Demand Apology from Radio Host for Offensive and Ignorant Remarks About Transgender Children

Target:  Radio host Bill Carroll

Goal:  Obtain an apology from Mr. Carroll for the entire trans community and educate Mr. Carroll on transgender issues

During his discussion of a proposed law that would require California schools to respect a transgender student’s identity, radio host Bill Carroll made numerous disparaging, innacurate, and offensive remarks regarding transgender children. Carroll, during his discussion of AB 1266, repeated described transchildren as “gender confused”. He called into question their ability to know their identity, and repeatedly called young transgirls boys, and transboys girls. He also invoked the specter of bathroom and locker room predation, a classic trope used to scare people into opposing access for transgender persons to the correct facilities.

There is no excuse for such blatant ignorance in this era. Carroll’s remarks defame transgender children, trivialize their suffering, and negate the very real discrimination all too many of them face on a daily basis. As a parent, Mr. Carroll should know better than to demonize and ostracize children who already are subject to ridicule and exclusion just for being who they are. Please ask Carroll to apologize and to appraise himself of transgender issues so as to avoid similarly uninformed remarks in the future.


Dear Mr. Carroll,

Your recent commentary on California’s proposed bill to protect transgender students was incredibly offensive. The statements you made regarding AB 1266, which would require that California schools respect a transgender student’s identity in all school programs, activities, and facilities, reflect ignorance regarding transgendered person and a severe lack of compassion for the discrimination they face on a daily basis. I ask that you apologize to transgender community, and that you conduct some basic research on transgendered persons before you make sweeping pronouncements about them in the future.

You made many statements during your discussion that clearly demonstrated a lack of understanding of transgendered persons. Among them was your repeated use of the phrase “gender-confused” to describe transgendered children, your insinuation that transgendered kids should not transition, and your repeated use of “boy” to describe transgirls and “girl” to describe transboys. Your description of the bill as “a solution looking for a problem” demonstrated a distinct ignorance of the discrimination suffered by transchildren, and your invocation of the boys sneaking into girls bathrooms was particularly offensive. You are a broadcaster in Southern California, Mr. Carroll. While that does not mean that you need to be pro-trans rights, or have encyclopedic knowledge of transgender issues, your total ignorance of the matter is inexcusable.

Transgendered children are not “confused” about their gender. Gender is defined by psychologists as how one sees themselves, how they think, how they feel. Gender exists between the ears, not the legs. A transgendered child is not “confused” about who they are. Nor is transitioning an experiment or an option: it is the accepted medical treatment for gender dysphoria, and early transition, in addition to reducing the time the person has to live as the wrong sex, also generally results in a more satisfactory transition and allows the child to enjoy the milestones of life as their correct gender. This bill is not“solution looking for a problem”, but an effort by legislature to directly address the very real problems transchildren face in schools. Your attempt to incite opposition to the bill by invoking bathrooms and lockers mirrors what anti-LGBT legistlators say when they opposing transgender protections, labeling them “bathroom bills” to scare their constituents with the threat of men being in the restroom next to their daughters. Transgendered kids don’t switch back and forth, they don’t choose their condition, they can’t turn it on or off, and they and their bodies are not dangerous to other children. They don’t want to be in the bathroom or locker room of the opposite sex, they want to be with their peers of the same gender. Your statements demonized trans kids, implied that they were a danger to other children, and defamed transgender individuals as deceptive and predatory.

Mr. Carroll, as a radio personality with as large an audience as you have, your words carry great weight. When you make uninformed and hurtful comments as you did, you misuse your great power as a broadcaster and do harm to an already vulnerable minority. As a parent, I’d expect you to understand the pain a child feels when they’re excluded and made to feel different, and be opposed to such mistreatment, especially by school administrators. I hope that you will issue an on-air apology, and conduct some research on transgender issues so that you can avoid uninformed statements in the future. There are many resources available on line.


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Photo Credit: John Schneider via Flickr

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