Condemn Lawmaker for Suggesting Rape Kits Can Give Abortions

Texas Legislature

Target: Texas State Representative Jodie Laubenberg (R)

Goal: Condemn Representative Laubenberg for misleading and harmful statements about rape kits.

Texas State Representative Jodie Laubenberg recently made unhelpful and misleading assertions about rape kits on the Texas legislative floor. According to Rep. Laubenberg, “a woman can get cleaned out” if she goes to the emergency room and requests a rape kit, suggesting that part of the procedure of a rape kit involves getting an abortion. Rep. Laubenberg is a committed pro-life lawmaker, and she is a sponsor of the controversial #SB5 bill, which would shut down most abortion clinics in Texas. Her comments display a willful ignorance about the importance of rape kits and contribute to a culture in which the sexual assault of women is not taken seriously.

Rape kits contain samples of skin, hair, and clothing that have been taken immediately after a victim has been raped. Analysis of rape kit evidence is one of the most powerful tools that law enforcement has to prosecute rapists — unfortunately, almost 400,000 rape kits remain untested and shelved across the United States. There is a significant backlog of unprocessed rape kits in Texas, reports the New York Times. Rep. Wendy Davis (D) of the Texas Legislature has introduced legislation to end this backlog, but the effort is hindered by cost concerns. The challenge before democratic lawmakers is to convince the legislature to appropriate money for the testing of rape kits.

Rep. Laubenberg’s ignorant assertions hinder the efforts to clear the rape kit backlog. They spread misinformation about what a rape kit actually is, and they suggest that a woman who has been raped is only interested in getting a rape kit for the sake of the abortion she can receive because of it. They betray a serious lack of interest and concern for sexual assault victims, and this kind of blatant ignorance cannot be tolerated. Condemn Rep. Laubenberg for her lack of knowledge and her lack of support for victims of sexual assault, and take a stand for Texas women who have never had their rape kits tested.


Dear Rep. Laubenberg,

Your assertion that women who get rape kits can obtain abortions during the procedure is misleading and harmful, and an apology should be immediately issued. Rape kits contain the DNA evidence from a sexual assault victim’s body taken after the rape — they are powerful tools that can be used to deliver justice to victims of rape and sexual assault. Your false statements about rape kits insult and dishonor the women who have had to undergo this procedure, and who might still be waiting for justice.

There is a serious backlog of untested rape kits in Texas, as you must well be aware. This means that rapists are walking around free in your state, and that victims of sexual assault must wait even longer for a just outcome. This is deeply unfair, and cannot be tolerated by a society that values law and order. Please stand with victims of sexual assault and work for the testing of Texas’ unprocessed rape kits.


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  1. I would really like her to be raped. Or her daughter if she has. Then we would see if she keeps on saying nonsense. Or if she insists on making raped women continue their pregnancies. Ignorant and selfish monster woman!

    • Not cool. No one should wish rape on anyone. Ever.

    • anonymous says:

      I don’t think it’s wrong to wish rape on someone with such a hateful, anti-women’s rights agenda. I’ve often thought the same thing. No necessarily wished for her or people like her to be raped, but I’ve often though that if they actually experienced rape/sexual assault firsthand, they wouldn’t have the ignorant opinions that they do about it. It’s sickening how crazy and ignorant they are! And their ignorance, in turn, could affect our futures as women in this country as far as our reproductive systems and health go. Frightening….

    • Sonia Sullivan says:

      Wrong, awful thing to say! Rape is an act of violence, not to be tolerated by anyone!

    • elaine allen says:

      Two wrongs do not make a right Laura, it just makes things a worse-sorry mess.
      We know this “woman” has sold out her sisterhood to the republicans.

      • I wished you two Sonia Sullivan and Elaine Allen would focus your energy on condemning this law maker who suggested the rape kits clear out rape and fight the war on women instead of worrying about a comment that wishes she the law maker was raped! I too wished she was violently raped and have some nasty pro life person push the carry the rapist child on her but fighting amongst yourselves is not going to help the situation. Go after the law maker and the blind sheeple that vote for them.

  2. Jerry Rubin says:

    What is truly amazing is that people of this State as in other states really believed that staying away from voting in 2010 was not as important as voting in 2008 & 2012.

    The most radical fringe of ignorance came into “power” when many decided to sleep.

    Now we are complaining that nothing is getting done, why they ran on getting jobs (which has not been on the agenda in one bill)!

  3. First…whoa, Laura who commented about wishing this woman or her daughter raped, settle down and think about what you’re saying. That’s just horrid and ugly.

    And, the comment I came here to make…Isn’t it part of one’s job as a member of the legislature, whether it be state or federal, to take the time to learn the facts and be knowledgeable about the issues you face? If someone working for a company publicly said something so ridiculously ignorant as a representative of their employer, they would be fired almost instantaneously.

    Why do we accept such ignorance of the most basic concepts when it’s uttered by our senators and representatives? It is their job to study the issues, to be well read and researched on the topics they vote upon and the general issues of the day. Ignorance means these people aren’t doing their jobs. They should be reading and studying every aspect of the issues, should read several newspapers and other news outlets every single day. They should be on top of the opposing viewpoint as well as their own. Anything less is failing their constituents and failing to do the most fundamental work their job requires.

  4. THIS person is in a position of power. Good Lord..this cant be a real woman..if so shes a damn idiot..WTF is wrong with the right? No birth control, no abortions and no services for the poor or for anyone for that matter except THEM. How many orphans have they adopted? How many have fostered children? um, NONE..too busy on vacation and preparing to run for the next election. People need to WAKE UP AND VOTE THESE IDIOTS OUT. Too bad voting rights are disappearing as well. its all part of the plan people. WAKE UP

  5. Sheila D GGma Sheila says:

    Again Texas shows us it doesn’t care about its people. Why am I not surprised to hear that their politicians lie? If they lie about this – what else? How can the people of TX keep electing some of these liars over and over? I am seriously in doubt as to the people’s mentality.

    Please no offense to those who didn’t vote for these idiots.

  6. KatWangler says:

    I’m speechless. I can not believe this came out of a woman’s mouth – let alone one that is a representative of the people of her state.

    I don’t believe in calling someone names, but Rep. Laubenberg is clearly an idiot. I hope Texas sees her for the brainless Stephford Wife that she clearly is.

  7. Once again someone voted into office (for life) opens their mouth and proves what a buffoon they really are. We are a country full of buffoons at the top of the food chain…..pretty scary and getting more so every single day.

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