Demand University Stop Use of Rabbits in Laboratory

Target: Samuel L. Stanley, Jr., President of Stony Brook University

Goal: End the use of rabbits in Stony Brook University laboratories

In February 2013, the Stony Brook University biology laboratory ordered more rabbits than needed for its research. The laboratory proceeded to offer the surplus rabbits to random students and students-hangers-on, under the threat of euthanizing any animals that remained.

Rabbits are very delicate animals with very specific dietary and medical needs. Their care falls under the category of “exotic pets,” because even veteran dog or cat owners would not know how to care for a rabbit without proper research. They should never be handed out without regulation or preparation on the part of the future owner.

The laboratory created an atmosphere of impulse adopters, including young students without the proper environment or finances to care for these animals, under the looming threat of the rabbits being euthanized. This is the sort of atmosphere wherein well-wishers will release captive rabbits into the wild to be immediately killed by passing vehicles or predators because they are unaccustomed to caring for themselves in the wilderness.

Animal testing and research is already a gruesome and under-regulated business, and this incident is just one more example of the callousness with which the animals are treated in these laboratories. If the facility cannot be trusted to keep its order of rabbits to a bare minimum to decrease the amount of suffering the animals must endure and will instead order bulk amounts of whatever animal it needs (fueling the mills that produce these animals) and then hand them off to random passersby, they cannot be trusted to continue their research on these animals.

Please sign this petition to stop the use of rabbits in the Stony Brook University laboratories.


Dear Samuel L. Stanley,

In February 2013, the biology department at Stony Brook University ordered more rabbits than needed and proceeded to offer the extra animals up to students and strangers to take home under threat of the rabbits being euthanized. This is a highly irresponsible practice, as rabbits are delicate creatures with very specific dietary and medical needs.

The carelessness involved in ordering more rabbits than the department can handle and then handing those animals out to anyone under the impulse of saving animals from immediate danger shows an obscene level of irresponsibility and callousness. This incident makes it very clear that your university should not be using rabbits for any kind of teaching or medical purposes.

Please end your use of rabbits in any and all facilities at Stony Brook University.


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Photo credit: Sara Fellini

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  1. J Davidson says:

    And pity the poor hapless animals used in their experiments. The whole thing is horrible.

  2. John Olexa says:

    Using animals in experiments is so far out dated! STOP IT! Get with the 21th century!!!!!!! There are other(better) methods available today without using those poor animals!

  3. Using animals?? Agree with John Olexa. So outdated. Let’s get with the program guys–step into the 21st Century. And, if they’re testing for cosmetics that’s a double strike against them. Women have enough of this stuff to slap on their faces–don’t need any more of it. Makes you wonder if these guys take some delight in torturing helpless creatures.

  4. Janet Geren says:

    Wake up and join the 21st century! Other countries are far ahead of you and have stopped this completely! This is sick and the act is shameful. No one could do this to an animal if they had any love in them at all. STOP!!!

  5. Sonja Bichel says:

    This doesn’t need any comment……….

  6. Using animals for research is LONG OUTDATED. IT ALONE has been proven to HAVE TAKEN THE LIVES OF COUNTLESS HUMANS b/c ANIMALS PHYSIOLOGICAL MAKE UP DIFFERS SO GREATLY FROM OURS! Their bodies offer ZERO answers to any HUMAN dilemma in health OR VANITY(ie animal testing for cosmetics) . BOYCOTT ANY PLACE or ITEM INVOLVED W/SUCH OUTDATED and NEEDLESS practices.VOW for LIFE to END SUFFERING OF ANIMALS!

  7. Paul Lisanti says:

    Simple. Please STOP this barbarism. You have no respect for Life. A poor, innocent Bunny. How Cowardice.

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