Tell Fashion Label DKNY to Ditch Fur

Target: Donna Karan Fashion Company

Goal: End the use of fur in all Donna Karan products.

Donna Karan International is a high end fashion company that also operates under the name DKNY, Donna Karan New York. The company continues to use fur in numerous fashion designs despite the availability of humane, luxurious options. Please tell Donna Karan International it’s time to end the reign of terror on innocent animals and replace fur with humane alternatives.

Millions of animals are tortured, beaten, and skinned alive every year all for the sake of fashion. Donna Karan continues the use of animal fur in gloves, jacket hoods, purses, and many accessories despite the wide availability of viable, plush alternatives. Animals on fur farms suffer their entire lives in constant fear and pain, living in small, filthy wire cages. They are forced to see other animals being abused and often skinned alive in front of their very eyes, knowing they too will suffer the same horrific fate. Millions of animals including rabbits, foxes, minks, coyotes, even dogs and cats are doomed to suffer this same life of misery and painful existence, all to supply the gluttonous demand for frivolous fur products.

Many designers, including Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Liz Claiborne, have pledged to go fur free. It is possible to create luxurious, plush products that don’t involve the horrific suffering and torture of gentle, innocent creatures. Please urge Donna Karan to replace the shameful blood laden furs in its products with humane, equally satisfying substitutes.


Dear Sheila Parham, Assistant to Donna Karan,

I was shocked and disheartened to learn that Donna Karan International still uses furs in many of its high end fashion lines. Seeing that there are numerous viable alternatives available that don’t include the intense suffering and pain of innocent creatures, it is shameful that Donna Karan continues this unnecessary practice.

Every year millions of animals suffer extensively all for the sake of gluttonous fashion. Animals on fur farms live miserable existences in cramped, filthy wire cages, often seeing their mates bludgeoned and skinned alive before their very eyes, knowing they too will suffer the same fate. Numerous animals die at the hands of callous humans who sell their hides for a measly rate, tossing aside their still breathing bodies as a byproduct of the bloody fur trade. Countless rabbits, minks, foxes, coyotes, even dogs and cats are treated as mere machines in this disgusting business. Being such a renowned, respected fashion company, I would expect Donna Karan to hold higher values when it comes to creating luxurious products.

Many top designers have chosen to be fur free, including Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Liz Claiborne and several others. Animals are not ours to wear or to turn into frivolous trinkets. Please follow suit and pledge that all future Donna Karan merchandise will only include humane, sustainable alternatives.


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Photo Credit: Mizunoryu via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. J Davidson says:

    Wearing fur is atrocity, not fashion. Anyone should be ashamed of committing such heinous crimes against animals, living, feeling beings.

  2. Trapping and killing of animals is a crime and it needs to stop. I just saw a PETA video that shows how these animals are tortured and skinned alive…How could anyone think that is ok? Perhaps those in the fashion industry haven’t seen the video…If they did they would never sell fur again!!!!!

  3. Angela Tovey says:

    Do you realise the suffering an animal suffers before finally dying? Do you even care? It takes 12 long minuets before an animal dies after being skinned alive!!!!! How would you feel if some serial killer sicko got you and skinned YOU alive? Well there is no difference, your a serial killer too. You may not be directly likking and making these animals suffer but your the reason there is a demand for it, you and your rich customers!!!!!! Please think hard, watch a video of animal skinning and see if you can stomach it, I challenge you to please. Don’t force horrific suffering on animals and call it fashion! It’s sick and it’s murder!!!!!!

  4. Patricia Wicker says:

    Donna Karan, I am so ashamed of you and your Company. The fake fur works and looks like real fur, WHY put these animals thru so much pain. I will never buy any more products from you until this is STOPPED!!!

  5. Anne GRice says:

    Perhaps you may have the stamina and guts to view the sickening footages from places like China where the fur comes from. Animals are hit on their heads with metal poles and whilst they are still alive and wriggling around in pain their fur is ripped off of their anguished bodies so as to not be damaged or soiled with blood. So I suggest to do your research before you make false statements. You trap animals so you would say what you said! It appears that you don’t care about the suffering of animals anyway as you obviously need to wear fur to overcome some low self esteem or some deficiency in your self. The fur trade is despicable and evil and if I see anyone wearing fur I would sure let them know that!

  6. You superficial, dimwitted people need to catch a wake up and should experience the suffering of what those animals need to go through to make you fill your empty existence.

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