Demand University Stop Staging Deadly Animal Fights

Mice Fighting at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Target: Michelle Elekonich, Program Director at the National Science Foundation

Goal: End the staging of deadly animal fights in barbaric aggression testing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has spent millions of tax payer dollars instigating violent fights between animals in laboratories in their barbaric aggression studies. Experimenters purposely place large aggressive mice in with smaller weaker mice and watch them fight and maim each other for several minutes. Not only is this testing useless and barbaric, it also violates local laws regarding the use of public funds. Urge Michelle Elekonich, Program Director at the National Science Foundation to immediately cut off funding for these illegal, senseless tests.

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have been performing these archaic tests in their useless animal aggression studies for years. Researchers pair two mice together in a cage where they cannot escape one another. The mice violently battle while the combat is videotaped. Experimenters count the number of times the mice attack each other. Then the winner is cruelly killed by experimenters, and his brain dissected. This archaic practice is reminiscent of dogfighting and the gladiator era in which barbarians enjoyed watching animals inflict pain and suffering on one another. Not only is this testing absolutely unnecessary, it is also illegal.

The funding agencies require that testing follow all state laws when using tax payer dollars or public funds, yet the University of Wisconsin-Madison has been allowed to violate this standard for years. The Cruelty to Animals Law states that it is a felony to “intentionally instigate, promote, aid, or abet” animal fights in any way. This law applies regardless of where the animal fights occur, wether it be a parking lot, someone’s backyard, or a laboratory.  PETA has filed a formal complaint with the District Attorney in Madison urging him to prosecute the violators to the fullest extent of the law.

This ridiculous abuse of animals in the name of “aggression testing” must be stopped. There is no reason for animals to suffer this egregious abuse that is not only cruel, but illegal. Tell Michelle Elekonich that is it time to shut down this deadly operation by cutting off the funding that makes this absurd, illegal testing possible.


Dear Michelle Elekonich,

I was horrified to learn that the National Science Foundation still provides funding to the University of Wisconsin-Madison in order to support their barbaric aggression studies. In these aggression experiments, large mice are placed with smaller, weaker ones and allowed to fight for ten minutes while being videotaped by researchers. After being maimed and suffering horrific injuries, the winner is then killed and his brain dissected.

Not only is this callous testing unnecessary, it is also illegal. Wisconsin’s Cruelty to Animals Law states that it is a felony to “intentionally instigate, promote, aid, or abet” animal fighting in any environment. This would include laboratory animals as well. The National Science Foundation gives large amounts of tax payer dollars to this cruel, illegal form of experimentation.

Please end this egregious and absurd torture of animals by stopping the flow of money that allows these deadly experiments to continue. I urge you to not give one more dollar to the University of Wisconsin-Madison for the intolerable, useless purpose of staging animal fights.


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  1. J Davidson says:

    For decades U of W at Madison has been notorious for heinous torture and crimes against animals disguised as legitimate research. They must be shut down now and forever. Hard to understand why grants with taxpayer money have persisted for so long to fund this. obviously no awareness or regulation!!! Time to end now!!!

  2. DEE WILLIAMS says:


  3. Absolutely Barbaric shows the backwardness of the university !!!

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