Don’t Allow The National Guard to Patrol Chicago’s Streets


Target: Illinois Governor Pat Quinn

Goal: Refrain from deploying the National Guard to patrol the city’s streets.

The governor of Illinois may “deploy the national guard among an epidemic of violent crime.” The Guard would be deployed in addition to the Illinois state police; both the Guard and the State Police would assist city law enforcement. This is a recipe for disaster.

Chicago has seen record levels of gun violence and homicides in recent months; this is largely due to the availability of guns, the proliferation of gang activity, and a lack of social and educational services endemic to Chicago’s poorer areas. Bringing in more law enforcement will not result in a lessening of violence; indeed, it will only increase levels of fear and repression on city streets. Rather than turning Chicago into a police state, Governor Quinn should consider repealing his new gun legislation, which now permits citizens to carry concealed weapons. It seems insane to pass such legislation while simultaneously relying on the National Guard to control and patrol the streets. This is one step away from martial law. Condemn State Rep. Monique Davis’ request to deploy the National Guard on the streets of Chicago.


Dear Governor Pat Quinn,

We know you’ve been inundated with requests to stem the flow of violence from Chicago’s city streets. This is no easy task. However, we urge you to refrain from deploying the National Guard in your fight against gun violence and homicide. State Rep. Monique Davis’ request to do just this will only bring more conflict to an already distraught and fragmented city. In a democracy, no branch of the military should control or patrol any territory, whether rural or urban. Chicago may be fraught with violence at the moment, but by deploying the National Guard, you only escalate this tension. Alternative measures can and should be taken to decrease violent crime in Chicago.

Perhaps new gun legislation permitting concealed carrying must be repealed. Perhaps spending might be increased on social services, peer counseling, and gang prevention programs. Perhaps the city needs more industry, and more jobs need to be available to youth so gang culture does not seem so enticing. Perhaps more psychological services are needed on a block-by-block basis. What Chicago doesn’t need are more boots on the ground. Please deny Rep. Davis’ request to deploy the National Guard in Chicago. Don’t endorse or condone martial law. Our democracy depends upon it.


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  1. Mike more says:

    Are you really that dumb? I hope your shot by the violence

  2. Illinois (Chicago) has had some of the toughest gun laws in the country. Ya know what criminals who are willing to shoot people don’t care about? LAWS! I do like your ideas though.. I was thinking, while we’re at it, why not just ban guns! They only cause trouble, right? Yeah that would totally work! It definitely wouldn’t leave all the guns in the hands of criminals. Oh and we absolutely gotta dump more money into these social programs. They’re already doing so well, but if we just threw some more money at them it’d fix everything. Man, with all these great ideas, it’s too bad we can’t put you in charge of this situation; send you on down to one these neighborhoods to get these programs kicked in to high gear. You could even move there with you family, go door to door spreading your message and looking for at risk kids. I’m sure everyone will be quite reasonable once they know you’re there to help. And if not, if you’re in danger don’t worry, the police will protect you.. When they get there 3-10 min after you call. But that’s silly talk, there’s only been 800 shootings in the first 100 days of 2016.. I’m sure you’ll be fine

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is incredibly stupid.

  4. This author is a complete idiot with idiotic ideas. It astounding how dumb a person could be and also how they have no understanding of the situation.

  5. Wow, another liberal idiot who wants to change the world but doesn’t think thru the facts that history has shown us. GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE! All over the planet it is shown that all you accomplish by banning guns is to make honest citizens intent on defending themselves, their family, their friends and their property criminals.

    This reminds me of another truism that I heard a long time ago:

    He who forgets history is condemned to repeat it. With all the gun control laws in place the violence continues to escalate. Hmmm, maybe we are being shown that gun control laws simply don’t work?

  6. By not deploying the National Guard is like saying the law abiding citizens in these troubled areas lives don’t matter.

    20 years the chief of police in Los Angeles created a new policy, arrest all gang members, a strong presence within the black communities. They saw 600 murders per year dropped to less than 50. Many law abiding residents felt safer.

    However, the ACLU and black leaders for the LAPD to stop this initiative and they did, murders went back up to the hundreds.

  7. Percentage Black Homicide Wounded
    1 Austin 85.10% 58 291
    2 Englewood 97.37% 55 251
    3 West Garfield Park 96.16% 36 222
    East Garfield Park 90.90%
    4 North Lawndale 91.43% 23 162
    5 Humboldt Park 41.46% 19 124
    6 Grand Crossing 96.90% 25 87
    7 Roseland 97.37% 18 91
    8 Auburn Gresham 97.78% 18 85
    9 New City 29.63% 22 75
    10 South Shore 95.02% 14 81
    288 1469
    All other in Chicago 206 979
    These 10 communities – just 17% of the Chicago population account for over half of the gun violence. Time to set up check point for these high crime areas. Who ever wrote this is either running drugs, guns or both.

  8. LeLargeLeader says:

    very dumb petition

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