Demand Justice for Dog Shot by Officer

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Target: Randy Williams, Chief of Police in Liberty Hill, Texas

Goal: Relieve from duty a police officer that carelessly shot a dog

In Liberty Hill, Texas, Police Officer Woodson Blase was serving a warrant for violation of probation. He approached the home, knocked twice, and received no answer. He went around back, where two German shepherds approached him. He opened fire, wounding one of the dogs. He was at the wrong house. Thankfully, the dog survived.

The warrant was for Bradly Neal Simpson, and the issue was vehicle registration. The officer approached the home of Renata and James Simmons, who have never heard of the man. The couple stated that their grandchild was playing outside the home very close to where their dog, Vinny, was shot. They want the officer stripped of his position.

This careless mix up cannot be forgiven. Not only did the officer approach and attempt to enter a home that the warrant didn’t cover, but he showed an excessive display of force against animals. More and more often, police are shooting domestic and calm dogs for simply approaching. Officers are trained to use judgement when shooting at what they call ‘charging dogs,’ yet in almost every case, shots are fired regardless of the situation.

The lack of care this officer had in executing his duties are astounding. Approaching the wrong house, and shooting an animal with children present. Sign this petition to urge the Chief of Police in Liberty Hill to strip this officer of his badge and relieve him from duty.


Dear Randy Williams,

Recently, an officer in your department was serving a warrant for violating probation, yet he approached the wrong house. After knocking, he went around back and opened fire on two German shepherds, not taking into consider the presence of children. He shot one of the dogs, Vinny, who thankfully survived.

The residents of the home he attempted to enter are furious. The officer placed them and their grandchild in danger, and shot their dogs over his own careless error. This cannot be allowed to continue. You claim that no laws were broken and any training issues might be addressed, but that isn’t enough. The amount of dogs that get shot by police are growing rapidly, and they need justice as well.

I demand that you strip the officer involved of his badge and relieve him from duty. His careless error could have resulted in the loss of a beloved pet, or worse: a child.


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Photo credit: Jakub Halun via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Michael Guest says:

    Unacceptable. Seek justice for this poor animal. Nobody should do an unnecessary thing like that. Fire this person and make sure this never happens again.

  2. Pat Sides says:

    Is there no one left w/ common sense? The cop is stupid and the state he is in a total disaster

  3. J Davidson says:

    We don’t shoot humans even with a search warrant.

  4. Michael Guest says:

    Fire this person. Animals should be shot. Come up with alternatives to protect all animals and pets from unnecessary actions. This is serious.

  5. Michael Guest says:

    Animals should NOT be shot

  6. It is horrific that this event occurred but in order to help change the situation, it would be better addressed to the Leander Police Chief would it not based on what I read of the facts of the event on the internet? While it was in Liberty Hill, it was not the LH Police but the Leander Police right? Doubtful the LH Police Chief can have any effect on the firing of a Leander Police Officer and no matter how absolutely worthy the cause, I cannot support signing a petition to a “target” that was not responsible for this sad event. If indeed the goal is to really “force change”, best to always get the facts straight first, otherwise, it really just hurts credibility of this site and even those that sign the petition without researching first the facts or at least the related news sites on the net. Equally unfair to target individuals and Departments for a specific event unjustly in my opinion. So if all the other internet news sites have the facts wrong, might want to mention that or something to help the cause as well. Otherwise, suggest you change the “target” of this petition to be accurate for credibility and maximum effect.

  7. Refer to Fox News to confirm it was a LEANDER Police Officer

    So in support of “forcing change” on internet sites to ensure accurate facts before attacks, and to ensure that intentions are really to help this family versus some other agenda, I feel the need to “call you out on this one!”. Let us see if indeed you now correct it, or just ignore this oversight and not even post my previous comment – then it will further my “forcing change” initiative against sites and authors that like to grab headlines only for attention versus truly helping promote change responsibly. Whether you post my comments or not is not important to me, what is important to me is that you correct this and post a comment that you have now corrected it in fairness to all the petitioners who signed an incorrect petition informing them that you are correcting what they previously signed in order to really get some action and support this family in their cause, and set the record straight on which Police Department is the target!! If you do that, then it will confirm it was just carelessness versus maliciousness and headline grabbing at this family’s and wrong Police Departments expense.

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