization.

  2. Stuart Railton says:

    I know Walmart has an appalling reputation – but this is beyond obscene!

  3. I’ve stopped shopping at Walmart altogether. There are tons of other stores that get my business. I urge my friends to not shop there as well.

    • Ann Heatherton says:

      Ditto. I refuse to shop at Wal-Mart and my town has two of them. I am appalled at how they treat their employees. They will never get my money.

  4. WiZaRd Of The Wolf Nation says:

    CEO Duke, I hope you know the definitions
    of “Boycott”, Bankruptcy”, and “Foreclosure”.

    Unless you change your ways and re-hire
    this lady back to her job, with a raise
    in her salary, and a promotion for doing a good deed,
    you and your store chain will fall like
    the Roman Empire!!

  5. Ban Walmart… NOT animal nor employee friendly… in addition, the majority of their inventory is Made in China!!

  6. WiZaRd Of The Wolf Nation says:

    Michael T. Duke, you are under arrest
    on charges of accountability to
    animal cruelty and violations of employees’
    civil rights!!!

    The Court of the Public finds you GUILTY
    of these criminal offenses and we hereby sentence
    you to a maximum penalty of imprisonment
    in a locked vehicle with temperatures
    up to 150 degrees Celsius!!

  7. I wonder what Walmart’s reaction would have been if the dog had died. I would have thought they would have fired this employee for NOT reporting this.

    On what grounds was she dismissed ? For being a good and caring citizen ?

    Shame on Walmart and all credit to Carla Cheney.

  8. Unnikrishnan Sasidharan says:

    Hey asshole, give the lady her job back. Period.

  9. Myrna Burdick says:

    Carla Cheney is a hero in my book. I wonder how many customers walked by that same truck and never did a thing?
    Someone I used to work with left his dog locked inside his
    car on a warm day and the dog died.

    Ignorance and plain stupidity abounds all around us in terms of protecting children, the frail elderly and animals.
    If they cannot protect themselves we need to step forward and provide a voice to their vulnerability.

    • A woman in New Zealand was prosecuted last year for leaving her dog in her car on a hot day whilst she went shopping and the poor dog died of heat exhaustion.

      Could not the same have happened at Walmarts carpark ? Maybe Carla helped prevent the same.

      What a callous dude that dog owner sounds like. For his sake, I hope I don’t meet him – lol.

  10. Why dismiss someone for doing a good deed and setting an example??? Educate your consumers to make better & wiser decisions and your employees for setting good moral, ethical examples

  11. Patricia A Welch says:

    Carla Cheney’s manager needs to be fired. It’s everybody’s business to report animal, or people, abuse. Good for Carla for doing the right thing.
    That dog could have died a horrible death.

    Now, Wal-Mart should do the right thing and give Carla her job back ASAP! With back pay and a party to honor her compassion, and a raise.

  12. Janet Doubledee says:

    Dear Mr. Duke,
    I am quite certain that if this had been a baby that had been left in a vehicle, you would be touting about what wonderful employees you have that recognize the value of life as you accepted all the credit and media attention that came with it. How is this life different? This is a life that can’t get out without help of any kind, just like a baby. What if this was your pet, or you! What if you were tied up, completely immobile with no way to get out unless someone did what your employee did to save your life! Place any of your family in that situation and I am sure that this heartfelt person would still have her job and that windshield would be paid for by a company that stands up for caring employees that watch out for ALL LIVES in their neighborhoods and shoppers! Shame on you!

  13. Thats stupid because if there was a new born baby in there I bet you that if the employee saved the baby he would get awarded. But NO not for a dog, people should learn to be thankful for what some other people do. The manager should get fired for not thinking at all, unlike the employee. I hope that the employee would get back his job, and if not maybe a better job. 🙂

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