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Target: Russian President Vladimir Putin

Goal: Condemn President Putin for his decision to ban gay adoption in Russia

As the fight for equal marriage progresses in the United States, other countries are much further behind when it comes to LGBT rights. With the presidency of Vladimir Putin, Russia has experienced a regression in terms of equal rights. The Russian Orthodox Church has heavily influenced Putin’s policy-making. He has a conservative agenda and a history of taking away rights from gay people.

By taking away the right to adopt children, Putin is saying that he does not believe gay people are suitable for parenthood. The only reason Putin has for thinking this way is because of his religious views. Putin has said that he doesn’t see Russia as being a discriminative country towards the LGBT population. Many people in Russia are very intolerant of gay people, including President Putin.

In the past, Putin has passed bills restricting the rights of gay people. He also recently passed a law banning gay ‘propaganda’. Both this law and the gay adoption ban are Putin’s way of ‘protecting’ children from homosexuality. What Putin does not realize is that by shielding children from the LGBT community, he is shielding them from reality.

President Putin has a six year term as of May 2012, when he regained power as president of Russia. He plans to implement more conservative policies that will negatively affect the LGBT community and other minorities as well. Condemn President Putin for implementing a law that will forbid gay people from adopting children by signing the petition below.


Dear President Putin,

You deny that Russia is a discriminative country for gay people to live in, yet you pass laws taking away the rights of gay people. Banning gay adoption is a form of discriminating against gay couples. There is no evidence suggesting that straight couples are any better of parents than gay couples. The reasoning that you present on your website for why gay couples do not make good parents is bias. Children do not need to be protected from homosexuality because it is just as natural as heterosexuality.

It is not easy being gay, and by you passing laws that restrict the rights of the LGBT community it only makes it more difficult for gay people to live in Russia. Passing more conservative policies negatively affects the gay community.

Passing a law that bans gay adoption only makes Russia a more intolerant country. Other countries are moving forward with gay rights while you are choosing to move backwards. Banning gay adoption will not only negatively affect gay people, but it will affect your entire country. There are many children who will miss out on the opportunity of having two loving parents because of this discriminatory law.


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photo credit: Surgei Guneyev via Time

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  1. Sheila D GGma Sheila says:

    An open letter to President Putin,

    The World is watching you and it seems that your wonderful country has been going back a bit, instead of forward in this new 21st Century. It is said that the strides you had made in equality has slipped backwards also.

    In a time when most other countries are embracing the contributions that the LGBTQ community can add to one’s country, it is with a heavy heart I see the persecution and outright death of so many in Russia.

    There are no words that will ever replace the bright lights of their lives, but let not their loss be in vain.

    It’s time for you, as Russia’s President, to set an example that other countries can look up to, that will be seen as a positive move forward into the 21st Century. Join us in embracing a community of people who will be beacons of light for Russia in centuries to come.

    Do not dismiss this letter because you erroneously think I am one of the LGBTQ community. I am about as heterosexual as one can get. I am a grandmother and great grandmothe who wants my descendants to look back and be proud of their grandmother and her beliefs. I simply believe in equality for ALL.

    Sheila Dillon

  2. I do not like to sign for thanking Nelson Mandela! Neither sign a petition against Russian, concerned Gay marriage! This is abnormal!

    Please, there are limits!

    • I do not sign a petition against Russia, concerned Gay Adoption! A child has the right to have two normal parents. Mother and father! It´s unatural to have:Two fathers or two mothers! I say: Bravo to President Putin! He is the most normal person in the whole world!

  3. As a bisexual myself I think I can say with knowledgement of this cause that gays should NOT adopt. It is too risky for the children and it is not safe. I know there are wonderful gay families out there but it’s a minority. I happen to know a lot of stories with adoption (in my country is not legal but it is easy to do it anyway outside the law) and they are all sick stories. Someone ends up messing with the kid, a friend of the couple or even the couple. In my country at least, many gay people is really sick. I say this with all due respect and knowing about what I’m talking. Thanks

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