Stop Columbus Day From Being Recognized as a National Holiday

Target: United States House Of Representatives

Goal: To stop the celebration of the nationa holiday, Columbus Day.

Today was a day off for many people and although it may be a blessing to some, the factual history of Christopher Columbus  should not be glorified and recognized by a national holiday. It’s time we stop lying to the youth of America and ourselves by pretending Columbus was an American hero when it is  common knowledge that he exploited indigenous people and their natural resources while claiming to “discover” a place that was already inhabited by a highly intelligent society.

As children we are taught to revere Christopher Columbus for exposing North America to the European world and paving the way for the colonization that eventually became America. Later we learn that the childhood hero employed unbridled violence against the indigenous cultures of North America to reap their natural resources and claim ownership of their land in the name of God and Monarchy.

However conscious we are of the exploits of Columbus, our government perpetuates the idealization by continuing to institute a national holiday in his name. While this may be a mere practice of tradition and the name of the holiday may be contemporarily insignificant, the fact remains that October 10th is known on calendars as Columbus Day.

It is time we stop recognizing Christopher Columbus as an American Hero and either eliminate the recognition of October 10th as a holiday or change the name to respect others more deserving. One idea might be changing the day to Indigenous Appreciation Day.

Our government has the responsibility to recognize that celebrating Columbus day is an act of injustice that upholds a juvenile fairy tale and is in no way worthy of celebration. Sign the petition below to get the house of representative to eliminate or change Columbus day. It is one step closer in revealing the truth of the lies found within the pages of history books across America.


Dear United States House of Representatives,

The national holiday we know as Columbus day pays respect to a man who is in no way worthy of recognition as a cultural icon. It is common knowledge that Christopher Columbus exploited the indigenous people of North America and took advantage of their natural resources.

The fact that we still perpetuate the lie that he was a responsible for the “discovery” of America by dedicating a whole day in his honor is a detriment to the character of American citizens and prevents us from acknowledging and moving on from a shameful part of our history.

I ask you respectfully to stop the injustice by ceasing to recognize Columbus Day as a national holiday and perhaps use October 10th to pay respect to a more justifiable person or peoples. It is up to you to change the consciousness of our country and take responsibility for the people we choose to glorify.


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  1. Aishah Bowron says:

    It’s about time to put an end to the holiday celebrating a brutal genocidal murderer and slave trafficker !. Christopher Columbus is the guy who brought death and destruction to the Americas and this guy never even set foot in the United States of America !. I don’t like him at all!.

  2. Kees van diggelen says:

    Those who want To celebrate Columbus day, May als well substitute it by Hitlers day.

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