End the Cruel Practice of Live Sushi


Target: Ambassador of Japan to the United States of America, Kenichiro Sasae

Goal: End the practice of ikizukuri, where animals are consumed as sushi while still alive and fully conscious

The traditional Japanese practice of ikizukuri, known as “live sushi” in the United States, is still being practiced today, despite its evident cruelty. Restaurants advertise the dish as a delicacy, and it involves eating animals that are traditionally used in sushi–while they are still alive.

There are still a number of restaurants where the dish is available, although it is very controversial in Japan. To create live sushi, the sushi chef selects a fish, shrimp, lobster, or octopus, guts it and removes the lower half of its body, and places the conscious animal on top of its removed insides and flesh. This is then served to the customer, who will eat the animal while it is still alive and sensitive to pain.

This practice is controversial in Japan, yet it is still being practiced and advertised as a delicacy. It is cruel and inhumane, and no creature deserves to be alive at the time of its consumption. “Live sushi” has been growing less popular, but it is time for it to be officially banned. Demand that this harmful practice is ended for good.


Dear Ambassador Sasae,

The practice of ikizukuri, or “live sushi,” has been growing increasingly controversial in both Japan and the world. It has recently gained international media attention, and is now being viewed with outrage in many parts of the globe. While the dish is a traditional one, its cruelty makes it something that would be better if left in the past. Consuming animals while they are still alive and conscious is inhumane, and should not be advertised in restaurants.

It is imperative that this dish stops being served in Japan, and that it subsequently loses its reputation as a delicacy. The animals that are eaten in this way experience intense fear, pain, and suffering, and that is inexcusable. There is nothing that can make up for the cruelty of this practice, and that is why it must end. Ikizukuri must be banned in the country of Japan so that the ensuing animal cruelty will end.


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  1. People are disgusting.

  2. Joanne Gough says:

    Absolutely disgusting, no normal human would do that, sick twisted people

  3. Luke Thomas says:

    God sent the Tsunami to Japan for a reason – and this practice of eating animal torture and agony is begging for another. These people are going straight to hell. THANK GOD for the Tsunami. GOD HATES JAPAN!

    • Joanne Gough says:

      Very well said, totally agree

    • Actually, most Japanese are very much against the torture and cruelty of animals. And as much sickening stuff as we have in the US, I don’t think we’re really in a place to judge. Also, God would probably not appreciate words being put in his mouth that are so clearly not true.

    • Holy shit, did the Westboro Baptists just show up?

      Luke, put down the Bible and the crackpipe.

    • oh wow. that’s ignorant

    • Tara West says:

      This is ridiculous. Go read a book (other than the bible), and educate yourself before posting horrible shit like this. Many people died in that tsunami; death is death, no matter the species. You love a “god” who hates; and that’s a damn shame. And people wonder why I’m an athiest.

    • What in the hell is wrong with you??!! You are truly ignorant and judgemental. You obviously have never been to Japan and fact that you would say such uneducated bullshit like “God hates Japan” make you one of the worst types of people.

  4. I am Asian..however, I am so glad I’m buddhist. So many living beings suffering because one find pleasure in cruel sports or activities. If you feel adventurous, go jump off the plane and do sky diving. Don’t terrorize innocent little beings who can fend for themselves. Such bullies! Go bully someone your own size!

    • Can fend or CANNOT fend for themselves…either way, please respect other’s right to live!!! All fear death and untimely death. All fear violence. That includes you not putting live stuff into your mouth.

  5. Angela Lovett says:

    I can’t believe that this barbaric sushi practise is being allowed!! This cruelty needs to be banned ASAP!!!

  6. Cathy Gaboreau says:

    This is clearly disgusting but do you eat factory farm animals?… have been behind the scene of a slaughter house, have you felt the angst of a lamb and mother being separated and killed, cows being milked to exhaustion, cattle transported for long distance in terrible conditions? and on and on…. Don’t point the finger, if you are happy to eat animals who have also suffered. Help stop this crazy business altogether by not playing a part in it!

    • Linda Benfield says:

      You are right, Cathy. Simply, the laws need to be changed. Cattle that is ultimately killed for food must be treaated humanely. They should, in no way, be made to suffer

      • Mark Griffiths says:

        They aren’t even ours to eat … period! plenty of proof too, just people choose to ignore the facts or believe the propaganda fed out by multi billion dollar corporations …

  7. Mark Griffiths says:

    Even severely retarded or brain damaged people wouldn’t do this … so what does it say about these sub-cockroach inviduals? They need the same done to them in front of their entire family, end of story … the human race needs to wake up instead of standing by and watching …

  8. J Davidson says:

    How could anybody eat a meal like that?



    Normaltive ethic includes the claim on generally liability.

    People need to vote unacting authorities and „BASTARDS“ acting irresponsibly out of their occupations!”


  10. GO VEGAN!!!! This would END you’re “Individual Participation”, in the “Sociopathically Insane” Farm Animal Cruelty; as far as the ignorant comment made regarding Japan: God LOVES everyone and HE didn’t create that event, and ANYONE whom would make a sick statement such as BLAMING the entire Japanese Culture for this sick & bizarre behavior? Does Not pray to God, this is for sure. 1st of all, God DID NOT create the Tsunami in Japan, WE HUMANS DID THIS ALL ON OUR OWN!!! By our contiuous & SELFFISH DEPLETION of Earths Resources, as well as ALL the Evil, Hate and Anger which is sent into the universe from humans who Practice Hate & obviously DO NOT have a relationship with God. They might “say they do”, however anyone who SPEWS such hate, cruelty & anger, against another being, can’t possibly have a positive & LOVING, relationship with God, and who they pray to is questionable. You can’t possibly have such love & compassion for Animals, and then TURN around & have such HATE for one specific culture/group of people, because this is called “Racism”, is HIGHLY hippocritical and terribly sad for the future of the Human Race, and ALL life as we know it…I pray extra hard for folks like him, cause lord knows prayer & taking action is the ONLY hope we’ve got& the only way we can SAVE this earth and life as we know it!

  11. Mark Griffiths says:

    If there was such a thing as the G word (sorry, but sick of that word, ends in OD) there would NOT be countless thousands of different religions claiming their great G word does this and does that, what a cop out … Hate is a natural reaction to something you feel is not right … millions of so called christians, billions actually are to blame for the brutal slaughter of countless billions of beautiful animals every year, why ? They’re sick in the head, and the only thing needed for evil to prosper is for good men to stand around and do nothing. So good job everyone who is making noise and jumping up and down about live sushi, dolphin slaughter, whale slaughter and the list is endless, it’s natural to hate any piece of crap, no matter what culture that does that, I hope the good rise up in numbers put a stop to this crap.

  12. Charlotte says:

    Luke Thomas, you absolute and complete idiot! Wow. This is bad and it needs to stop. Don’t get god involved and start making random and absolutely vile and stupid comments about the tsunami. Honestly, you absolute cock. Focus on getting the petition signed.

  13. Leyanne Brumpton-Surgey says:

    Since the dawn of time we have inflicted cruelty, to blame those who do not feel the need to worship a figure described as God does not make us all barbaric and cruel, one way or another we all can’t claim complete innocence to a cruel act because it’s likely that many eat meat or they wear clothes produced from some cruel act. Don’t assume that without religion your evil because evil can recided in those who deem themselves a servant of ‘God’
    You don’t need religion to be a good person.
    If to live by God is your chosen path that’s great but make sure your absolutely sure of your statements such as natural disasters and human cruelty because you can’t be sure, there are explanations to why natural disasters happen and we know it’s something that has always accords.
    To assume and point fingers is just as nasty to everybody else as it is to be barbaric to an animal, there are many examples of evil, like the Wolf in sheep’s clothing, pretending to be what they are not.

    We should ban this sort of delicacy definitely, it’s clearly less popular than it used to be but think about this,
    to rid the world of all evil you would need to rid the world of every being that is alive, animals and invertebrates and plants all show ‘evil’ to survive they eat another, fight and kill are they truly evil and without ‘God’? I doubt they think God will not approve so I must change how I was built to survive.

    We think like we do because we have developed this frame of mind, we can prevent many things we do that is cruel but we will never eliminate it completely.

    Ban eating animals alive, but please don’t use religion as a way to attack another human being because there’s is no justification in that.

  14. Sean Lewis says:

    Something I would love to try..you people are too sensitive

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