Stop Faroe Island Pilot Whale Hunts

Target: Faroe Islands Prime Minister Kaj Leo Johannesen

Goal: To put a stop to the annual slaughter of countless Pilot whales in the Faroe Islands.

A region that holds one of the highest standards of living in Europe has no place killing pilot whales for what they pass off as subsistence hunting; yet the Faroe Islands of Denmark do just this.

While the International Whaling Commission enacted a ban on commercial whaling in 1986 because pilot whales are technically a type of dolphin (in fact they are also known as calderon dolphins)  their killing falls under the International Whaling Commission’s rule allowing for the “subsistence hunting of small cetaceans”.

The reality is that not only does most of that meat go to waste, simply rotting on the beach or being thrown back to sea, but the meat that is consumed is considered unsafe.  In 2008 the chief medical officer of the Faroe Islands advised that pilot whales are unfit for human consumption because the animals’ meat and blubber contained such high levels or mercury, PCB’s, and DDT derivatives.

Ultimately the idea of hunting the whales for meat is a mere excuse to fall within the guidelines of the International Whaling Commission.  The primary purpose of this hunt which can involve rounding up hundreds of pilot whales at once for slaughter is essentially a rite of passage event where the primary participants are teens.

Once rounded up these animals are cut several times with thick hocks that do not kill the animals immediately.  Instead they are left butchered and dying in a most painful fashion.

These animals deserve better than this.  The Faroe Islands do not need the meat for sustenance, and are in point of fact being slowly poisoned by it.  Reducing birth defects and mercury poisoning among the population seems like a tremendous reason to halt the slaughter even should the government of the Faroe Islands, or the nation of Denmark that the Faroe Islands are a territory of, not be concerned about the animal cruelty these hunts perpetuate.


Dear Prime Minister Johannesen,

Despite continuing pressures from many sources, the Faroe Islands still continue to practice pilot whale hunts.  These hunts skirt the International Whaling Commission’s loophole allowing for the subsistence hunting of small cetaceans.

These animals need not be killed for the peoples of the Faroe Islands to subsist.  They already boast one of Europe’s best average standards of living thus having enough meat to survive is not a major concern of the populous.

These animals are hunted for the sport of it, that teenagers may deem themselves men by participating in the slaughter.  The high percentage of teenagers participating is an obvious cue to the true intent gleaned from these hunts.

Of the animals killed, huge numbers of them will go to waste, their meat and blubber left to spoil on the beach or be tossed out to sea.  If these animals were killed for the express purpose of survival not one bit of that meat would have been allowed to go to waste.

That meat which does get harvested however is just as bad as the vast amounts left wasted.  Chief medical officers of the Faroe Islands themselves have reported that they recommend against ingesting pilot whale meat.  The meat itself contains high levels of mercury as well as PCB’s and DDT derivatives.  All of these toxins result in slowly poisoning the population while also leading to an uptick in birth defects.

These animals have a right to live.  They need not be hunted for subsistence where they have proven quite harmful to those eating the meat.  They have even less of a right to be hunted for sport, which is what the event is for most of the teenagers seeking a bloody passage into manhood.

What is good for the environment is also good for the Faroe Islands.  Stop the killing of pilot whales.


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  1. Takes a REAL man to club a defenseless animal in the head, and a VERY sick society to stand on the shore and watch. Shame on you!!!

    • ingrid ruiz-meijer says:

      My name is Ingrid Meijer from Amsterdam Holland
      My husband and I we are so angry about the unnecessary cruel killing of this beautiful intelligence mammals.
      This killers have no emphatie and those people we call psychopaths. Stop this cruel tradition inmiddetly. Our hearts are crying Sincerely Ingrid and Eduardo Ruiz Meijer

  2. Nancy Higgins says:

    Surely the Faroe Islands must have improvements to be made in
    many areas that could be undertaken by these teens. Give them
    something wholesome to do.

  3. We must fight against the spirit of unconscious cruelty with which we treat the animals. Animals suffer as much as we do. True humanity does not allow us to impose such sufferings on them. It is our duty to make the whole world recognize it. Until we extend our circle of compassion to all living things, humanity will not find peace. ~ Albert Schweitzer, The Philosophy of Civilization

  4. Denise Bennett says:

    I’ve been to the Faroe Islands – very beautiful and very prosperous. The people are very well off. They are clinging to an out moded tradition stemming from the time when survival was difficult. The Faroes must come into the modern world. There is no need for this disgusting activity.

  5. Phillip Anderton says:

    This disgusting ‘sport’ utterly horrified me, when my sister-in-law sent me an e-mail message about it a couple of years ago. Up until that time, I had no idea that it was going on. Surely these macho men can prove their strengthy and virility; without harming innocent and defenceless pilot whales. End it NOW!

  6. I quite agree with Sandy. Not only should not hunting animals be a law but trespassers should be heavily condemned.

  7. Sharon Hopkins says:

    These wonderful creatures are stabbed to death in the name of so-called ‘tradition’. The whales scream out to each other as they are murdered. Children are given the day off from school to watch this carnage. This barbarity is happening in 2011. I wrote to the Prime Minister of Denmark years ago who justified this disgusting slaughter of innocent creatures. Shame on the Faroese people!!!

  8. Bogna Labuda says:

    What it should be done to stop such a cruelty? I signed the petition last year hoping that it would be the first and the last time. How barbaric and primitive must to be people to believe that they are proving their adultery in such a way!

  9. Rani Johansen says:

    It’s almost amusing how uneducated some of you people are.

    “Once rounded up these animals are cut several times with thick hocks that do not kill the animals immediately. Instead they are left butchered and dying in a most painful fashion.”
    No, no they are no. I imagine you got this from another, equally uneducated petition somewhere off the interwebs.

    I mean, gee. A quick look at wikipedia would tell you otherwise. ( )
    Here it says “Once ashore, the pilot whale is killed by cutting the dorsal area through to the spinal cord with a special whaling knife, a grindaknívur. Given the circumstances during a pilot whale hunt, the whaling knife is considered the safest and most effective equipment with which to kill the whales. The length of time it takes for a whale to die varies from a few seconds to a few minutes, with the average time being 30 seconds.[9]”
    With an average time of about 30 seconds, can you really claim that they don’t die fairly close to immediately?
    Also, did you notice how they DON’T ‘cut several times with thick hocks’? It’s ONE cut to the spinal cord.

    Also, you should take a look at this, just to debunk those very dramatic pictures of yours.

  10. OHHHH DIOS mio qie esto que estamos educando asesinos malyratadores de animales

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