Demand University Answers for Throwing Dogs Out of Window

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Target: President of Cairo University, Dr. Hossam Mohamed Kamel Mahmoud

Goal: Explain why dogs were thrown out of a window after they were experimented on

Cairo University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is the preeminent veterinary college in Egypt, but it has been on the news recently for a less favorable reason–accusations of extreme animal cruelty. A student at the veterinary school videotaped dogs being thrown out of a third floor window by university staff allegedly after they were experimented on. Students began spreading the word that university employees would experiment on dogs and other animals for research, and then dispose of them by tossing them out of a window.

A group of students claim to have witnessed this atrocity, and they say they are completely willing to testify against the university in court. Workers at a nearby coffeeshop are also saying that they will testify. After students tried and failed to file a complaint against the doctor in charge of the proceedings, they decided to take action by inciting public outrage.

Footage shows two men unloading stray dogs from a pickup truck on what is clearly university grounds. One man drags a dog by its hind legs before kneeling on another dog’s ribcage, and people laugh in the background. The dogs are snarling and crying in fear, pain, and confusion as they are wrestled with. A student has identified one of the men as a school employee, while the other sells stray dogs to the faculty.

This sort of abuse and violence is unacceptable, especially in an education setting. Demand that Cairo University answers for these atrocities.


Dear Dr. Mahmoud,

There have been allegations made against Cairo University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine for some time now, and the students who have been leaking information to the public have finally caught the world’s attention. Footage of university employees throwing dogs out of a window has outraged the global community and reflects harmfully on the university as a place of learning.

The reasons for why this act is so terrible should be self evident–it is an act of utmost cruelty and it displays a disturbing lack of compassion. It is irresponsible and inhumane, and it is not the sort of behavior that one would expect from a leading university of animal medicine.

There are students and others willing to testify, and this will undoubtedly occur unless the university takes steps to drastically amend the atrocities committed upon its grounds. The two men can be identified from the video, and they must answer for their actions. More importantly, the university must reevaluate the way such programs are run, and must find out how and why such brutal acts occurred. They should never happen again as long as the university still stands. It is imperative that those responsible for these cruelties answer for their actions, and that such harmful behavior ceases forever.


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Photo Credit: Citadelite via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. J Davidson says:

    What kind of doctors are they training? The worst, and they do not deserve to obtain a license to practice on humans or animals or any living beings!!!!!
    Cowards/ sadists!!! Too horrible for words.

  2. The men who did this have it backwards. These dogs are sentient beings that matter to well rounded people, and THEY are trash. Despicable and beyond what a worthwhile human being would do.

  3. what can you say their actions demonstrate that they are despicable evil creeps subhuman

  4. Desire' Fowler says:

    Bring back the death sentence for inhumane monsters like these!!


    It’s bad enough that they are using animals for experimentation leading to death, but to dispose of their bodies in such a fashion is shameful. How this action is one carried on by Egypt’s supposedly premiere school of veterinary medicine, but one that engages in such a disgraceful act is beyond belief and absolutely shameful. Someone above this official of the school of veterinary school needs to investigate and act appropriately with the person responsible for this horrendous act. This brings disgrace to the school and its practices. I shudder to think of how the animals are treated at this institution. What values does this practice of tossing animals into the street convey to the students? They are attending school in order to learn how to save lives. That includes respect for those who are deceased.

  6. Joyce A. Hammon says:

    I’ve had enough of this BULLSHIT! What the hell is wrong with people? Why can’t they just off themselves!

  7. The man who kills the animals today is the man who kills the people who get in his way tomorrow.”

  8. Shut down the place. Throw the ppl who did it out a window. Clean up mess pls.

  9. Cairo? Did u expect better? And to b fair.. Do u think our countrys facilities dont do sick crap too? Check the other petitions. Humans are sick. If u arent u are an exception. Punish any country any university for this kind of thing. May i suggest……..
    Cut off their dicks.

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