Demand Detective Apologize for Treating Breastfeeding Mom Like a Terrorist


Target: Detective Scott Harding of the Greenburgh Police Department

Goal: Get an official apology from Detective Scott Harding for treating a diplomat and his wife who was breastfeeding her baby as terrorists

Recently, a Belgian diplomat Tom Neijens, his wife, Roseline Remans, and their 4-month-old daughter, Luka, had lunch at a country club in White Plains, New York. They had permission to dine on the terrace. When Remans began to discreetly nurse her daughter at the table, a staff member requested her to continue breastfeeding Luka in the bathroom, informing her that she was disturbing the members and must leave immediately. Although breastfeeding is accepted as the healthiest option for babies, mothers are often shamed for publicly breastfeeding. To make matters worse, the Greenburgh Police Department showed up and then treated the family like terrorists.

On the scene, Detective Scott Harding allegedly screamed, “Close the doors!” and told two other diners to vacate the terrace. The Belgian Diplomat described Harding’s actions as though Harding was walking in a “Western movie” with one hand on his gun, and the other on his taser. The officer believed they were terrorists because Neijens was carrying a black backpack. On the verge of tears, Remans questioned why terrorists would breastfeed at a ritzy golf club. The detective allegedly responded by saying “In Sri Lanka, babies are used by terrorists.”

Harding changed his tone when Neijens revealed his State Department-issued ID. Harding did not offer an apology to the family, instead the cop said, “You have to understand, this club has had terrorism threats in the past.” Sign the petition to demand Detective Harding to apologize to the family for his insensitive and discriminatory actions and words.


Dear Detective Scott Harding,

Recently, a family of three had lunch at a country club in White Plains, New York. The mother, Roseline Remans, discreetly bared her bosom to breastfeed her 4-month-old baby, Luka on the terrace. She was told by staffers to continue her breastfeeding in the bathroom. She was shamed for feeding her baby in public even though breastfeeding is the healthiest option for babies. Not soon after being publicly chastised and shamed for simply feeding her baby, you came to the scene, and branded her and her whole family as terrorists.

You called them terrorists because her husband, a Belgian diplomat named Tom Neijens was carrying a black backpack. When Remans asked you why would terrorists breastfeed their baby in a ritzy golf club, you simply responded, saying “In Sri Lanka, babies are used by terrorists.” Your words and actions deeply hurt the family. When Neijens showed you his State Department-issued ID, you did not offer an apology, instead you said “You have to understand, this club has had terrorism threats in the past.” As we can try to understand that the ritzy club has had terrorism threats in the past, you have to understand that what you did was discriminatory and ignorant. Officially apologize to the family for your discriminatory and hurtful actions.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. What’s hilarious is no one believes the word of a prestigious officer of the law, but the lies of a foreign diplomat. MANY onlookers agreed that Detective Harding was called to the club to remove the diplomat and his wife after TRESPASSING. It had absolutely nothing to do with the breast feeding, to which Harding has three daughters and has delivered over 15 babies while being a paramedic. It’s absolutely astonishing that people are so willing to believe a politician, and not someone who has devoted his LIFE to serving the citizens d the town of greenburgh. Why should he have to apologize for responding to a trespassing call? Gotta love how a politician can twist his way around things and make it about breast feeding. Anyone who knows detective Harding has been laughing at how ridiculous it is given his background, regarding the “breast feeding” problem. The woman was asked by a club STAFF MEMBER to move to a private area. Get your facts straight before demanding a good, honest and courageous man to apologize for something that didn’t even happen.

  2. Stupid people? HAHA Detective Harding is FAR from stupid, so maybe YOU should be more educated regarding the man being falsely accused! Your ignorance is your downfall, just because it is written in the papers doesn’t mean its true? You should be ashamed of yourself for doubting a phenomenal officers credibility. Bet you didn’t know the Belgian Government ordered their Diplomat to basically shut up and immediately stop causing problems for publicity..? Nope of course you didn’t know that! Because CLEARLY you have done absolutely no research on the matter! You are a sad foolish individual if you honestly think a trespassing call turned into the wife being slighted by the town of Greenburgh for breast feeling. You really think a cop who has delivered so many children REALLY cares about breast feeding? Know the facts before slandering the name of someone who is falsly accused by a diplomat looking to cause trouble.

  3. I’m sure you also didn’t know that in addition to the trespassing call, onlookers dining at the club also noticed a suspicious bag, to which Harding wanted all other diners removed from what could potentially be a dangerous area. Following police protocol to a t. Seems to me as though Harding followed his training to aid the safety of MANY club members. To assume in foreign countries that babies are NOT used by terrorists is simply ignorant as well. It’s actually a well known fact, if you’re a decently educated individual. Please stop acting as though the officer called to the potentially dangerous scene is at fault; if the dining club members were uncomfortable with her breast feeding then she- as a GUEST- should have moved! Do I think public breast feeding is a big deal? No, why would I care? I don’t, but if you’re paying a substantial sum of money to belong to a country club, where there are PRIVATE rules and regulations, I would expect anyone and everyone, including and ESPECIALLY someone such as a politician- to follow these set rules out of respect to the members. obviously she was not too discrete is many onlookers complained, and not just that, any suspicious potential terrorist activity SHOULD ALWAYS BE REPORTED.

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