Demand Pro-Rape Rapper Be Dropped from Sony Music Entertainment

Tyler the Creator

Target: Sony Music Entertainment

Goal: Demand that pro-rape rapper be dropped from Sony Music Entertainment’s label.

Tyler the Creator is a viciously misogynistic rapper who proudly spouts such particularly hate-filled and violent lyrics that his music should be categorized as hate speech. Sony Music Entertainment must be held accountable for the artist that they represent and promote. Some of Tyler the Creator’s lyrics include:

“I tell her it’s my house, give her a tour/In my basement, and keep that bitch locked up in the storage/Rape her and record it, then edit it with more shit”

“I’m not a rapper nor a rapist nor a racist/I fuck bitches with no permission and tend to hate shit/And brag about the actions in a rhyming pattern matter/Then proceed to sat her down when I go splatter in her chatterbox”

“Rape a pregnant bitch and tell my friends I had a threesome. You got a fucking death wish? I’m a genie, it’ll get done”

In regards to the last quote, it’s worth noting that a pregnant woman was raped and murdered in Logan, Australia just weeks before Tyler the Creator’s tour in Sydney. At the concert Tyler went into a long-winded tirade about feminist activist Talitha Stone, who had spoken out about his violent lyrics and attempted to get his visa revoked by Australian authorities, calling her a “fucking bitch” and a “fucking cunt” while the crowd cheered

Meanwhile two women were reportedly sexually assaulted at the concert. 

These issues that he mocks so flippantly are real and terrifying for women all over the world, and his hideous words should not be promoted as entertainment. There is a clear link between the dehumanization of women in lyrics such as these and the violence committed against them. None of it is acceptable.

Sign this petition to send a message to Sony Entertainment that they need to stand with half of their audience against violence and misogyny.


Dear Doug Morris, CEO of Sony Music Entertainment,

You are responsible for the product your label puts on the market. When that product gleefully glorifies rape and violence while simultaneously diminishing the effect of that violence, your corporation must be called to task. Tyler the Creator is a stain on your label’s name, and I ask you to please remove him.

I’m sure that you don’t want your label associated with such discriminatory and violent images, especially now that there is a burgeoning pattern of women calling to arms all over the world to demand more from our public media.

Please remove “Tyler the Creator” and all his products from your label. His lyrics are hatefully misogynistic and promote violence against women and children. Please stand with women across the globe in condemning this man and his vile and dangerous lyrics.


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Image: Nabil Elderkin

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  1. im apalled!!!!!! is the world we live in not crazy enough without making this sadistic beast a star??????? i really do wonder do people not know whats not right anymore? this is disgusting 🙁

  2. Shreya Ila Anasuya says:

    Shameful. This moron needs to be dropped like a hot potato, and be given some mandatory counselling, if not lots of jailtime.

    • Connor Davis says:

      all his lyrics are sarcastic, he takes the piss a lot and isn’t pro rape at all. this entire story has been inflated and told out of context causing people uneducated on the matter believe that he is a creep. He’s already banned from Australia and the UK for bs reasons. do your research before you wildly accuse someone as a criminal.

  3. @Nema Lorestany: You, my dear sir, are a retard. This is not political censorship. We’re not trying to shut him up because of his religious or political believes, we’re trying to shut him up because it’s a crime to bring violence upon a group of people. It’s like discrimination or racism. It’s just sexist. What if society was maternal? And a female rapper would say that all males should be agressed?

    This guy is an embarrassment for everything that western society has accomplished in the last century or so, not to mention that this fiasco is anti-constitutional. If this guy’s mind is still living in the Middle ages, women should come to his concert to give him a public stoning.

  4. U guys are complete retard. This guy is awesome. What the fuck is wrong with u all ahahahah. HAHAHAHA RAPING WTF AHAHAHH BULL FUCKING SHIT

  5. you do all realize that he is thanking you for the free advertizing!

  6. You’s gotta stop being pussy ass hippies, I understand I can offend and all but no one is making you listen to him, nor the rest of Odd future, let me just note even tylers mother said I don’t have any problems with what he raps about or what he says,” she says. “If people want to take that shit seriously, about whatever, then that’s on them.” She also says that the passion Tyler inspires is proof that he’s onto something: “People can relate to his music because either they’re going through something or they remember the hell that they were going through—tough times, as a teen.”
    They are young, you can’t expect them to be as mature as you’s they are going to be stupid as fuck, that’s why everyone, including myselflove them, if you look from another perspective you might think tylers a real ass guy and is a good bloke. And even if anyone agreed with this shit you realise tyler currently (21/04/2015) has a net worth of $9 million, and he hasn’t done much releases or appearances this year. He inspires people and you want to take that away from them? He shows you can come from nothing and become something, if what I’ve said hasn’t made you even think you can go fk yourselves
    p.s If you want to try ruin a rappers career do someone shit like rick ross

  7. Lil bam bam says:

    Ya niggaz retarded as shit, I’m a nigga, listen to all types of music that sadly degrades women but this nigga overdid it, rape is not a joke point period blank?Whoever says otherwise clearly retarded at the end of the day, that’s not some shit you joke about, and this is coming from a hood nigga that listen to trap music heavy, so that’s real shit ? sometimes ya niggaz gotta grow up and know when shit is appropriate and when shit ain’t?? that’s shit don’t even sound right coming out that muhfucka mouth like bruh wtf who TF even says shit like that, get y’all shit together that shit not funny skkraigh up.

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