Demand Bebe Stop Selling Cruel Fur Products

Target: Manny Mashouf, Bebe CEO 

Goal: Stop selling fur-embellished products

The clothing store Bebe continues to sell cruelty-laden fur products despite knowing the horrors involved. Animals used for fur suffer heinously at the hands of callous individuals who see them as nothing more than profitable items rather than living, breathing, sensitive creatures. Please tell Bebe to ditch fur and let them know you won’t be shopping at their stores until they do.

Animals on fur farms are forced to suffer their entire lives in filthy, cramped cages often sustaining painful injuries before they are even slaughtered. Animals are packed tightly into cages made of rusty wire, causing severe, painful wounds to these delicate creatures. They are then brutally slaughtered using the cheapest methods available. These include anal electrocution, suffocation, and poisoning.  Often animals are not adequately killed before being skinned, leaving them to suffer an agonizing death after having the flesh ripped off their living bodies.

Bebe is aware of the cruel sources of their fur products and continues to embellish items with this horrific decoration. Please tell Bebe that fur is no longer necessary and insist they immediately stop using fur in all their fashion lines. Tell Bebe that until they cease this despicable practice of adorning products with cruelty-laden fur, you will not be shopping at their stores.


Dear Manny Mashouf,

I was deeply saddened to learn that Bebe continues to sell fur embellished products despite knowing the horrific circumstances required to obtain this barbaric decoration. I am writing to you today to urge you to discontinue the use of all fur in Bebe products. Until Bebe is fur-free, I will not be shopping at Bebe stores.

In order to adorn a hat, scarf, or purse, animals suffer heinously and needlessly their entire lives in filthy, cramped enclosures. Animals on fur farms spend their entire lives in crowded wire enclosures, often causing the animals serious, painful wounds. These animals suffer unthinkable deaths that involve the cheapest killing methods available. Animals are often anally electrocuted, suffocated, or poisoned. These poor creatures sometimes wake up to find themselves being skinned alive, forcing them to endure a horrific, agonizing death.

In our modern world, fur products are simply unnecessary. Synthetic versions are available and are equally luxurious when compared  to real fur.  Faux fur is also a cheaper and humane alternative to the real thing. Please immediately announce that bebe will no longer be selling cruel fur embellished products. Until Bebe proves to be fur-free I will not be shopping at their stores, nor will my friends and family members.


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Photo Credit: Fur Coat Casual at Deviant Art

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  1. J Davidson says:

    Fur is obscene, outdated and a result of repeated atrocity. Please stop all fur. This is not fashionable, rather a true horror show.

  2. Fur used to be valued, when we were ignorant. We now know that animals have their mouths bound, and endure an excruciating and vicious death at the hands of humans… An industry based on inhumane practices, breeds violence, and attracts sadists. Validate that what you allow, is absolute terror, for your own material desires. It’s despicable, and that’s putting it mildly.

  3. R Dudrick says:

    Fur only looks beautiful on its original owner. On humans it looks hideous and diminishes the person wearing it. The tide has turned against fur.

  4. Hana Mezei says:

    What are These selfish people ae doing —–do they want to hae them dne t them ???? Leave th animals Be !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Catherine desjarlais says:

    Stop the abuse of these animals. This is unacceptable.


    Have you ever seen pictures of a carcass with it’s skin ripped off? Have you seen the video of the raccoon dog or the gray fox skinned alive and it’s face looks up to the camera before it falls over convulsing??? Have you heard the rabbits scream as their pelts are pulled from their still living bodies??? Humans (the supreme species on this planet,(yea, right) have a long, long way to go if they condone suck cruelty for the sake of looking sexy or macho. What a shame. You say the coat is warm? It’s supposed to be warm for the animal, not you!!!

  7. KatWrangler says:

    I’ve been around a while and have seen this argument come and go, and come back. And that’s what gets me – WHY are we still having to tell vain and stupid people that killing an animal for its fur is wrong, and disgusting and a bloody and violent.

    What is wrong with humans, anyway?

  8. Barbara Peterson-Malesci says:

    Apparently only a boycott will get the attention needed to stop this needless cruelty. Watch how it will affect the bottom line when no one wants to buy cruelty anymore.

  9. Sheila Dillon GGma Sheila says:

    Why does it have to take petitions and boycotts to force companies to do the right thing??

  10. Our furry friends subsist on the so called fur “farms”. Their lives and deaths make Nazi Germany look humane. This is incredibly, brutishly cruel and I will never, ever shop at any store selling fur products and will spread the word to everyone I can. How they suffer!

  11. Aimee Kılınç says:

    I just feel sick and horrified. I feel helpless to save these poor defensless animals.what will it take for bebe and companies like them and cruel heartless, money minded people to L-I-S-T-E-N?????

  12. Leslie Stanick says:


    Fur is not Fashion, it is sadistic animal abuse.
    This vicious animal cruelty has no place in today’s world. There is nothing elegant about the skin of an animal corpse.

    • You right!! it´s a pity, that still having people thinking that the use of fur is elegance. I juge this kind of persons who cover their body with fur as people that contains a lot os shame on their bodies. the fur is nice on animals, on persons is a grief demonstration of cruelty.

  13. It´s a tremendous lack of empathy. It´s rage me when those people skinned the animals, why they don´t think, they are causing a lot of suffering to that living entities. They only think in themselves, they are not able of thinking in the others not even a single second.

  14. draya bloxam draya bloxam says:

    Fur doesn’t enhance your life or beauty it just proves you have no soul or morals. We are not in the primeval days here there should be no need of primitive fur clothing.

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