Stop Mercedes-Benz From Killing Animals for Leather

Target: Dieter Zetsche, Mercedes-Benz CEO

Goal: Demand Mercedes-Benz switch to faux leather for car interiors.

It’s no question that there has always been a correlation between wealth and animal cruelty, and Mercedes Benz has no problem taking advantage of that relationship. The company has noted that it takes four animals to make the interior of just one of their 2012 CLS’s. Mercedes-Benz needs to acknowledge the horrors of animal cruelty and stop using leather in their cars.

In the creation of leather, animals are skinned and murdered for their hides. Mercedes-Benz needs to sever its ties with animal cruelty and become a more animal friendly company by using faux leather. There are celebrities that proudly only buy faux leather and fur. Others would be just as proud to buy a product that contains faux leather in support of fair animal treatment.

For every 100 CLS’s Mercedes sells, 400 hundred animals die. Mercedes even provided more details saying, “the natural pore structure remains intact thanks to a light pigmentation, and the leather has an especially warm and soft feel to it. Premium leather requires a very precise manual selection process and therefore a high amount of raw leather.” Using animal skin to make cars is repulsive. By signing this petition you are calling on Mercedes-Benz to end its use of leather in the interior of their cars. The company needs to realize that lives are worth much more than the mere illusion of luxury.


Dear Dieter Zetsche,

The use of leather in Mercedes-Benzes must end. The pain and suffering forced upon an animal right before its murder only to create leather is inhumane. Previously your company stated that its takes four animals skins to create the interior of just one 2012 CLS. So for every 100 CLS’s just one dealership sells, 400 animals are being murdered. Your company shouldn’t be willing to sacrifice that many lives solely to provide a leather interior to your customers.

Animal cruelty is a serious problem in our world and Mercedes-Benz should be interested helping lessen the problem and the pain caused by it. There is a positive alternative to using leather inside of cars that would be beneficial to animals and not at all harming to consumers. Faux leather is created in a much less gruesome manner and can also be soft, smooth, and enjoyable as the interior of a car.

It is disturbing as a consumer to realize how many deaths is incorporated in the production of just one Mercedes-Benz. The deaths of thousands, if not millions or billions, of animals should not be the expense of a car’s interior. I am urging you to end the use of real leather for the interior of Mercedes Benz cars.


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Photo Credit: Claudio Núñez via Flickr

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  1. J Davidson says:

    A luxury company should change its image to one of being animal friendly.

  2. Mae Barton says:

    Time humans stopped seeing the skins of dead animals as desirable furniture upholstery. Lets move towards seeing what it really is!


  4. As someone who has leather in almost all of my cars, I can tell you it’s far more comfortable than “faux” leather, velour, cloth, or any of that other nonsense. My Mercedes Benz has leather which is soft and pliable yet durable and shows no wear. My Buick has plush, deep ply leather seats which are comfortable and also show no wear due to the durability of leather. My VW likewise shows no wear due to the strength of “real” leather as opposed to “faux.”

    If I am going to eat the rest of the animal in a porterhouse steak, why can’t I use it’s skin to make my car more comfortable?

    There’s a REASON we’re at the top of the food chain, people! Ask a great white shark if he’s concerned about “Human Conservation” when he’s ripping you apart in HIS environment where HE is at the/near the top of the food chain.

    Good night.

    • hi,
      with all due respect and to cause no offence.

      we are human because we are able to make concious decisions. decide between good and bad – have the ability to make a choice.

      animals including the great white, are subject to their senses and cannot rise above them and control them. when they are hungry they eat. sometimes even garbage. Humans wouldnt do that.

      Taking any life for our pleasure; for a higher level of comfort will eventually put bad karma in your life.

      being human means being able to make a choice, if you dont, then there is no difference between the thought process of an animal and you.

      Apart from that, every creature has the right to life and the value of its life, ultimately is no different to yours.

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