Demand Nestle Stop Cruel Animal Testing

Target: Nestle Chairman Peter Brabeck-Letmathe

Goal: Force Nestle to stop experimenting on animals

The animal welfare organization the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) recently discovered that Nestle was using animals in horrifying tests to determine the effectiveness of superfoods. The majority of the experiments involve intentionally infecting young pigs and rats with bacteria and viruses and then forcing them to undergo numerous invasive procedures before dying and eventually being dissected. This kind of sadistic torture must not be tolerated. Nestle needs to be held accountable for their actions and kept from ever performing these tests again.

One experiment involved testing the infection-fighting properties of Lipton tea on one-month-old piglets. Ninety-six of them were forced to live in isolation and fed only tea for six days before being infected with E.coli bacteria to induce diarrhea. Many died and the majority of those that didn’t developed skin abnormalities, behavioral problems, and other illnesses.

As part of a test to determine the anti-inflammatory properties of goji berries, mice were fed a water-soluble powder made of goji berries and skimmed milk. After one week, a chemical irritant was injected directly into their rectums to cause colon disease. The mice eventually stopped eating because of the amount of pain they were in so they had to be force-fed the powder until they were killed.

Dr Katy Taylor, head of science at the BUAV, stated, “It is unacceptable that animals should be made to suffer by companies in an effort to make ‘health benefit’ claims about their products. The BUAV is calling on all food giants to immediately stop experimenting on animals to test food products and ingredients by switching to humane alternatives or using existing data.”

These kinds of sickening tests are no longer necessary and companies need to be stopped from building their marketing strategies on the bodies of helpless animals. Please sign the petition below to demand that Unilever and Nestle are forced to stop testing experimenting on animals.


Dear Chairman Brabeck-Letmathe,

The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) recently discovered that your company has been performing horrifying experiments on animals. Animal testing is both cruel and unnecessary. The mere idea of hundreds of animals sacrificing their lives against their will for the sake of potential marketing campaigns is absolutely abhorrent.

What good are products aimed at improving lives if they cost the lives of so many to develop? I demand that you completely ban all current and future experiments involving animals. Torture is torture and if you want so badly to expand your company’s market, you should be willing to make the sacrifices yourself and not on the backs of others.


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  1. Animal abuse are wrong!

  2. I did not know about Nestle doing animal testing, but I will no longer buy any of your products, just as I no longer buy anything made or has Proctor and Gamble on a label. There is absolutely no reason to continue to use animals to test anything on animals anymore, so as long as you keep using animals, I’ll not buy your products and will pass it along to family and friends. Allot of my friends and family do not by P&G products, may be just a handful of people but it still counts in your pockets.

  3. gustavo dias says:

    no more testing.

  4. CAROLYN Inness says:

    Its cruel and sick stop. X

  5. I also will never buy nestle either,was not aware of the cruel testing a they do.

  6. Rares Ionescu says:

    what is wrong with you, Nestle??? you, sick bastards! I hope you experience the same pain you inflict on those animals!

  7. Nathalie Ferfoglia says:

    I am a school primary teacher and am disgusted that in such an enlightened age of knowledge and technology Nestle is exploiting the innocent lives of animals in this way. Thankfully this barbaric exploitation can be exposed. I can, and will influence a generation of young people, future consumers of this abhorrent and unnecessary clinical abuse of animals.This is absolutely shameful Nestle, especially since you target young families with your product.There are many children that would give up chocolate drinks in order to save animals.


  9. While your at it ban everything from the MARS company (Skittles, M&M’s, Milky Way, 3 Musketeers, Starburst, EXTRA & Orbit chewing gum, Pedigree Pal, Royal Canin dog food, Uncle Ben’s rice to name a few of their products). They do cruel animal testing too!

    Also do not support IAMS as they are another one big on animal testing!

  10. denise bella says:

    you disgust me Nestle – pathetic its 2013 – get with it we are not cave people any more needing useless tests on animals to know results that are not the same on humans . will never buy your products again

  11. Valeira Putarov says:

    é preciso colocar um fim na utilização de animais em testes em nome da ciência isto não passa de crime de assassinato, mutilação com nome bonitinho, basta de tanta crueldade com nossos animais

  12. Paul Chaney says:

    …Nestle Continues with it’s Horrendous Animal Testing…I shall Continue Boycotting their many products as I have done for the last 20 Years!!…For Our Little Ones…;(xx………

  13. yolande de buyst says:

    dit is onaanvaarbaar test op uzelve

  14. I can,t even look at the picture how terrible,shame on them for doing to those poor animals what they r doing

  15. Jennifer sosnowski says:

    Please stop killing animals.

  16. This is nearly five years old – but I understand Nestle still use animals to experiment on for their foodstuffs. While this is the case I boycott all Nestle products and any affiliated product – and urge my family (no problem there) friends (again, no problem) and acquaintances, worldwide, to do the same.

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