Stop Feeding Marijuana to Pigs

Target: American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)

Goal: Temporarily stop feeding pigs on marijuana so that studies can be conducted on how this diet affects  pigs and their consumers

On a farm north of Seattle, Washington, pigs are being fed marijuana in order to increase their size and dispose of medical marijuana byproducts (excess roots, leaves, and stems). Once these pigs are slain, their meat is used to make cannabis infused bacon, as well as other pork products. In a sense, proper studies have not been conducted to see if people could actually become addicted to the marijuana meat. Nor has the morality of sentencing pigs to a lifetime of drugged up bliss been decided as of yet. Feeding marijuana byproduct to pigs is not a bad idea, but studies should been done so we can learn of its consequences before the pigs or their consumers are forced to face them.

On her farm north of Seattle, Washington, farmer Susannah Gross noticed that the pigs she fed the cannabis to grew twenty to thirty pounds heavier than the other pigs in the same litter. This is likely due to a little side effect of consuming marijuana called the munchies.

A butcher at Seattle’s Pike Place market, named William Von Schneidau, sold the marijuana-fed pork as part of a five course meal. Customers reported that the meat tasted more savory, and the market’s marijuana infused bacon sold out. Now, is this really because the meat taste better or because customers are being fed additives in their meat?

The feeding of medical marijuana byproduct to pigs does not need to be put to a permanent halt, just a temporary one. The ethics of drugging pigs in order to make them fatter and more manageable are quite questionable. Also, it is not known how much of that marijuana is still in the meat when it’s served to costumers. Is it addictive? Before serving marijuana infused pork becomes commonplace, these questions need to be addressed.


Dear Nancy Perry, Senior Vice President of ASPCA’s Government Relations

I would like the ASPCA to lobby for funding so that the ramifications of feeding marijuana by product the pigs can be determined. I would also like to know if ingesting marijuana infused pork meat has any effect on the consumer. One of the farmers said that her pigs grew twenty to thirty pounds larger on the marijuana diet. A butcher then reported that he sold all of his marijuana pork. Would it then be safe to assume that marijuana additives are transferred into the meat? And if so, is it all right to serve bacon or pork the populace can become addicted to or compelled to eat more of due to a subtle case of the munchies?

Also, please determine the ethical position of raising pigs from childhood to adulthood in a state of stupefied bliss.

Thank you for your time.


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Photo credit: USDA via Wiki Commons

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  1. Are you kidding me? This is the worst petition I have ever seen.. “sentencing pigs to a lifetime of drugged up bliss been decided as of yet.” Oh yeah terrible life of BLISS. Marijuana is NOT addictive, they have been doing tests like this for years! People should honestly know their facts before posting such things, and of course the meat tastes better and such its because its actually GOOD! This is just ridiculous, that woman is so smart for everything she has done so far, I hope no-one signs this and leaves her and her pigs in pure bliss.

  2. J Davidson says:

    Makes the war on drugs look really stupid and trivial.

  3. J Davidson says:

    Hope the pigs are enjoying the marijuana as they lie prisoners in those horrible gestation crates.

  4. tine van boven says:

    stupid people, animals have more common sense and more dignity.

  5. Bob Marley says:

    Listen guys, obviously this lady has no idea what a cannabinoid is, how they work, or where they are located on the plant. The THC and other cannabinoids are located in the resin glands on the flower of the plant, the buds. There is almost no THC or other cannabinoids in the leaves, roots or stems.Seconly for The Cannabinoids to have a “mental euphoria” “Bliss’ or “High” the cannabinoid has to be heated to a certain degree such as when it is smoked or baked in edibles or even the friction of rubbing hashish. Lastly These chemicals are natural not additives, these plants grew naturally and animals EAT them in the wild. NO ONE IS INFUSING PIGS WITH MARIJUANA, that statement is just wrong on so many levels, culinaryly, literately, figuratively, physically. The BACON infused with Medical Marijuana (cannabinoids) sounds good though. I really hope people check out some facts before listening to this crazy lady and signing her stupid petition, GO INVESTIGATE GMO’s YOU CRAZY LADY! LEAVE THEM PIGS ALONE!

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