Demand Justice for Severely Neglected Cats


Target: Allan Dennis Kirkham and Ella Mary Kirkham of Milton, Florida

Goal: Condemn a couple for poorly operating a cat rescue, resulting in 103 of their 225 cats having to be euthanized

Since 2005, Allan Dennis Kirkham and Ella Mary Kirkham had been operating a non-profit shelter called the Kirkham Kattery at their home in Milton, Florida. Recently, the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office and the Santa Rosa County Animal control had a search warrant to inspect their 2400-square-foot home. The condition was so unbelievably terrible that deputies had to remove 225 cats.

County spokeswoman Joy Tsubooka informed the news that about half of the cats taken from the home have been euthanized for poor health. All 103 of the cats had severe health concerns and tested positive for feline leukemia, which is a contagious disease that can be transmitted to other cats through direct contact, mutual grooming, sharing litter boxes, and food and water bowls. The virus that causes feline leukemia can also be transmitted when infected cats scratch or bite other cats. The disease is preventable if healthy cats over three months of age are vaccinated. Therefore, the Kirkhams neglected to provide proper vaccinations to their “rescues.”

The remaining cats are currently being tested for feline leukemia and are being treated for malnutrition, dehydration, respiratory problems, and ulcers, along with several other health conditions.  These cats are being housed in a non-public, quarantined area while the Kirkhams have each been released from jail on $3,500 bonds on felony animal cruelty and misdemeanor health and safety charges. Sign the petition to condemn the Kirkhams for mistreating their 225 rescues and to demand that they cease all operations at their Kattery.


Dear Allan Dennis and Ella Mary Kirkham,

You formed the nonprofit shelter called Kirkham Cattery as a post-retirement project at your 2400-square-foot-home in 2005. You had adopted out really sick cats to the public. In one instance,  an undercover deputy went to your shelter and adopted two cats that were later diagnosed by a veterinarian to have feline leukemia, respiratory infections, flea and tapeworm infestations and several other diseases. The cats were euthanized.

Just recently, all 225 of your cats were removed after deputies searched your house and found it extremely unsanitary. Of the 225 cats, 103 were then euthanized because they had severe health complications. They also all tested positive for feline leukemia. Feline leukemia is an extremely contagious disease. When running a cat rescue with over two hundred cats, you should have vaccinated your healthy cats and separated the ones with the disease from the healthy ones. Your remaining cats are currently being treated for numerous health conditions. How can you say you are a shelter when you have harmed so many of your rescues? Educate yourself on how to better take care of cats and cease all operations at your facility.


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Photo credit: Scott Granneman via Flickr

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  1. Sheila D GGma Sheila says:

    As a cat lover, this shocks me to my toes. I agre with Karr Ash above – they need all property confiscated and sold, while they sit in prison. We should be the protectors of animals, of any & all wildlife, not murderers. I am heartsick.

  2. Ana Duarte says:

    I dont agree with the petition texto.This people knew what they were doing.And they will do again if you let them.They just don´t care.They are pet hoarders nad should be prevent from having any more animals.

  3. Unfortunately there are “Rescues” and “Sanctuaries” out there that have been allowed to operate under horrific conditions, which also give the good Rescues a bad rap. If those that can do something about it would do their jobs instead of turning their backs, these places would seize to exist !
    They shouldn’t be allowed to even have a gerbil in their pocket !

    • Unfortunately, there is NO oversight on dog or cat “rescues”….anyone can say they have one, and start getting donations from the public…….many exist ONLY to get those donations.

      Several dog “rescues” are well known for “rescuing” dogs from kill shelters, then turning them back in to another kill shelter, and keeping the donated funds which were sent to “save” the dogs….

      Other rescues have been run by people who literally take the money (donations) and RUN, leaving behind dead and dying animals.

  4. As to the petitions comment about Feline leukemia: most vets DO NOT recommend it routinely…..from :

    “Indoor-Only: People indoor-only felines can probably consider themselves OK by not giving the vaccine, since only 1 percent of strictly indoor cats get the disease.
    Indoor/Outdoor: But those with indoor/outdoor cats or outdoor-only cats (who will run a greater risk of exposure to the disease) need to compare the risks with the benefits before deciding what is best for their feline pets. Thirty percent of cats allowed to go outside wind up contracting an acute type of feline leukemia, so veterinarians strongly recommend the vaccine.”

    So, if these cats were kept indoors, they weren’t required to get the feline leukemia vaccine; and they shouldn’t have been euthanized for having feline leukemia!
    MANY cats have it, and live normal lives, must just be kept away from other cats who don’t have feline leukemia; for instance, a cat owner could have two or more cats WITH feline leukemia, but should not get a cat without the disease because he/ she will catch it.

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