Help Rescued Dogs Find Homes

Target: United States Animal Rescue Organizations

Goal: House and rehabilitate dogs removed from negligent ‘rescue shelter’

Recently, over 130 dogs were rescued from an Apple Valley rescue shelter. The supposed shelter, Rainbow’s End Animal Sanctuary, was failing to provide the care it promised – the dogs were living as one large pack with little to no human interaction. Some of the dogs were so malnourished that they were eating dirt to survive. Others were suffering from untreated broken bones. Some of them suffered from conditions so severe that they had to be immediately euthanized.

After the dogs were rescued by San Bernardino County Animal Care and Control officers, they were taken to the county’s animal shelter in Devore. Due to the conditions in which they lived, many of the dogs are suffering from extensive physical injuries and need social rehabilitation. These special needs make it impossible for any of the dogs to be adopted at this time. Instead, the dogs must be taken in by other qualified animal rescue groups. If they are unable to be taken in, some of the dogs, including puppies, may have to be euthanized in order to prevent overcrowding of the shelter.

To avoid having to euthanize any of the dogs, the San Bernardino County Animal Shelter is asking for county-approved rescue groups to take the dogs in and provide them with the necessary medical care, love, and attention they need. By signing the petition below, you will urge the nation’s animal rescue shelters to take these dogs in and help them find permanent homes.


Dear Animal Rescue Shelters,

Recently, over 130 dogs were rescued by San Bernardino County Animal Care and Control officers. These dogs were living in deplorable conditions. They were living as one large pack with little to no human interaction. Many of them were malnourished, surviving off of dirt, while others suffered from untreated broken bones.

Although the dogs are now receiving professional care at the county’s shelter, they will not be able to stay there forever. Unfortunately, due to the extensive physical and emotional trauma they have endured, they cannot be adopted at this time. The shelter will soon need to make room for incoming animals, and if these dogs are not taken in by qualified rescue shelters, they will be euthanized. We are urging you to please take these animals in and provide them with the care and attention they need. They have suffered so much and deserve to have the opportunity to find loving homes.


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  1. Hay people control humans before using that claim

  2. Linda Bahlman says:

    It is my understanding that the HSUS (Humane Society of the US) and others offered this type of help to Devore at the onset of the discovery and the powers that be at the County of San Bernardino declined their help.

    As a result of their negligence, the County has caused the deaths of many many dogs this summer. Those who might have been rescued sooner from this horde. Others that were killed to keep space open for the horde. Shame on them all.

  3. Please sign this petition to save these poor dogs and tell also to yours friends to do the same. They also need to find a good family that can adopt them.

  4. Victoria C. says:

    Please also support Alfie’s Law to give protection to animals who are abused as there is little government action on this, most is down to volunteers who need additional help to remove victims from cruel owners

  5. we just rescued a German Shepperd, from west side German Shepperd rescue in L.A. (great place!!!) he’s the best dog ever. people stop us all the time to comment about how beautiful and well behaved he is. save a beautiful life. so worth it!!!!!

  6. Deb Falconer says:

    Please allow these dogs to go to the county shelters for the care required to rehab them and ultimately find a new forever home!

  7. emma bloebaum says:

    Souch effort to free them..don’t let them die!

  8. Michael Guest says:

    Rescued dogs need to found good homes. Don’t hold back.

  9. Penny Derosa says:

    This is classified a rescue because they are taken from that situation but it’s not in the sense of rehabilitation by any county shelter. The majority are killed because the counties cannot provide the care for rehabilitation that’s why the counties reach out to rescues to rehabilitate. Those dogs that don’t go to rescues are destroyed. It’s a no win situation.

  10. Kelli Adams says:

    Unfortunately the shelters the poor 130 mistreated dogs went to are high kill shelters and give them little time on hold and do kill for space.Please check out the shelters before signing this petition.

  11. Dixie Bracken says:

    i live in san bernardino community and network shelter dogs daily..when the call came in rescue agencies went into action and the AM these 130 were to be delivered took out over 60 dogs in residence to prevent any killing for space,Devore also worked to transfer to other county far as i know,no lives were lost as a result of the overflow..yes some hoarding dogs had to be euthanized because of medical issues..But MOST of these dogs were pulled with rescues coming all the way from sacramento and other places..these rescues will have to foot the bill for these dogs,vetting,spay/neuter,socialization,and with some they may never be able to be adopted can YOU help..investigate which rescues took in these pups and donate,,donate to your local rescues..this situation will come up again,maybe in your community..encoursge your local and state officials to mandate spay/neuter laws,stop all mass breeding,san diegp just made it ILLEGAL to sell any animal except from shelters or rescue!!these things will help put a band aid on the neverending problem of over population,,and if you are reading this and YOUR animal is unaltered YOU are part of the kill is an ultimate goal but with most no kill facilties they chose what animals they take in,no aggresive,no seniors,no special needs,ones that have a better than average chance of getting adopted..most county run shelters don not have that luxury,they have an open door policy,taking in all the strays and unwanteds..and yes sadly that means sometimes they euthanize for space..dont just be sad about it ,dont just be mad about,work to change things!!

    • Thank you for your comment. People just do not get that rescue groups are over flowing also.
      I am so tired of people begging for rescue to step up and not fostering or donating.

      German Shepherd Rescue OC

  12. First of all the San Bernadino City Shelter is one of the worst with Devore in a close second. They kill for no reason other then they want to. Doesn’t matter how long the dog has been there. They will even kill babies. As for these 130 dogs as of last check (yesterday) all but 30 had been saved. The rescue I volunteer with even took two. They are scared but doing fine. It will take a little time for them to learn it’s ok. Yes there are bad rescues but I can’t sign this when truely the fault is with the shelter that is killing for space and NOT working with the rescues that are trying to save these animals daily.

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