Enforce Animal Welfare Laws at Slaughter Plants

Target: Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack

Goal: Enforce animal welfare laws at slaughter plants

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is responsible for making sure that animals that are slaughtered are done so in a humane way, in accordance to the animal welfare laws that cover slaughter plants. However, it seems that animal welfare is not being taken seriously by those who work in these plants, which leads to violations of these laws.

Whistleblowing inspectors from the United States Department of Agriculture have been repeatedly transferred to new facilities after revealing the abuse that goes on at slaughter plants. According to the Kansas City Star, Jim Schrier, an inspector who came forward and revealed abuse going on at Tyson’s Columbus Junction, an Iowa slaughter plant, has been transferred to a job two hours away from his home. Iowa passed an “ag-gag” bill that does not allow animal rights groups to conduct investigations, so United States Department of Agriculture investigators are all who stand between these animals and abuse. The Humane Society of the United States viewed slaughter violation reports and saw that Tyson’s Columbus Junction plant had not had a violation since 2010, which speaks to inspectors not being allowed to do their jobs. An inspector there in 2013 said in his report that a pig not healthy enough for slaughter was abused by being shocked with a captive bolt gun repeatedly, with the animal squealing and blood coming from its nose, clearly in pain.

The USDA is in charge of enforcing their own laws, and they are not. Many inspectors who are doing their jobs are facing retaliation by their employer. Tell the USDA to enforce animal welfare laws at slaughter plants.


 Dear Mr. Vilsack,
Under your own laws, animal welfare in slaughter plants is something to be policed. However, when your inspectors try to do their jobs by reporting violations, they are transferred or the violation is made to go away. By doing this, you are allowing the torture of many innocent animals, and making it impossible for your employees to enforce the laws you set.
Please recognize the torture you are putting these animals through and allow employees to enforce animal welfare laws at slaughter plants.
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  1. Dr Sol Myers says:

    Everyday I rejoice that I became a vegetarian years ago. It was learning what barbarians control our meat supply, that did it! Selfish, greedy humans with scheite for brains are the cause of this horror. Cosmic Law: anyone who causes pain or death to an animal, incurs the same Karmic Debt as if they had done it to a human. Good luck, human half-wits. I volunteer to administer your Karma to you!

  2. Look, I am working in livestock Equipment Company. We try to do our best to help those animals to live their short life in better conditions.

    One day I found this video in the internet from PETA.org


    It changed all my understanding of humanity. I will never be able to forget what I saw. I will sign every singe paper I need to help them! And if it will be needed will go to make justice with my own hands!!!

    PS: in case if you are afraid to open the link, just Google: Pigs abused at Iowa farm PETA.

    ¡BUT! Do not watch it if you are not sure that you will be able to handle it!

  3. Sheila Dillon GGma Sheila says:

    When the government rids itself of the GOP majority we might just get the laws enforced – all laws, not a select few that give Big Corporations all the power.
    We, the People need to take back our country from the greedy politicians who sold it out.

  4. Linda W. Seely says:

    Anyone who would want to torture a defenseless animal/s to make a dollar is not human being, it is non-caring soundrel.

  5. J’ai regardé la vidéo de karina, du moins en partie ; c’était trop insupportable… Ces gens sont emplis de haine ; ils ont plaisir à faire souffrir. Il est toujours plus facile pour les laches de décharger leur frustration sur les faibles et les innocents.
    Allons nous laisser faire cela?. Que méritent il? Nous voulons des lois pour protéger ces victimes innocentes

    … GO VEGAN !!!

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