Stop Anti-Gay Hate Crimes


Target: Local leaders
Goal: Raise awareness of anti-gay violence.

32-year-old Mark Carson was walking down a street in New York City one evening when a man came up to him and his friends, yelled “f—ot” and “queer,” and shot him in the head.

Mark’s horrific death was part of a string of anti-LGBT violence in New York City.

Hate crimes are sadly nothing new, but we can let the mayors of every major U.S. city and all 50 governors know how we’re all feeling right now: horror, outrage, and a determination that love will conquer hate even in a moment as awful as this one.

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  1. DG Sifuentes says:

    I may not be a proponent for gay marriage, but I am a proponent to ending such horrific attacks against people for being who they are.

    • Brad Speck says:

      You’re right DG, murdering someone is a horrendous act & the perpetrators should be punished, regardless of the sexual orientation of the victim.

  2. Tim Haines says:

    It’s very likely I would sign, but I won’t sign any petition where I can’t see the exact wording that I am signing up to before I sign.

    • Brad Speck says:

      Very good point Tim. Fact is, most “Hate Crime” legislation is unjust & unfair to everybody except the blacks or gays it gives special status to.

      It’s just not right that the penalty for assaulting (for example) one of them is a felony, while assaulting someone else is only a misdemeanor etc.

      What makes them, or their safety, or their feelings so much more valuable or important than everybody elses? Meanwhile, if a black person makes racial slurs & attacks a white person because of their race (which happens frequently)they are never charged with a “Hate Crime”?

      We’ve got way too much of this “Hate Crime” nonsense already all over the the country. Murder is a felony everywhere, regardless of a persons sexual orientation. We certainly don’t need to sign this petition to get even MORE ridiculous laws drawn up because of some knee jerk reaction.

      • Robert Ortiz says: is very reputable and gets tangible results, go there and read it if you must, thee of little faith. Hate crimes espeically those against LGBT people are very serious and need to have stronger/more legislation written to combat them. There really are ridiculous laws only ridiculous people that are so ignorant, negligent, hateful, etc. that create cause for more legislation and protection from people that mean to others harm. As far as your “lack person makes racial slurs & attacks a white person” train of logic, most times minorities are the victims of these types of crimes not the perpetrators and when they do commit crimes against White people the motive is more opportunistic and not motivated by racism and discrimination. I’m surprised a person like you would even be on a website like this since you (a a handful of others) seem very indiffeent and callous to the suffering and conerns of others.

        • Tim Haines says:

          I disagree that Care2 are so reputable! On a number of occasions I have been conned into signing petitions that I did not agree with. For example, ‘Protect baby polar bears!’ actually turns out to be a petition demanding a carbon tax which I don’t agree with.

          • I fully agree, often Care2 has crooked petitions disguised as an issue anyone would support, but in actuality the text supports a specific twist that specifically assists a certain interest. Always read everything and don’t follow blindly. A great example was the gun control petition that popped up after the last false flag shooting “event”, designed to look like it was helping the people, but really was just a left/right scam to reduce personal freedom. The Sierra Club petitions are also often suspect. Just read everything before you sign it!

    • Go to and see it then, they have these petitions on there.

  3. Sheila Dillon says:

    I have come back to this site several times and wanted to leave a comment but words escape me regarding the cruelty and hate-mongering that the religious and far right extremists propogate. We all say we don’t understand why people do these things but it is both simple and comlicated. We say the people doing crimes like this are sick. That’s a given. Yet they really are not sick but brain-washed; some learning their hate from childhood. That is when it becomes complicated, because how do we combat that hate in a world that is fast losing its empathy and sympathy? We see on the nightly news and in places on the internet all the cruelty to people and animals; the results of wars, whether good or bad. We are asked to look at these pictures, then donate or sign to stop whichever cruelty has been perpetrated. After a time each one of us has to harden our hearts just a bit or go a little insane from the overabundance of it all. It seems unending. I guess I did find something to say. Thank you for reading my ranting.

    • Robert Ortiz says:

      Your “ranting” is spot on and pretty much sums it all up. Well spoken. Incidents like these really make a sad and tragic statement about society as a whole. We need to stop raising generation of kids to gorw up being violent hate mongers that do not know how to deal with their prejudice alomne and quietky to themselves without acting out and committing atrocious and hateful acts.

  4. Tommy Yarbrough Tommy Yarbrough says:

    As long as there are LGBT people(which, by the way, I have nothing against…I believe a person’s sexual orientation is their own business, and that they have that right), there will be LGBT hate crimes, plain and simple.

    • So, as long as there are women, there will be rape. And as long there are children, there will be sexual abuse. That’s a stupid logic. As long as people are educated to respect each other, there won’t be hate crimes.

  5. This is the 21st Century, not 1692!
    End this oppressive “witch-hunt”
    mentality once and for all!

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