End Barbaric Horse “Feast”


Target: United States Ambassador to Mexico, Earl Anthony Wayne

Goal: End the “Torneo de Lazo” feast and rodeo, where horses are attacked and killed by bulls for entertainment

One of the most horrifying forms of animal cruelty takes place in the Mexican state of Yucatan. There, an event called the “Torneo de Lazo,” takes place multiple times a year, during which trained bulls ram into horses, fatally wounding them. The event is known as a feast and a celebration, but it is also a rodeo, where the trained bulls purposely kill a number of horses.

When a horse is rammed by a bull, the most common injury it receives is evisceration–its intestines are cut loose from its body. The animal is literally gored by the bull’s horns, and it will not die quickly. A petition from Avaaz.org described the way horses “usually collapse and while still alive continue to get trampled by bulls and other horses.” The horses must then die slowly on the ground with their intestines cut lose from their bodies.

The absolute barbarism of this event is self-evident. It is technically illegal, yet no action is ever taken to stop the event, which reportedly takes place all over the state throughout the year. Demand that local and federal authorities take measures to end this disgusting practice.


Dear Ambassador Wayne,

The “Torneo de Lazo” event that takes place in Yucatan needs to end. During the event, trained bulls ram and eviscerate horses, and the injured horses then die slowly on the ground while continuously being trampled. This is used as a form of entertainment, and its barbarism is self-evident. This sort of violence is harmful to society, to the animals involved, and to the international view of Mexico. These are all serious problems, and can be solved simply by cracking down on the “Torneo de Lazo.”

This is a form of entertainment, which means that children, as well as adults, go and view this hyper-violence for fun. This only perpetuates the harmful myth that animals are objects to be used for human entertainment, and instills a disregard for non-human life in children. It causes a number of horses intense pain, fear, and suffering, and they die incredibly cruel deaths. There is nothing that could justify this lack of humanity.

It is known that the number of tourists going to Mexico has been decreasing, and events like this could be part of the reason. Mexico’s international reputation suffers greatly when cruelties like this one are revealed. This extreme violence is a source of outrage to all who hear of it, and it is a blight on Mexico’s international reputation. By making sure the authorities end this illegal event, Mexico will only improve itself as a place for children, animals, and as a nation.


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Photo Credit: Andreshiro via Flickr

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  1. Don’t be too quick to judge the people. It is a culture that is passed down to the children, the thought that animals have no feelings or emotions. When you grow up thinking its ok, it just is. But things can change. Education is the answer. It will take a generation but it can happen. I once accepted bullfighting to be noble. I know better now and am a fierce protector of animals and people. Abuse is wrong period. But so is judgement. So let’s sign petitions, write letters and be a part of enlightening the world. If we want to end violence and abuse we can’t do it with anger and hatred. But with love and perseverance we can move mountains.

    • Veronica-Mae says:

      Mari – well said, when you grow up with certain things you seldom question them. We all – where possible, – need to help and encourage people (specifically children) to start to question. If we attack these people they will just become further entrenched in their attitudes. We need to show them that there is another way,

    • Lets get rid of this generation right away then. stinger missile?

    • Susan Stewart says:

      Mari, There is no intelligent way to defend this and I don’t care what anyone has seen growing up. Decency and compassion are and should be inherent. Education is vital but I believe that there is no way anyone could accept these cruel practices as ok. A human who could silently watch any person or animal being tortured is as guilty as the torturers. We all have the ability to recognize inhumanity and an obligation to defend those with no voice. Shame on these nasty evil people

      • Susan, if you have ever bought meat at a super market you have been a link in the chain of animal cruelty starting with the inhumane way such animals are kept and slaughtered by poultry and meat processing companies.

        • Kimberly Weick-Machado says:

          Regardless, if slaughter house had glass walls, no one would eat meat. This type of entertainment is barbaric, savages, to stand there and watch is different from buying meat in a store. This is an actual act of violence and no compassion for animals, Mexico doesn’t value animal, their a waste in there eyes. SO KEEP YOUR FU@KEN ASSES OUT OF AMERICA! You people are sick bastards, look at San Barnabe Livestock Market, the brutal treatment of animals. Mexico is crime infested, and if you feel sorry for people like this them move to Mexico, can’t promise you will survive there

      • Vincent Fontaine says:

        Right On!

      • roanna Jongeneel says:

        Susan your racism shows through. I am Mexican, one of those nasty evil people! I was bought as a chld on bull fights, which was a big social experience. Personally, I was frightened and dislaiked them, and as I grew to adult hood, started to stand against it and all cruelty to animals. Yes, that was me, as experienced by many of my friends. Yet you judge nastily, without exception. There are cruel animal practices, born of historical experience, in many countries, from the UK (fox hunting) to the eating of dogs and cats in Eastern countries. And what about the US with its big gun culture of shooting bears/deers etc? Your sense of decency is not inherent, as you are very quick to judge and condemn a whole people, rather visciously and nastily.

  2. renee ragno says:

    Done by disgusting, pathetic, barbaric, inhuman, immoral people on all sides. If they like it so much, let them them get out there. Disgusting, pathetic, Cowardly.

    BOYCOTT Mexico in tourism, goods, foreign aid BOYCOTT!!!!!

  3. renee ragno says:

    culture my………its inhuman and disgusting. There’s no excuse for such cruelty. Right is right, wrong is wrong and in some cases there is no middle of the road ….thi sis one. Hearing their screams, seeing their fear says it all.

    Have them put skininto the game…they like this so much….let them go unarmed, trapped into the ring to be torn apart, feel the fear, pain as they try to get away, cry for help only to get hit again.

    DISGUSTING. BOYCOTT!!! via tourism, goods, foreign aid

  4. Patricia Wicker says:


  5. Lucy Kelly says:

    There may well be some ppl, in every culture, who enjoy cruelty, and some who don’t. It has been found that a mental illness called ‘psychopathy’ exists in every people. Psychopaths only feel fear and anger, so they live through only these 2 emotions, and they want to see them all the time. They can act normal, but they are probably the cause of almost all if the world’s sufferring, right up to being eg presidents and dictators. Youtube has videoes on them, eg those by Thomas Sheridan. Fortunately, the genes for them gave been IDENTIFIED, so they COULD be deselected as embryoes. We deselect ppl for eg deafness, so why not for psychopathy? I think we should. It might SAVE THE WORLD!

  6. renee jeanine ragno says:

    If they enjoy it so much let them volunteer! How you treat a helpless, innocen, defenseless animals shows what kind of person you are and this is disgusting, pathetic. No heart, no honor, no pride.

    BOYCOTT!!! in tourism, commerce, foreign aid

  7. This is why I hate Mexicans. Not only are they dirty thieving wretched idiots, they do this to animals for ‘fun’ because ‘culture’. Screw your culture. Get the hell out of America too please we don’t want you here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Julie van Niekerk says:

    If God created human, then who created these barbarians?

  9. Susan Stewart says:

    This is an exmple of the human trash crossing our borders daily. This isn’t culture, it is depravity at it’s worse. The ones watching this are as guilty as those sponsoring these barbaric events. Everyone recognizes fear and suffering so to excuse this in any way as cultural mores is grasping at straws to justify ths practice. Hell waits for these sewer dwellers

  10. Rosa Esteban says:

    México = violencia extrema contra animales y personas. Posiblemente uno de los muchos lugares peligrosos de la tierra.

  11. This have to stop now!

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