End Cruel Trapping and Killing of Wild Mustangs


Target: Mike Pool, Acting Director of the U.S. Buraeu of Land Management

Goal: End cruel and unnecessary “gathers” of wild horses

The National Academy of Sciences recently released report condemning the  unnecessary gathering and domestication of  endangered wild Mustangs by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (“BLM”). This is achieved primarily through “gathers,” events in which helicopters chase wild horses into traps at which point they are then hog-tied and sometimes killed, based on how well they will sell. Horse specialists and activists have been demanding reforms to this system since 2010. The agency, despite putting out statements claiming that it “shares the committee’s view,” has yet to initiate reforms.  This cruel and obviously unethical treatment of an endangered species must be stopped.

The primary proponents of horse gathers tend to be cattle ranchers, who find that the horses damage their pastures. However, populations of wild Mustangs could be controlled ethically, as the National Academy of Science suggests, through the use of birth control. The BLM, however, insists on using outdated “gathers” so that the wild horses can later be adopted, despite their feral status. This is unnecessary, as a greater population would allow the wild horse population to exist in more sustainable numbers while still being controlled.

The unethical manner in which these “gathers” are performed, necessitating a large number of people and helicopters to handle the horses, is also extremely expensive for the state and, by extension, taxpayers. There are approximately 50,000 wild Mustangs in captivity today, with only 32,000 left in the wild. Unless measures are taken to control the Mustang population more ethically, these numbers will continue to decline and shift unstably.


Dear Acting Director Mike Pool,

In light of reports and criticisms of your bureau’s management of the endangered American Mustang population, it is your responsibility to stop the cruel and expensive “gathers” that your department routinely perpetrates. These gathers are unnecessarily cruel and oftentimes fatal to the horses, and capture them in numbers far exceeding the adoption demand. More ethical measures, such as a greater reliance on birth control for the horses, are readily available.

We firmly believe it is your responsibility to both the environment and American taxpayers to use readily available, more ethical measures to control the horse population. While cattle ranchers are important, it is equally important to find a compromise between their demands and the environment.


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Image credit to Jaime Jackson via Wikimedia Commons


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  1. monikamccomb says:

    i am against the killing of our wild horses………….managemant through kastration

    • gabriella taylor says:

      There’s no need for “management” of the horses… soon they will no loner exist altogether!


    Disgusting. EVOLVE!

  3. Ulla Andersson says:

    Döda inte de vilda hästarna

  4. A disgusting and cruel practise to such beautiful animals …

  5. Erica Mulcahy says:

    Stop rounding up the wild horses when we have such an excess of already domestic horses available for sale and adoption. The economy has not been good to many horse owners and many animals have been given up for sale or adoption and it is irresponsible of the government to introduce more horses to the system when they are better left wild.

  6. mike rollo says:

    another case of cruelty by gun happy douchebags

  7. suzanne o'meara says:

    am really worried about the endless abuses on horses -it worries me all day – & every horse on the planet is affected & everyone feels affected & traumatised full-time , such difficult problems.

  8. Margie McGrew says:

    Management by responsible and humane birth control. This would be much more cost effective. It’s such a good obvious choice! Please stop the abusive cruelty now!!

  9. suzanne o'meara says:

    but you can not always spay-neuter – some have to continuie to breed for the birthing of the deceased horses -if all were neutered how could there ever be babies ?????they can not live without hope.

  10. Brenda Martinez says:

    I agree with Suzanne, imagine what impact “birth control” would have not only on the number of wild horses, but on the dynamics of the herd? They’re social animals. Leave them alone, I know it sucks but let nature take its course. But if we let the BLM have their way, the wild horses will end up like the wild buffalo and bison. they forget they are supposed to be working FOR US.

  11. WHAT good is BLM, I just saw where they are driving and selling mustangs and horses to Mexico to meet CRUESOM deaths. Needs to be abolished, now testing, castrating. What’s the matter with you!!!

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